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Lee Yung-jae arrives at his new house that evening to find Han Ji-eun sitting on the front porch. They are both astonished to see each other. Ji-eun learns that Yung-jae bought Full House, but she insists it still belongs to her because she didn’t consent to selling it. Yung-jae calls his manager who tells him the house belongs to him. Ji-eun tells Yung-jae she will repay him for the money he spent to buy the house when she sells the novel she’s currently writing. She offers him a disc with the novel on it as proof and tearfully explains that her father, who passed away, built the house. She says it’s not just a house, it’s a part of her, and she can’t give it up.

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Her tears don’t work this time. Yung-jae physically pushes her out of the house. He opens the door a moment later only to throw her purse and suitcase after her. She opens the suitcase to find that the glass in her picture frame (of her with her parents) has shattered, and she cries.

The next morning, Yung-jae wakes up early to take a run on the beach. He sees Ji-eun sleeping on a bench in the front yard, and he wakes her up and tells her to leave. She complains that she doesn’t feel well but leaves anyway.

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However, when Yung-jae returns from his run she’s back on the bench. He starts yelling until he notices she has a high fever. He carries her inside and lays her on the sofa before rushing out to get medicine. He returns with medicine but still insists on taking her to a doctor. She refuses to go so he looks through her suitcase trying to find a family member or friend to call. He sees the anniversary date of her parents’ death instead and feels sorry for her.

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Elsewhere, Yoo Min-hyuk is hard at work at his office. Kang Hye-won shows up and they go to a bar. During their conversation, he mentions he may return to New York after he successfully launches the magazine he came to Korea to start. She asks why he can’t stay in Korea, but he never answers because a woman who’s been staring at him catches his eye. He sends the waiter over to her with a drink. Hye-won is not happy about this development and excuses herself to go to the ladies room. When she returns, Min-hyuk and the patron are gone. At least he left her a note . . . I guess.

Yung-jae cares for Ji-eun throughout the night to lower her fever. The next day she is feeling better, but she pretends she is still sick. He leaves her with the rice porridge he made and encourages her to eat while he’s gone.

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She complies as soon as he leaves the house. She makes quite a mess as she manically eats everything in sight in addition to the porridge. Yung-jae is pissed when he comes home later and sees the mess. In her haste to make it back to the couch to feign sleep when she heard him return, she’d thrown everything in the bottom of the refrigerator. He tells her to clean up the mess when she insists she’s still sick and will need to stay there and rest a few more days.

Yung-jae gives her money to find a place and rudely tells her he’s giving it to her because she needs it. She refuses to take it and storms out with her suitcase in tow. (The first of many such occurrences.) Yung-jae passes Ji-eun sitting at the bus stop as he drives away. He sees that she does not get on the bus as it passes and finds her still at the bus stop when he returns that evening. He pulls over and tells her to get in the car, but she refuses until he asks when she plans to repay his loan.

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Back at the house, he tells her she can stay but she has to cook and clean and do housework. For someone broke, homeless, and unemployed, she’s mighty mouthy when he tells her that part of her duties requires her to prepare breakfast by 7:00 a.m. each morning. She’ll also have to clean the house, do the laundry, and stay in her room when he’s home to avoid disturbing him, he tells her. She puts her things in the bedroom Yung-jae clearly uses for storage and begins cleaning.

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Yung-jae goes to Hye-won’s clothing store for her to dress him for Min-hyuk’s magazine launching party. She tells Yung-jae that she will be studying abroad in New York soon (like that’s going to get Min-hyuk to notice her, smh). Her announcement spurs Yung-jae to act though, and he decides to propose to prevent her from leaving.

The doorbell rings as Ji-eun attempts to calculate how long it will take to repay Yung-jae by working as his housekeeper. It’s a deliveryman who gives her paperwork on a credit card Shin Dong-wook opened in her name. She finds out the clinic Yang Hee-jin patronizes from Dong-wook’s former co-worker at the bank and plans to visit the next day when they have an appointment.

That night, Ji-eun sees Yung-jae practicing the proposal speech he plans to make to Hye-won. She thinks he’s rehearsing for a role and teases him for the cheesy dialogue.

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The next day Ji-eun goes to the clinic and confronts her friends as they leave. They hightail it out of there and Ji-eun gives chase, eventually catching up with Dong-wook. He gets a hilarious beating with empty soda bottles and half-hearted punches until Hee-jin pretends to faint.

At the sight of an unconscious Hee-jin, Ji-eun forgets her anger and desperately tries to flag down a taxi to rush her to the hospital. She finally gets a taxi to stop but when she turns around for Hee-jin to get in, her friends are long gone. They’ve fooled her again. They happily snack on popsicles to celebrate their escape while Ji-eun sits in a nearby park crying.

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Yung-jae is at a restaurant waiting for Hye-won to arrive. He’s rented out the entire restaurant for his grand proposal and arranged for the chef to hide the ring in the dessert. When she arrives, the staff is excited and one of them alerts the media while another snaps pictures of the ring. Yung-jae never gets a chance to propose though because Min-hyuk calls and Hye-won abruptly leaves moments before dessert arrives.

Yung-jae follows her to the elevator and asks whether she likes Min-hyuk that much. She admits that she does and he yells that Min-hyuk doesn’t even like her. She doesn’t care because she likes him and says she’ll make him like her too. She thanks Yung-jae for his concern and leaves to meet Min-hyuk at her shop.

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Yung-jae goes home. He throws the ring in the trash and drinks beer as he stares outside. Ji-eun comes home and joins him for a drink. She (finally) complains that her friends of fifteen years have scammed her and sold the home they know means so much to her. Yung-jae obviously has no idea how to comfort someone and he tells her they scammed her because she’s so ditzy, haha.

