We backtrack a bit from the last episode and get to see how Go Cheok-hee ended up alone with Kan Dong-jae in his office. It turns out, she headed over to the modeling agency after seeing Oh So-nyeo’s pictures in the agency’s portfolio. Dong-jae and So-nyeo were together in his office, and Cheok-hee began recording the pair with her cell phone camera. Dong-jae caught her recording them, sent So-nyeo home and cornered Cheok-hee.  

image image

Luckily, So Jung-woo burst through the door moments later to prevent Dong-jae from doing whatever he was planning to do.

Afterwards Jung-woo yells at Cheok-hee for putting herself in danger. She apologizes for worrying him, but she says he’ll have to treat her as his office manager instead of his girlfriend when they’re working. He promises to do that, but in turn she has to promise to consult with her supervising attorney before she does anything dangerous again.

She agrees, and they make plans to work together to get So-nyeo to go on record as having an affair with Dong-jae. The next day, however, So-nyeo is nowhere to be found. Her house and cell phones are turned off, she’s not at home or work, and she’s cancelled all of her modeling gigs.

image image

Across town, Lee Ha-jung pays a visit to Bong Min-gyu’s apartment. He’s still insisting on breaking off their engagement, and she’s still insisting on going through with their wedding plans. She likes the fact that they don’t have feelings for each other, she tells him, and she points out that he’s too dutiful of a son to break up with her knowing that it’d affect his father’s plans to complete his new building.

At home that night, Jung-woo has dinner with his mom. She has Jo Soo-ah in mind and starts nagging him to bring home a girlfriend soon. He asks what type of woman would she like for him and she doesn’t think looks or personality ultimately matter—as long as it’s not someone rude like his old boss Cheok-hee. Jung-woo starts choking on his food and of course doesn’t volunteer that Cheok-hee is the very person he’s seeing.

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At work the next day, Jung-woo and Cheok-hee finally track down So-nyeo—she’s hiding out at one of Dong-jae’s apartments. They’re shocked to see that Joo Shin-yi is already there—having found So-nyeo before they did. They find her on her knees begging So-nyeo to convince her husband to drop the defamation charges he filed against her. So-nyeo refuses to help her and yells at her to stop being so pathetic and go away.

Cheok-hee helps Shin-yi up and takes her outside so Jung-woo can talk to So-nyeo alone. Cheok-hee gently rebukes her for kneeling down before So-nyeo. She tells Shin-yi to trust them. They’ll make sure her husband is the one who ends up kneeling down in front of her.

image image

Meanwhile, Jung-woo has no luck convincing So-nyeo to help them. He tries to appeal to her reason, reminding her that Dong-jae may very well end up treating her just like he treats his wife. But she’s totally delusional. She assures Jung-woo that he’d never victimize her because she’s different from those other women—she’s special to Dong-jae. (Let’s just see how this theory works out for you, shall we?) He gives her his card and tells her to call him if she changes her mind.

Apparently Jung-woo has a birthday coming up. Soo-ah has Yoo Hye-rin buy a nameplate for him to use at the new law office she plans to open. At home that night, she hides the gift behind her back when she sees him. Jung-woo asks for the number of the mint lady’s family so he can call them and she brushes him off with the excuse that the number is at the office.

image image

So-nyeo arrives at Dong-jae’s apartment with groceries to make dinner and gets her bubble burst when she sees he’s already replaced her with another woman. (That didn’t take long.) He’s totally nonplussed when she gets angry and reminds her that not too long ago, she did the same thing to his wife.

image image

It looks like he’s messed with the wrong one this time though. She calls Shin-yi and rounds up some other models who fell prey to his ways, and they strut into Choice Law Firm the next day ready to testify against him. It seems that Dong-jae also coerced some of the models into dating him in order to advance their careers. Then he threatened to ruin their careers if they disclosed the improper relationships once he dumped them.   This little tidbit proves the most helpful because authorities can prosecute him for sexual harassment.

As Cheok-hee promised, when Dong-jae is confronted with the charges against him and arrested, he gets on his knees and begs Shin-yi to save him. She refuses, of course, and the police cart him away (for good, I hope).

image image

As Cheok-hee and Jung-woo are heading back to the office afterwards, Cheok-hee gets a call from Cha Yoo-ran, the mysterious woman from last episode who asked her to handle her divorce for free. Cheok-hee meets her at a café and agrees to take her case (even though she doesn’t have a law license). Yoo-ran doesn’t mind that Cheok-hee is currently banned from practice because she’s sure her case will settle out of court, she says. (Still, the unlicensed practice of law is a serious offense. Don’t try this at home kiddos—this is a sure fire way of getting permanently disbarred.)

