Hye-rim is at her usual bar with her friends.  Only this time she’s drunk and has fallen asleep sitting on the floor.  Under a table, lol.  In voice-over, she notes that she’s experienced many of these types of blackouts since she started drinking, especially when she has one too many. 

When it’s time to go, the sober members in the group try to get everyone to contribute towards paying the tab.  But a few of them are so drunk that they’re not listening.  Hye-rim wakes up and unsteadily walks toward Jin-sung.  She mumbles to herself, asking if he’s trying to get away with not paying.  She yells for him to give them the money now, then she follows her demand with a slap to his face that sends him sprawling to the floor. 

20s Ep2-1 image

Suddenly, she’s totally sober and stares in horror as she realizes she just hit Jin-sung—pretty hard too I might add.  In voice-over, she continues, saying that’s the mysterious thing about the blackouts.  She becomes sober at the oddest moments and she has no idea why. 

This illustration of her drinking habits leads us to the present.  She opens her eyes, suddenly totally sober, to find Ki-kwang leaning toward her about to swoop in for a kiss.  They are at her apartment. Sitting on her sofa. And she has no idea what’s going on.


She racks her brain trying to figure out how they ended up there.  She wonders if he’s trying to kiss her and asks herself if she should push him away or kiss him back. 

She squeezes her eyes shut and has a brief flashback of walking down the street by herself.  She was on her way home from the corner store after buying beer.  Then she gets a fleeting memory of seeing Ki-kwang smiling at her as he took off his hoodie and revealed his face.  She finally remembers that it was about 8:00 pm the evening before when Ki-kwang suddenly appeared.

image image

Three hours before she saw him (5:00 pm) she was sitting in a salon getting a perm to take her mind off of Tae-woo.  Ki-kwang texted her as she was sitting there. Apparently, he’d been texting her ever since he saw her after his concert the week before.  He asks what she’s doing and then he bombards her with questions when she tells him she is out getting a perm: Why? Did something happen? What salon? In Gangnam? By your university? Where? Tell me! I’ll keep sending messages until you tell me. Tell me! he texts.

The hair stylist asked if it’s her boyfriend texting so often, but Hye-rim says he’s just a friend.  Just then there’s a BEAST performance playing on the tv and Hye-rim smiles and finally texts Ki-kwang back. 

As she’s looking through her phone, she’s shocked to see Tae-woo has already moved on to a new conquest.  He’s posted pictures to his social media account of him at a jimjilbang with another member of their social group.  When she tries to scroll past the picture, she accidentally hits Tae-woo’s name and her phone dials his number.  She freaks out but quickly hangs up.  Only it’s too late.  Tae-woo sees the missed call and sends her a text apologizing “about that day” and asking her to keep it a secret from his new love. 

image image

With her plan to perm away her disappointment over Tae-woo ruined, she does the next best thing: buy mekchu! She walks down the street with a grocery bag full of beer slung on her arm as she tries to talk herself out of being mad at Tae-woo.  There’s someone following her, but she’s so busy talking to herself that she doesn’t notice until she drops an empty can and it rolls toward the stranger’s feet.  She apologizes for bothering him as she picks up the can and the stranger turns out to be none other than Ki-kwang!

He laughs at her for being so clumsy, then he pulls down his hoodie to reveal his face.  “It’s me. Lee Ki,” he says.

She stares at him for a long time without saying anything, and he jokingly asks if he got so handsome she didn’t recognize him.  She looks away and starts crying, which causes him to totally panic. He (adorably) thinks he’s done something wrong.  He starts rapid firing questions again:  Is she mad because he didn’t greet her the last time they saw each other? Is she mad because he’s been texting her for the past week instead of calling her?  He stands in front of her to stop her from walking away and tells her he’s had a full schedule and has been busy lately.

His questions remind her of their time together in middle school.  She flashes back to how at sixteen he’d confess to the things he thought he did wrong too.  And she asks him why he’s still exactly the same as before.

image image

She tells him she wasn’t crying because of him, but they have no time to stand there talking.  They’ve stopped in front of a convenience store and a group of rabid high schoolers have recognized Ki-kwang!  Ki-kwang grabs Hye-rim’s hand and tells her they have to run before she fully grasps what’s going on.  But the screaming posse of high schoolers behind them makes her see the light, and they hightail it out of there. 

