After reprimanding So Jung-woo, Bong Min-gyu takes Go Cheok-hee outside the courthouse to make sure she’s okay. He doesn’t have a tissue to wipe the cut on her forehead, so he grabs the next best thing—the $40K painting he just bought—and he rips the canvas in half to dab the blood. (I know I just said how much I like his eccentric personality, but that’s just going too far.)

With the vote the next morning, Cheok-hee comes to work prepared for the worse. However, she’s not prepared to overhear Lee Kyung and Jung-woo mocking how funny she must have looked the previous day trying to file the divorce petition without following the proper procedures. She’s hurt that Jung-woo was there to make fun of her instead of helping her, but when Jung-woo tries to explain, she tells him not to worry. She’s prepared for today to be her last day and they can at least end their ill-fated relationship on a positive note, she says.

image image image image

When it’s time to vote, Jung-woo doesn’t quite have the heart to oust her. However, he can’t quite bring himself to vote her in either. Hilariously, he writes half an X (she’s out) and half an O (she’s in) on his ballot. Min-gyu interprets it as a vote for Cheok-hee, and combined with votes from Manager Yoon and himself, our heroine is safe (for now).

Cheok-hee gives a heartfelt speech of thanks to Manager Yoon, then she turns to Kyung (wrongly believing he voted for her to stay) and smothers him in kisses as she declares they’ll be friends forever. Meanwhile, Jung-woo is balled up behind his desk—shell shocked and wondering what just happened.

Kyung storms into Jung-woo’s office to rant about Joo Yoo-mi betraying them while Yoo-mi vents to Manager Yoon, believing Kyung’s vote saved Cheok-hee. When they pass each other in the hallway, they both give the other a dirty look—looks like it’s on between them now, lol!

image image

Min-gyu treats Cheok-hee to dinner at his exclusive, members only club, and the next day Jo Soo-ah stops by his apartment. She’s there to run interference for his father, who wants him to discuss their latest run in, but she uses the opportunity to ensure that Cheok-hee got voted out of his firm the day before. She’s shocked when he reveals Jung-woo voted to keep Cheok-hee on board.

Over at the BF Law Firm, Ma Dong-mi pays CEO Bong In-jae a visit. The ostensible purpose of her visit is to check on construction of the building the two companies are building together, but as soon as he assures her construction is moving forward, she tells him the real reason for her visit. She wants him to get rid of Cheok-hee, and he agrees.

Unfortunately, his plan to get rid of Cheok-hee involves bribing Min-gyu with a new yacht. Min-gyu is intrigued that his father is going to such lengths to get rid of Cheok-hee, and he tells his father he’s going to keep her around to see if she’s worth all this trouble.

image image

Apparently, Lee Yeon-hee’s husband (the woman who came to the consultation with her young daughter Kim Soo-ji in tow in Episode 3) stole her diamond ring to give to his mistress. Cheok-hee and Jung-woo have to high tail it over to her husband’s apartment to intercept her. Yeon-hee is there with a sledgehammer and a crane to lift her up to his high rise unit because he won’t open the door to let her in.

Cheok-hee tells Jung-woo that traffic is bad so he’ll have to take the subway. The thought of taking the subway gives him pause, but he forces himself through the turnstile anyway, only to have a panic attack and rush out of the station.

image image

He makes it to the apartment complex to find that Cheok-hee has commandeered another crane to lift her beside Yeon-hee’s crane. He scoops Cheok-hee into his arms and sets her down on the ground, then he takes her place to scale the high rise. He manages to stop Yeon-hee before she takes a second swing to break the final glass door between herself and her husband. He tells her to think of her daughter—who will have to live with “that woman” if she goes to jail, and she finally gives up.

