September 1, 1980

Chun Doo-hwan is inaugurated as President of South Korea.

Hanguk University

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Yoon Hye-rin returns to campus to submit paperwork to take a leave of absence from school. When she drops by to say a quick hello to her former friends, they refuse to speak to her and ignore her attempt to engage them in conversation. Outside, most of the students won’t even look at her. In fact, they move out of her way when she walks by to avoid all contact with her. Finally one person calls out to her, but it’s just to express the anger everyone else has held inside. “Do you know what happened to Jung Un-gyong?” he asks. “He was sentenced to life for sedition.”

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Hye-rin walks away without responding, but she’s clearly shaken by the experience. She goes to a club and drinks until well past closing time. She’s so drunk that she ignores the waiter when he tries to tell her the bar is closed and it’s time for her to go. She gets into a scuffle with the staff and they are about to call the police when Park Tae-soo comes from his office in back and sees her. It turns out she’s in one of Tae-soo’s clubs and he smiles to see her as feisty as ever.

Tae-soo follows her out of the club. As he’s trying to figure out where she lives so he can send her home, Baek Jae-hee and a few of Chairman Yoon’s men show up at the club looking for her. They’re not happy to find she’s no longer there. When Oh Jong-do comes out to greet them, he’s met with a punch to the face.

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Luckily Tae-soo calls from the hotel where he’s taken Hye-rin. Jong-do frantically asks where he is and if “she” is there with him. We see Jae-hee pacing behind Jong-do with a grave look on his face as Jong-do tries to explain the gravity of the situation to Tae-soo. He asks Tae-soo if he has any idea of who Hye-rin is. The scene shifts back to Tae-soo. We don’t get to hear what Jong-do says, but Tae-soo looks at Hye-rin lying on the bed with shock in his eyes. He puts his head down and the hand holding the phone slowly falls.

The next morning, Hye-rin wakes up with a hang over. Tae-soo has medicine ready for her though, which she gratefully takes. After he gives her the medicine, he asks if she purposely came to his club, and she admits that she did. She tells him she looked for him and eventually found out where he worked. He wants to know whether she asked her father or one of his men to tell her where he was.

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Hye-rin, realizing his question means he knows who she is, just stares at him for a long moment. She lets the weight of his words sink in, then she grabs her bag and starts to leave. Before she walks out, she turns to him and asks if he was going to say he’s sorry. “Once they find out who my father is—whose daughter I am, they all say the same thing: ‘Oh really, I didn’t know. Sorry about everything.’ Then they just turn around and leave. That’s what my school friends did, and Woo-suk did it too. Sorry. I guess I was wrong about you. I just needed a friend,” she says and she walks away.

Tae-soo stands there staring out of the hotel window as Hye-rin makes her way back home on foot. When Tae-soo comes to his senses, he follows her on his motorcycle and pulls up beside her. She keeps walking at first, but he stops next to her again and holds out his hand. She stares at him for a moment and ignores his outstretched hand but gets on the back of the bike. She just sits there though so Tae-soo grabs her arms and wraps them around his waist so he can pull off.

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They end up spending the day together. First they have breakfast.  Afterwards, they sit near a park and watch some kids play soccer. The kids are having so much fun that Tae-soo can’t resist playing too. He gets so caught up in the game he loses sight of Hye-rin. He starts looking around for her and the camera pans around and around until he sees that she’s joined in and is playing too. Hot and sweaty from the game, they wash up with a nearby water hose and have fun splashing each other.

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Back on the motorcycle, he asks Hye-rin if she would have gone to the hotel with anyone else beside him. She starts laughing but doesn’t answer. They ride to a scenic river and sit among the rocks in the middle of the stream. Hye-rin asks him if he’s afraid of her (now that he knows who her father is). He tells her he was afraid of her. But that was when he thought she was a poor college student. She starts walking toward him trying to balance on the uneven rocks. He looks worried that she may fall. She asks if he’s afraid of her now. She’s about to lose her balance though. He catches her before he can answer and when she backs away he pulls her into an embrace and kisses her. (I guess that would be a no, lol.)