As she and Ki-kwang run through an alley holding hands, the scene flashes back to them as middle schoolers holding hands as they happily run on a field at school.  Back in the present, they conceal themselves behind a bush until the high schoolers move past them, then Ki-kwang walks Hye-rim home.

Ki-kwang invites himself in and looks around as Hye-rim checks to see if Ga-young is home.  She’s not sure if she should be relieved or not when she looks in Ga-young’s room and realizes they’re alone.  When she goes back to the living room, she tries to hurry Ki-kwang away.  But he flashes his killer smile as he holds up his beer and says he just opened it and will leave when it’s finished.

He slides a beer her way for her to have a drink too, then there’s an awkward silence as she wonders what to say.  Ki-kwang breaks the silence when he notices the girls’ undergarments on a clothesline spanning the length of the patio outside of their apartment.  Hye-rim’s eyes widen and she stands in front of the glass window to shield their intimate apparel from his view.  Ki-kwang starts teasing her about which pair belongs to her so she runs down and gathers them up from the clotheslines and rushes them out of sight.

image image

When she’s done, she demands that he leave now.  The high schoolers must be long gone, she says, so he has no reason to stay.  She takes her underclothes to her room and happens to see her middle school yearbook when she’s putting her clothes away.  She smiles as she looks at their pictures in the yearbook and returns to the living room in a better mood. 

Only, as she looks around she notices he’s not there.  She’s disappointed he left (even though she told him to go), but it turns out he hasn’t gone at all.  He was in the bathroom and he’s shirtless when he sticks his head out the door to tell her he’s going to jump in the shower because he’s sweaty (huh!? How? Why? are just a few of my questions I have at this turn of events, but I’ll fall back on my usual refrain and say: “It makes no sense, but let’s just roll with it.”).

image image

Hye-rim is just as confused as I am though.  She asks why he’d be taking a shower at someone else’s house and tells him to get out.  He’s already gotten undressed though and he asks if he should really come out.  He pretends he’s going to step outside the bathroom and Hye-rim calls him “Lee Ki” as she tells him she’ll make him regret it for the rest of his life if he dares come out now.  He smiles as he says how good it is to be called Lee Ki again and he goes back inside. 

Hye-rim sits in the living room as she waits for Ki-kwang to finish up.  He’s way too comfortable in someone else’s shower and actually starts singing, which causes Hye-rim to remember listening to the same song with him on the bus the day they had their first kiss.  We finally get to see what happened after the kiss and what caused their breakup.  

image image

As Ki-kwang kissed her, his hand landed on her breast.  She was kissing him back until she felt his hand, and then she broke the kiss to stare at him.  He immediately pulled his hand away and started to stutter out an apology, but Hye-rim was traumatized (over nothing I must say) and ran off the bus.  She declared it the worst day of her life (and perhaps being all of sixteen it was the worst day of her life) and started crying.  And that’s how they broke up (lame if you ask me, but there’s so much cuteness I don’t really care).

Back in the present, a tear falls from Hye-rim’s eye as she thinks about breaking up with Ki-kwang—who was her first love.  He’s out of the shower and she finally gets to vent her anger over him touching her breast all those years ago.  She throws an empty beer can at him and asks why he did it? It was her first love, she cries, and her first kiss, she adds.  And he ruined it.

Ki-kwang sits next to her and tells her he didn’t mean to hurt her, and he apologizes.  He tells her he’s sorry he didn’t get off the bus when she ran off.  He’s also sorry he didn’t call right away.  And he’s sorry he’s just apologizing to her about it after all this time.  In voice-over, Hye-rim says he said he was sorry a hundred times to comfort her that night.


With that crisis over, it’s back to the cuteness! Ki-kwang playfully pinches her leg and she hits his arm.  As she takes a sip of beer, Ki-kwang gently rubs her head a few times and she wonders if things would have been different if they’d just talked things out four years ago. 

She gets a text message from Ga-young.  It’s about Ki-kwang! But suddenly we’re back at the opening scene with Ki-kwang leaning toward her as if he’s about to kiss her.  That’s where her memory ends. 