She asks how his filming went that day and wants to know the plot of the movie. He says it’s about a guy who loved a girl for a long time and decided to confess his feelings and ask her to stay before she left. Ji-eun guesses that the guy couldn’t go through with the confession and says the girl loves someone else. Yung-jae is amazed at her insight until Ji-eun overdoes it by throwing crazy plotlines into the mix, like how the guy goes to sea to get over his broken heart and gets shipwrecked on Treasure Island. He tells her to go to sleep and goes upstairs in a huff. However, he lingers at the top of the stairs and has a wry smile on his face as he watches her clean (another glimpse that he may not be a total jerk?).

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The next morning, Ji-eun finishes writing her story and finds the ring Yung-jae threw away the day before. At breakfast, Yung-jae complains about the food, saying he can’t tell if she’s made stew or soup. She says it’s both and calls it “multiplayer,” lol, then shows him the ring she found. He tells her to throw the ring away and, when she doesn’t want to, he throws it outside into the backyard. She warns him that if she finds the ring before he does, she’s going to keep it.

She leaves the house and goes to her publisher with her story. He tells her to leave it with him and he’ll get back to her. She loses hope of hearing from him when she sees piles of rejected stories outside his office so she buys scratch off lottery tickets in hopes of winning some money.

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By that afternoon, Yung-jae’s proposal scandal is all over the news. His agency wants to know what’s going on but can’t reach him. Ji-eun returns home and goes to the backyard looking for the ring Yung-jae threw away.  Yung-jae has just returned from his run, and she shows him the news article of his reputed proposal. He goes inside and, after a shower!, the agency finally reaches him to ask about the scandal. He tells them the news outlets got it wrong and says not to worry.

Ji-eun doesn’t let it go as easily as his agency does though. She questions him about the identity of the woman as she cleans and notes that the ring she found in the trash looks awfully similar to the ring on the front page of the paper. That observation sends Yung-Jae to the backyard and Ji-eun starts snooping through his things and sees the invitation to Min-hyuk’s magazine launch party.

She follows Yung-jae and begs to go along so she can network. He refuses to take her, and her argument that she may be able to repay him sooner if she makes the right contact at the party does not sway him. He still refuses so she calls him the king of jerks (which is her favorite go-to insult throughout the series), then kicks his swing for good measure, heh.

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He tries to hide the invitation, but she finds it and goes to the magazine launch party anyway. Yung-jae has taken a copy of her story and gives it to the head of his agency to review (another glimpse inside his heart, perhaps?).

He notices Ji-eun at the next buffet table and goes over to ask how she got there. She deadpans that she took the bus and shoos him away with an admonishment to pretend they’re strangers. He stands there and watches as she drops chocolate cake on her dress. She goes to the bathroom to clean up and runs into Min-hyuk on the way back. They go off to a private spot and start talking about her story.

Yung-jae looks around to find her and sees Hye-won arrive. Hye-won finds Min-hyuk laughing with Ji-eun and throws a fit. She tells him he knows she likes him and asks if he’s testing her.

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Meanwhile, Yung-jae is ready to go and wants Ji-eun to leave with him, but she says she wants to stay and finish her conversation with Min-hyuk. She heads back as Min-hyuk is in the process of rejecting Hye-won. He tells Hye-won that she’s just a little sister to him and reminds her that she has Yung-jae. She asks if he’s rejecting her because of Yung-jae then storms off to confront him.

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Min-hyuk and Ji-eun arrive in time to see Hye-won demand that Yung-jae tell her then and there if he likes her. He’s caught off guard and says, “I really like you,” then pauses as if he is going to say Hye-won’s name. Instead, he says Ji-eun’s name and pulls her into a kiss.

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Min-hyuk and Hye-won are shocked and stand there gaping. The paparazzi, though, are quick on the uptake and waste no time snapping pictures of the kissing couple, and the episode ends.


Reading the comments from netizens on Full House, I’ve found that the questionable fashion makes up a large portion of the discussion. In episode one we got a glimpse of Ji-eun in pigtails. A careful observer would notice that this episode introduced the infamous, and equally tacky, side ponytail. It also gave the first glimpse into the inner-workings of Lee Yung-jae. He’s still an immature, ill-tempered, spoiled man-child, but not quite so heartless as we originally thought. (It’s the standard drama fare and a trope we all know and love (to hate), but Rain does it with a little more panache than most.)

This is also the first (but not last) time viewers saw Ji-eun storm out vowing to never come back only to break that promise mere moments later. The writer went back to this plotline a few too many times. Watching this series, it felt like Ji-eun got kicked out or left the house every five minutes. The reality is much less than that but perception is often reality. When I went back and counted the instances of our leading lady leaving or getting kicked out, it was only a handful of times, but it felt like ten times more than that.

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  1. OMG!!! You are recapping Full House!!! Hahahahahahaha… I am soooo NOSTALGIC now…. I was a HUGE Rain fan (Cloud! So cheesy…hahahaha) and loved this drama to death… I may have watched it like 10 times already or even more….
    It is good to see someone recapping old dramas! Good for us old fans! Thanks!

    • You’re quite welcome. Glad to meet another Rain fan as well as someone who appreciates my beloved Full House as much as I do!

      • wanted to see the Full House itself after watching this drama… sad to say it’s already been demolished.. the drama still brings back the same tingly feeling though after watching it for so many times!

      • I wanted to visit the house too. I didn’t even realize the house had been torn down when I was writing these recaps. But alas, I guess it was damaged during a major storm.

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