At the police station, her husband is totally unrepentant about taking the diamond ring that his mother gave Yeon-hee. He says his mistress is the rightful owner of the ring, and he blames Yeon-hee for ruining his plans to propose (bigamy must be legal in S.K.).

image image

Her husband’s lawyer shows up to make matters worse. She’s had someone following Yeon-hee as well as her husband, and the private eye has pictures of Yeon-hee using the sledgehammer to break out the protective glass on her husband’s patio. She plans to have Yeon-hee jailed because it’s her second time trespassing (she trespassed on her husband’s second mistress’s property too it seems) and ask the court to award custody of their daughter to the husband.

With Yeon-hee’s situation looking dire, Jung-woo follows the lawyer out of the station and offers to settle the case out of court. All Yeon-hee wants is custody of their child, he says, but her husband’s lawyer refuses to budge and drives away.

image image

The next morning we learn the reason for Jung-woo’s aversion to riding the subway. He visits a memorial for victims of a subway tragedy that occurred in 2008, and in flashback we see that he was on a subway that crashed seven years ago as he was on his way to meet Soo-ah to take the bar exam.

image image

He was barely conscience when a kind stranger put a piece of candy in his mouth to help him breathe and forced the train car door open for him to escape. He grabbed the candy wrapper as he crawled out, and moments later the train car erupted into flames, leaving Jung-woo unsure whether the woman who helped him managed to escape as well.

Back in the present, he finds a candy wrapper just like the one he’s kept all these years nearby, and he chases after a woman in a navy blue skirt and white shirt who just left the memorial to see if she left it there. He can’t catch her though, and when he gets to the office Cheok-hee is wearing a navy blue skirt and white shirt.

Cheok-hee had asked for the morning off to do something important, and he wonders if she was the one he saw earlier. Moments later Manager Yoon and Yoo-mi walk in wearing navy blue skirts and white shirts too, and Cheok-hee tells him it’s a standard outfit in a working woman’s wardrobe.

image image

Over at BF Law Firm, one of the victims of the 2008 subway accident has retained the firm to sue the city for damage she sustained to her hand as a result of the incident. Soo-ah walks in on a press conference, and she hears the prospective plaintiff mention that she survived due to a woman putting a piece of mint candy in her mouth to help her breathe. She goes up to CEO Bong after the press conference and asks to be assigned the case.

Back at Choice Law Firm, Jung-woo realizes the only shot they have at Yeon-hee retaining custody of her daughter is to ask Soo-ji for help in finding incriminating evidence on her father. Jung-woo refuses to go that route, and Cheok-hee reminds him that he made a promise to Soo-ji that he’d take care of things.

image image

Han Mi-ree makes her obligatory appearance in the episode when we see her at a charity event to raise money and solicit bone marrow donations for sick children. She seems particularly struck by the sight of one of the children whose picture is on display (does she have a secret child?), and Dong-mi walks up in the middle of her reverie to insult her. They exchange barbs until Mi-ree’s daughter arrives, and then Dong-mi shows us that she’s not all mean villainess when she seems genuinely happy to see her niece.

Min-gyu treats the employees to an after-work dinner, and afterwards Kyung goes over to Jung-woo’s place for a night cap. He’s marveling at all of the books Jung-woo has on his bookshelves when he happens upon Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. He tells Jung-woo that’s the key to reforming Cheok-hee—butter her up and make her like him.


Jung-woo gets the chance to put Kyung’s plan in action when he changes his mind and enlists Soo-ji to help them find out the name of the hotel where her dad will be proposing to his mistress. He and Cheok-hee go there together to catch Yeon-hee’s husband in action, and Kyung encourages Jung-woo to use their time together to get on Cheok-hee’s good side. Kyung even tries to give Jung-woo a leg up by walking Cheok-hee to the elevator and telling her that Jung-woo was the one who voted for her to stay at the firm.

Yoo-mi thinks something will happen between the two of them as well. She starts describing a scene straight out of a drama in which Cheok-hee and Jung-woo are forced to share a room and sparks fly.