That night, they return to his club. When they walk inside, it’s eerily empty. We soon learn why: Chairman Yoon’s men and Jae-hee are still there. They grab Tae-soo and Jae-hee slowly walks up to him and looks him in the eye. (Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good.)

The scene cuts to the staff locker room where Jong-do and other club employees are gathered. One of the employees paces back and forth and looks as if he wants to leave, but Jong-do yells at him to sit down. The reason for all the angst: Jae-hee is beating Tae-soo. It’s pretty brutal. Tae-soo tries to fight back but Jae-hee has a weapon and Tae-soo is no match for Jae-hee’s skills. Apparently, Chairman Yoon’s men dragged Hye-rin to an awaiting car outside. She manages to escape and runs back into the club yelling for Jae-hee to stop. She cries for Jae-hee not to hit him anymore and says Tae-soo is her fiancé.


Back at the Yoon household, Chairman Yoon meets with Tae-soo and Hye-rin, where she repeats her intent to marry Tae-soo. Chairman Yoon asks who Tae-soo is and Lawyer Min tells him he is one of Lee Sung-bom’s men. He explains that Sung-bom took over the Royal Casino and controls the Chungmuro District, and Tae-soo has been running the show since Sung-bom’s arrest.

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Chairman Yoon turns to Tae-soo and asks if he thought he could expand his power base by hooking up with his daughter. Or maybe he thought once he became Chairman Yoon’s son-in-law he would be able to do something even better. He asks, “Did you really think you could marry her?” Tae-soo looks at Hye-rin, then he looks back at Chairman Yoon and says yes, he thought he could.

Hye-rin has a drink with her brother, Yoon Young-Jae, after the impromptu family meeting. He asks if this is her latest way to disobey their father. He doesn’t want her to leave home again because he’s thinking about studying abroad. If she leaves too, their father will be all alone. He tells her in spite of his best efforts to be like their father, she’s the only one of them who can actually be like him. That’s why their father trusts her and waited for her even after she left. She says she doesn’t want to be like their father though.  She loathes the way he will do anything for a buck. Even so Young-jae tells her he doesn’t want her to marry someone just to spite their dad. He asks if she loves Tae-soo. She doesn’t, but she says she will love him one day. Young-jae says Tae-soo may be in danger and muses that she still doesn’t know their father very well.

Sure enough, Chairman Yoon has no intention of allowing Hye-rin to marry Tae-soo. He tells Lawyer Min he’ll have to keep Hye-rin in the house for a while and leaves it up to Lawyer Min to break them apart. We don’t know what they’re planning, but Chairman Yoon directs Lawyer Min to be sure not to use any of their men to do the dirty work.

Meanwhile, Chairman Yoon moves forward with taking over Mr. Oh’s casino. Mr. Oh is livid when Lawyer Min presents him with the purchase contract. He accuses them of ripping him off and says the purchase price amounts to blackmail. Jong-do is at the meeting and he pulls out an ink pad and strong arms Mr. Oh into dipping his seal in the ink and stamping the contract.

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As Lawyer Min and Jong-do leave Mr. Oh’s house, Lawyer Min mentions Jong-do’s former request to meet Chairman Yoon. Now that Chairman Yoon has taken over Mr. Oh’s casino, Jong-do works for him, and Lawyer Min says he will arrange a meeting between the two. In exchange, Chairman Yoon has a request to make. Jong-do assures Lawyer Min he’s willing to do whatever the Chairman needs. “Just say the word and I’ll take care of it,” he says. Lawyer Min smiles at the words and gets in his car.

Unaware that the Chairman is still plotting their break up, Tae-soo and Hye-rin move forward with their marriage plans. Tae-soo picks her up one day and she stoically gets on the back of the motorcycle. He catches her smiling in his rearview mirror and when he turns around to look at her she bursts out laughing. She got a job, she tells him excitedly, then she hurries him so they can finish up some errands.

