It’s morning and Hye-rim is asleep in her bed with a blanket over her head.  A female voice calls out to her that it’s time to wake up and go to school.  She says she doesn’t want to go and the person comes in her room and insists she get up.  When she goes outside, we see she’s at her family home and she’s wearing her middle school uniform.  It’s a flashback to the day after her first kiss with Ki-kwang when he accidentally touched her chest!  And that must have been her mom, and not Ga-young, who woke her up. 

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 Ki-kwang is waiting outside her house and he tries to bring up what happened the day before, but she cuts him off.  “I don’t see you,” she says, “From now on, I’m not going to see you anymore.  So act like we don’t know each other.”  Then she walks away as Ki-kwang stands there calling her name. 

In the present, it’s the day after her birthday debacle when the paparazzi caught her with Ki-kwang.  Her alarm sounds to wake her up for school, but this time her mom is not there to make sure she goes.  She gets up anyway, telling herself that she can’t afford to fail her classes. 

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When she walks outside, she hears Ki-kwang call her name.  She turns around and Ki-kwang is standing there in his middle school uniform just like he was when they were sixteen.  Only, it’s just her imagination.  Ki-kwang is not really there and she turns away in disappointment. 

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Her picture is plastered all over the news and a couple of students on the bus heading to campus recognize her.  Jin-sung happens to be sitting behind the students as they whisper that she’s Ki-kwang’s girlfriend, and he leans over the seat to get a good look at the photo of Hye-rim with Ki-kwang.  He’s floored to realize she really did have a boyfriend . . . and it’s Lee Ki-kwang of BEAST of all people.  He sits back down a bit devastated that he really does have no chance with her, lol. 

When Hye-rim makes it to class, her classmates whisper and point to her as they read the online articles about her relationship with Ki-kwang.  She’s able to ignore most of them, but since clever netizens have found out her name and what school she attends, it’s not easy. 

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After class, a group of high school fangirls who have come to the university to track her down spot her and she has to run away when they give chase.  She manages to catch a passing bus to escape from them, but it’s not long before the students on the bus recognize her too and start whispering amongst themselves. 

At home, she sits on the steps a bit dejectedly. Having had enough, she texts Ki-kwang and tells him she’s sorry, but she doesn’t have the confidence to date him anymore. 

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That night Ki-kwang comes to the apartment and cries as he knocks on the door begging her to open up and talk to him.  She’s still sitting on the same steps from earlier and listens to Ki-kwang’s sobs.


He tries calling her on her cell, but she won’t answer the phone.  He finally leaves, and in voice-over she says they broke up. 

Later that night, she goes to the convenience store for beer, and as she’s walking home one of the cans falls out of the bag. She kneels down to pick it up and it naturally makes her recall the night she ran into Ki-kwang outside the convenience store when she dropped her beer in the same way.  She has tears in her eyes as she picks up the can and heads home.

Back at the apartment, she sits sending apology texts to Ga-young and begging her not to ignore her.  Ga-young walks through the door as Hye-rim is looking at her phone, and she jumps up and tries to get Ga-young to speak to her. 

Ga-young tells her she only came back home to get her purse.  It’s in Hye-rim’s room so she goes to Hye-rim’s room and grabs it from the hook on the wall and tries to leave again.  Hye-rim follows her and grabs her arm so she can’t walk out the door.  She apologizes for not telling Ga-young about her relationship with Ki-kwang earlier, but Ga-young insists she doesn’t care.  She’s only there to get the purse, she says, so Hye-rim grabs the purse and tells her she can’t leave with it. 

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It’s a Louis Vuitton and Hye-rim reminds Ga-young that she was short $300 the day she bought it.  Hye-rim gave her the $300 she needed to buy it so it belongs to both of them, she says.  Ga-young acts shocked that Hye-rim is complaining over $300 but she says she’ll wire her the money tomorrow, and she tries to leave again.  Hye-rim won’t let go of the purse though and they both struggle over the bag.  They pull so hard that the strap breaks and they both collapse to the ground in tears. 

Ga-young yells at her for tearing the bag she worked so hard to buy, and Hye-rim apologizes and asks her to accept the fact that she dated Ki-kwang behind her back.  She asks Ga-young if she has any idea how hard it’s been on her for the last few days, but it hasn’t been easy for Ga-young either.  She misses Hye-rim too, and they hug and take turns insisting they’re the one who’s sorry.  They’re so busy apologizing that they don’t notice Hye-rim has knocked over a can of beer.  The beer soaks the purse and in voice-over we hear that their $2000 bag met its end during their teary reconciliation. 

A month later, Hye-rim is just finishing up a class when she gets a text from Ga-young.  It’s full of pictures of men.  Ga-young is trying to set her up on a sogating.  She tells Hye-rim all of the men will probably look ugly compared to her ex-boyfriend, but she should pick one out anyway.

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In voice-over, we learn that over time people stopped paying attention to her.  Two months after the scandal, no one seemed to remember her, and Ki-kwang left for an Asian tour and didn’t contact her anymore. Because of his company’s continued assertions, she slowly became someone who just went to the same middle school as Ki-kwang and everything went back to its place.  But it still hurt, she admits.  It hurts as if everything just happened yesterday, she says. 

When she gets home, she has pizza and calls Ga-young to come out and eat.  Ga-young doesn’t hear her so she goes to Ga-young’s room to get her, and Ga-young jumps and drops something on the floor.  Hye-rim bends down to pick it up, and it turns out to be concert tickets to see the latest BEAST performance.  Ga-young insists she didn’t really want to see them, she’s just so used to buying tickets to their shows that she bought them without thinking. 