She racks her brain trying to remember the rest of the evening and finally recalls that Ki-kwang fainted earlier that day. That’s what Ga-young’s text message was about. 

image image

She stops Ki-kwang just as he’s about to make contact with her lips.  She pulls up his sleeve and sees the needle mark on his arm and asks if it is from the IV.  He stares at her instead of answering, and she asks what he’s doing there when he just got out of the hospital.  He laughs and tells her she already asked him those questions. 

She’s embarrassed (again).  She must have asked him when she was drunk, but of course she can’t remember anything when she’s drunk.  He tells her he came because he was worried when she said she’d gotten a perm.  He thought something bad may have happened.  She tells him to take care of himself instead of her and he says he knows she’s really asking why he’s worried about her.  It’s because I like you, he says.  She looks him in the eyes and he says it again.  “I like you.”  He tells her he wanted to come see her earlier, but he didn’t have the courage. 

In voice-over, Hye-rim says now she thinks she knows why she came out of her blackout in this moment.  So she’d be sure to remember it. 

image image

Ki-kwang puts his hand on her cheek and goes to kiss her again.  Only this time he’s the one who stops.  He asks if she has any more questions.  When she says she doesn’t, he asks if she’s sure and he smiles before he leans in for a kiss. 

Outside, Ga-young has arrived home.  She’s a bit tipsy though and is mad at herself for clubbing when her Ki-kwang is sick.  She drops the key before she can get it in the lock and the camera pans back inside the apartment where Hye-rim and Ki-kwang are still locked in a kiss.  



Another cute episode.  It’s solidly in the camp of fluff and I must say I like it very much.  So much so that I will not even bother saying anything negative about this drama.  Both leads continue to be uber-adorable in their puppy love.  Ki-kwang even managed to pull off totally stalkerish behavior with his bombardment of text messages (and admitting to following our heroine for thirty minutes) without my red flags coming out and signaling me to run, so I’d say this one is a winner!

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4 thoughts on “Twenty Years Old: Episode 2 Recap

  1. Ack! I had no idea you were sick! Hope your strep throat heals!

    Well, I knew I wasn’t the audience for this drama but I’m glad you are recapping because I wondered at all the fuss. I’m tempted to be the voice of dissent since you want to be all positive and stuff but yeah this amount of fluff doesn’t have enough weight for more than nitpicking.

    I’d heard of BEAST but I couldn’t name/recognize any of them. He’s cute, though not enough for me to not side-eye randomly showering in her apartment. Granted, I have issues using other people’s bathrooms and vice versa, but eww. Ex-gf or no, if she were a real live girl that bathroom wouldn’t have been prepped for alien invasion. mmhmm. no. (whispers to self: Darn, I’ve said too much! *feels compelled to clean*)

    • Strep throat is getting much better! I have no idea why strep throat makes me so sick, but I can move around again & function so I’m happy about that. Thx for the well wishes.

      But on to the drama! As usual, your comment is hilarious. I don’t mind you being the voice of dissent b/c you’re right. If one were to logically analyze this drama, there’d be lot to dissect & pick apart. But it’s supposed to pay homage to those bygone days when we (should have) had notions of pure love and were still innocent, and I think it does that pretty well. It definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I think is the key to making it likeable (at least for me).

      I still have no idea why they threw in the showering in a stranger’s bathroom scene. I guess they had to introduce the flashback to show us that (non)incident that led to the break up b/wn the OTP & that was the best they could come up with. Still, it was so random & weird even w/them trying to have Hye-rim call him out on it that I wished they’d have left that part out.

      I am not into K-pop so I had never heard of BEAST before watching this series. I did check out some of their songs on youtube. They were okayish, except for the song “12:30,” which I liked the best of the songs I sampled. The lyrics were pretty good on that one.

  2. A better flashback intro: Instead of showering like a weirdo, after a few more beers, he could have leaned in, stopped and said “haha remember the last time we kissed? You aren’t still mad right?” and fade in. Their non-issue break up could’ve been funnier to cover the flaw, the perception of adolescent innocence or no. And what’s the deal with these blackouts? My investigative suspicion has been channeled, despite this being the wrong genre. I keep thinking she blacks out and kills people. O_o Oh that’s it! When they were dating they could’ve tried their first soju together and gotten wasted, and she accidently-on-purpose assaults his pet rat which escaped its cage to death and he gets mad. I can see it now, in all its humorous slow motion glory. I bet you can guess the music cue. 😉

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