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They go to their new apartment to finish unpacking. Their new place overlooks a train station and, during a break, they sit on the platform watching the trains go by. Tae-soo moves a little closer to Hye-rin and takes his mom’s ring from his finger. He slides it onto Hye-rin’s hand and tells her it belonged to his mother. He says his parents couldn’t have a wedding, but they will have one—it’s what he really wants. She asks him to tell her more about his parents and they sit on the platform talking well into the evening.

Later that night, when he goes to the club for work, it’s deserted. There’s only one staff member outside and he tells Tae-soo that Jong-do took the boys to some kind of rally. He doesn’t know exactly where, but Jong-do said he’d call when they get there. Tae-soo says ok and goes inside, but I don’t have a good feeling about this.

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Meanwhile, Hye-rin is still at their apartment. When she gets out of the shower, she sees one of her father’s men behind her. She turns around and sees Jae-hee too. She was drying her hair when they came in. She tries to maintain her composure and goes back to drying her hair with a hand towel. She nonchalantly tells them to let her father know she’ll visit him this weekend. But they’re not there to negotiate with her. One of the men starts pouring gasoline all over the floor and her father’s headman holds up a lighter.

Jong-do has his men at a different club in the city. He sits down in a private room and picks up the phone and it’s easy to guess who he’s calling.

Unaware that Chairman Yoon is making his move, Tae-soo sits at his empty club having a drink. At the apartment, Chairman Yoon’s men escort Hye-rin to a car to take her home. She asks what will happen to Tae-soo, but Jae-hee doesn’t answer.   Realizing he’s in danger, she gets in the car at first, but when the men are distracted, she opens the door and runs away. She runs to a taxi and makes it inside before they can catch her.

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At Tae-soo’s club, one of the conspirators unlocks the back entrance and the police sirens sound as the police arrive to arrest him. Tae-soo has fallen asleep, but the noise wakes him up. He tries to run, but he’s too late. The police have surrounded the building. He’s handcuffed and led away.

As an officer drives him away, Hye-rin passes him in the taxi, but she’s so focused on the club up ahead that she doesn’t notice. She arrives at the club moments too late. In the distance, she sees a car approaching. It’s Jae-hee. He gets out of the car and silently holds the door open for her.

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At the station, the police have Tae-soo seated with one of the detectives. The detective types up a statement and tells Tae-soo to put his thumbprint on it. Tae-soo demands to know what it is, but the detective tells him he talks too much and all he needs to do is put his thumbprint on it. Tae-soo refuses. He wants to know what’s going on first. The detective signals for an officer and the officer hits Tae-soo and forces him to put his fingerprint on the statement.

In voice over, we hear Chang explaining the penal system in place at that time. According to Chang, offenders are screened and placed into categories from A to D. Category A offenders get a minimum of ten years. The maximum penalty is execution. Category B offenders get one month of correctional education and six months of hard labor. Category C gets two weeks of correctional education and Category D gets released.

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Chang is in his office speaking with Jong-do. Despite helping Chairman Yoon set Tae-soo up to be arrested, Jong-do seems worried about Tae-soo and asks what will happen to him now. Chang tells him Tae-soo will likely fall into Category A because of his criminal history and ties to organized crime. Chang remarks that it doesn’t look good for Tae-soo, but it’s a good opportunity for Jong-do. Jong-do is now the top man in town.  Jong-do hangs his head and asks what will he do without Tae-soo. He starts crying (but I still ain’t buying it buddy) and tells Chang that he and Tae-soo are more than just friends. He says Tae-soo is like a brother to him. Tae-soo saved his life, gave him a place to stay and food to eat. He’ll never forget that. Chang puts his arm around Jong-do’s shoulder and leads him out of the office. He says he’ll see what they can do for Tae-soo.

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Tae-soo goes in front of a panel of three judges for his court martial. They’ve already made up their minds what to do with him from the looks of things. They ask him a few questions about his family and then call for the next offender. As an officer leads Tae-soo away, one of the judges writes a B on top of his paperwork—hard labor. He gets his mugshot taken, then taken to a cell, and the episode ends.

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