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Hye-rim ends up going to the concert with her.  Ga-young sweetly spends most of the time trying to make sure Hye-rim is okay.  Hye-rim keeps assuring her she’s fine, but she’s sad to see that Ki-kwang has grown thin.  She tells herself it’s just from him traveling so much, but when Ki-kwang does a solo acoustic guitar performance, she can’t help but cry thinking about him playing the guitar for her when they were dating in middle school. 


Onstage, tears fall from Ki-kwang’s eyes as well and that sends Hye-rim over the edge.  She gets up and leaves the venue.  Aww, it’s sad to see them both so affected by the breakup. 

The next thing we know, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Hye-rim goes on a blind date with a guy who begged Ga-young for the chance to meet her. He’s curious as to whether it’s true she dated BEAST’s Lee Ki-kwang.  Hye-rim tells him no, they just went to the same middle school, and he seems to buy it. 

As she heads home, she gets a text message from Ga-young apologizing for making her see the guy.  He wouldn’t stop bugging her, Ga-young says, but she’ll take care of him from now on, she promises. 

Hye-rim smiles to herself, and later that night, she’s still smiling as she rushes to the front door.  Someone’s there.  It’s Ki-kwang! They’re still dating, she reveals!

20s Ep4-1

She asks him what he’s doing there when he told her that he wouldn’t be able to see her until later.  He had a little bit of free time so he stopped by, he says.  He brought cake and champagne! But it’s for later.  He only has time for a quick kiss, or two.

Hye-rim wonders how he got into the apartment, and then we see Ga-young arrive.  She let him in.  This time around, Ga-young is in on the secret and they have a reliable supporter to help them.

Ki-kwang can’t stay though.  He promises to come back after his performance that night.  He asks for a quick smooch–which Ga-young interrupts when she comes back down the hall.  When she’s out of sight again, they giggle like school kids and Hye-rim notes that they’re still crazy sweet together.  (That they are, lol.)

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With only seconds to spare before midnight, Ki-kwang rushes back to the apartment after his New Years’ Eve performance and they bring in the new year together with a kiss—their twentieth year now officially over, but their romance continuing.


As the credits roll, we see Jin-sung preparing to head off to the military.  He’s sad because he never got to date so he grabs the hand of the hair stylist who’s cutting his hair and declares he loved her at first sight. Too funny!

Tae-woo presses his luck and tries his “let’s-rest-in-the-love-motel routine” with the wrong girl.  She shoves him away and gives him a hard slap to his face while calling him out for insulting her. 

Ga-young is still a rabid BEAST fan and goes to all their concerts.  She’s transferred her obsession to another member though, so it’s all about Yoon Doo-joon now, lol.

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As for the OTP, Ki-kwang is ready to announce his dating status now.  Apparently, making the announcement with style involves going to a crowded public place and holding hands as they stroll down the street.  Just in case people don’t get it, he calls out to the crowd that Hye-rim is his girlfriend.  “Isn’t she pretty?” he asks as she beams. 

Only, in voice-over Hye-rim asks, “Won’t a day like this come for me?” So maybe Ki-kwang hasn’t made their relationship public.  Either way, what a cute ending to a delightful little ditty of a drama.



I think I’ve gushed enough about how sweet and lovable this drama is over the last three episodes.  This episode wrapped all of that up into a neat little bow and gave our pair a happy ending as well. Thus, I’m satisfied!

The obsessive fangirls were not cool, but it’s something we all know seems to come with the territory in South Korean entertainment.  I remember being pretty shocked at the level of vitriol spewed at celebrities merely for dating when I first arrived in Hallyu.  It’s like this big thing that can ruin careers and lead to cancelled endorsements and all kinds of unnecessary backlash.  Not to mention the fans who seem to think that their admiration of an artist entitles them to put the artist in a display case to be admired and seen, but not touched—by anyone—anywhere.  It’s very odd to me and this drama brought the cray-cray front and center. 

More and more lately, I’ve seen celebrities admitting to dating.  I just hope the day comes when the fact that someone is dating isn’t labeled a “scandal” anymore.  I mean, we are talking about consenting adults here so there really is no need to add the salacious element of “scandal” in the mix. 

Until that time, I guess this short little delightful drama can serve as a glimpse into the world of idol dating.  At least it’s a role it can fill well.   

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4 thoughts on “Twenty Years Old: Episode 4 (Final) Recap

  1. And here I was feeling bad for them. Psshht. Trolls. (I’m confused. Was it all an act or did they get back together?) Either way, good for them.
    It does seem that more stars are considering their agency as humans above the fear of the delulus and “going public”, as they should. For me, the weirdest part isn’t the fan possessiveness, but the fact that companies feed into it. Yes, they buy their oppas’ stuff but if they’re that far gone as to demand blood when idols date, fangirls won’t stop funding them right? Just like Ga-young, they can switch their delusion. Benefit of being a boy band instead of a solo act right? Or something. *scratches head*

    • So yes–they got back together. But it appears Lee Ki did NOT publicly acknowledge they were dating. At least that was my take-away, but I’m not 100% sure either.

      “Delulus”<-- HaHa! Great name for the sasaeng fans. I somewhat enjoy the spirit of the sasaeng fan--such as the enthusiasm exemplified in AM97 and AM94 toward H.O.T. and Seo Taiji, but when it crosses the line from borderline over-the-top fun to psychopathic, then I have to demur.

  2. Ohhh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. HA enthusiasm is a nice way to put it. I guess they baffle me because I don’t even put that much “enthusiasm” into the guys I personally know and like, much less a stranger who is merely an image I’m being fed; too lazy. They do great detective work though.

    • The “enthusiasm” is purely for entertainment’s sake–to be enjoyed from afar. Pick it up and put it down at will–that’s how it stays fun. It’d be way too time-consuming otherwise, but where there’s a will there’s a way I guess. Look at us–blogging on our obsession. To many people, we’re cray-cray too, lol!

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