In reality, the hotel proprietor gives them their choice of rooms and each of them sneak out to call their respective non-partners (he calls Soo-ah/she calls Min-gyu) to tell them they’ll be staying overnight in Yangpyung. As expected, Soo-ah and Min-gyu balk at the idea that they’ll be together . . . all night . . . in a hotel, but they both insist it’s for work.

image image

They’re each on the phone trying to hide from the other and slowly backing away from their rooms with their backs turned. Because their rooms are on opposite sides of the hotel, they inevitably end up running into each other—rear to rear—halfway between their rooms, and the episode ends.

image image


That ending, though marginally cute, was way too manufactured for my tastes. If they each have their own rooms (which they made sure were as far away from each other as possible) why, oh why, would they have to sneak out of the room to make a phone call? And the way they ran into each other butt to butt, I know it was supposed to be funny, but the nonsensical nature of their actions just didn’t do it for me. I can only suppose that the writer-nims wanted to throw in a chance for its leads to get a little exercise in on the set—with the live shoot system in South Korea, I don’t see how they’d manage to maintain a consistent fitness routine otherwise.

However, overall I must say I think the story is progressing nicely. It’s great to see our main leads learning and growing from each other. It struck me during Jung-woo and Cheok-hee’s debate over whether to involve Soo-ji in her parents’ divorce case, how great they can be as a team. Because they really are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to what they’re willing to do to win. Cheok-hee’s ethical standards almost don’t exist while Jung-woo’s ethical standards won’t allow him to exist, at least for very long. At the end of the day, they’re both left with the same prospect though—no viable career. Cheok-hee because she’s crossed the line so much that she loses her law license and Jung-woo because he never made it to the line to utilize his law license.

The ultimate question for me now though is just where are we on our romance between the OTP? Did Jung-woo’s vote to keep Cheok-hee at the firm signal his growing romantic feelings toward her, or is it still strictly platonic? I can’t see any rumblings of love from Cheok-hee’s side yet, but I’m sure Jung-woo’s sweeping her off her feet to save her a trip up the high rise on that crane at least left an imprint somewhere inside. Perhaps she’ll draw on that momentary feeling in the episodes to come.

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12 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyer in Love: Episode 4 Recap

    • Hi Ida! Thanks for stopping by. There was no Seoul subway accident in 2008 per my research. The accident in the drama is strictly for the sake of the show. There was an incident about a year ago. Hundreds injured but no deaths that I can remember. I’d have to look it up to confirm that though.

  1. Thanks for the recap. I love the drama! I guess I am one of the very few who actually loves all the silliness of this drama. It is cheesy and corny and I love the occasional pangs and tug in my heartstrings! LOL… The lead actress is amazing, just discovered her through this drama! She is a good actress and love her comic timing. I know that the change in her character from being too shrewd to being cute randomly and also the overdone scenes are writer/ director’s glitch but I still love all the corniness!
    The romance is bit rushed and it is amazing how from being too afraid or wary of her previous boss the lead actor falls for her…they should have made it more gradual like he observes her good side and sees her as a human and falls in love and also the lead actress falls for the lead actor so fast (as in episode 5)…. anyways, LOVE the drama and can’t wait for episode 6!!!

    • Hi Kaybee. Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree. Jo Yeo-jung is pretty great. And I really like her portrayal of Go Cheok-hee. If you haven’t seen JYJ in anything else, I’d recommend I Need Romance. It was my first real introduction to her (I’d only seen her in a supporting role in a movie before that) and I liked her a lot there.

      Things do seem to be moving pretty briskly between our OTP. The writers are telling us to buy into their romance much more than they’re showing us they’re meant to be, but it’s something I can overlook if they handle it well in the future.

    • Same here.. I think not all people like the strong female lead. But i like her here too and their chemistry. Episode 6 is daebak and i keep rerun the show.. Now painfully waiting for ep 7 next week gah.. And a long work week sigh.

  2. Hee hee. I’m still laughing over this line: “a chance for its leads to get a little exercise in on the set—with the live shoot system in South Korea, I don’t see how they’d manage to maintain a consistent fitness routine otherwise.” That could explain a LOT of weird stuff that happens in K-dramas. I love reading your recaps for this one!

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