She cites adultery as grounds for the divorce, telling Cheok-hee that her husband has had a long-term mistress. Cheok-hee asks her what assets she wants the court to award her, and she tells Cheok-hee she wants their house in Yangpyeong. It’s in her husband’s name though, and Cheok-hee tells her it may be difficult to get the court to award the entire property to her. She gives Cheok-hee her husband’s number and Cheok-hee makes an appointment to meet him the following week.

image image

That night, the staff meet for a celebratory meal. Jung-woo and Cheok-hee want to be alone though so when the other three head to the bathroom, they make plans to take a trip together over the upcoming holiday weekend. Woo Yoo-mi pops up from under the table wanting to know why they’re going on vacation together. Turns out she didn’t go to the restroom after all—she was looking for her lost contact lens. Because she heard everything they said, they pretend they were planning a trip for the entire office. Suddenly, Manager Yoon and Lee Kyung are back from the bathroom too, and they decide to go camping.    

Jung-woo spends the entire camping trip trying, and failing, to be alone with Cheok-hee. By the end of the night, when he’s just about ready to give up, Manager Yoon gets a call from home. One of her children is in the emergency room, and she has to hurry away. Yoo-mi, who has lost her contact lens again, insists on returning to Seoul with her. Thus, two of their three obstacles are out of the way.

image image

Jung-woo and Cheok-hee ply Kyung with wine until he passes out in his tent, then they finally enjoy some one-on-one time. Unluckily for us, they just talk, lol. Cheok-hee shares that the happiest day of her life is also the saddest day of her life. It’s the day she got accepted into law school, which happened to be the day she found out her mother had cancer.

image image

For Jung-woo, his saddest day is filled with sweet memories because he had candy in his mouth when he was going through a difficult time. Cheok-hee pulls out a piece of mint candy and asks if it’s the kind he had that day. He’s shocked to see it is the same candy from his accident, and she tells him it was her mom’s favorite kind and she eats it when she thinks of her mom.

The next day, Ma Dong-mi and Ha-jung are paying a visit to CEO Bong when Min-gyu arrives at the office. It seems Ha-jung is only there to prove her point—that Min-gyu won’t be able to break up with her. Min-gyu tries to bring up his wish to end the engagement, but as soon as he starts talking, Dong-mi pointedly asks CEO Bong about the building that DK Electronics is financing, and Min-gyu shuts right up.

Cheok-hee invites Jung-woo over to her house for his birthday the next day. She wants to cook dinner for him so she goes home determined to make seaweed soup all by herself (in spite of her dad offering to help her). (In Korea, it’s customary to have seaweed soup on your birthday.) She wants to make up for throwing his birthday soup on him three years ago. She totally screws up the preparations though and ends up with ten times more seaweed than she needs for the recipe. She has to cancel her invite to Jung-woo in order to stay in and clean up her mess.

image image

His mom has him covered though. She prepares a big birthday breakfast for him. The only thing missing is seaweed soup. When Soo-ah asks why they’re having bean sprout soup when it’s his birthday, his mom admits she can’t stand the sight of seaweed soup ever since she saw his old boss throw it on him at his birthday party three years ago.

Soo-ah and Jung-woo go out for tea after breakfast. Soo-ah has decided to confess her feelings to him. As usual, she has totally bad timing though. Before she can tell him how she feels, he tells her he’s dating Cheok-hee. She gets upset and Jung-woo only makes it worse when he tells her Cheok-hee was always there to back him up on his cases and turned him into a real lawyer.

image image

That sends her over the edge, and she gets up to storm out. Jung-woo tries to stop her, and that’s when he notices the name plate she bought for him to use at the new office. She tells him she already signed a lease for office space and the nameplate was his birthday present. Jung-woo apologizes and offers to cover the deposit she’ll lose for not going through with the contract, but she just gets even angrier because he thinks the issue is about the money she spent. She reminds him that she’s been by his side for 26 years. After all their years of friendship, she’s offended that he can so easily break his promise to her over someone who made him suffer for three years.

Meanwhile, Cheok-hee is busy making pot after pot of seaweed soup, until she finally gets the recipe right. She rushes over to Jung-woo’s house so he can eat it on his birthday even though it’s already after 11 o’clock.

image image

Jung-woo’s mom is on her way home too. She finds Soo-ah sitting alone on a set of stairs not too far from their house. Soo-ah is clearly sad, and his mom wipes her tears asking what’s wrong. Soo-ah admits she finally wanted to confess to Jung-woo and say the words she’d been wanting to say to him since she was seven years old, but she found out he already has someone else. Jung-woo’s mom demands to know who he’s seeing, but Soo-ah tells her she’ll have to hear about that person from Jung-woo.

As they make their way home together, Cheok-hee has finally arrived outside of Jung-woo’s house. She’s posing just like she posed the last time she showed up at his house when she thought he liked her, and she even repeats what she told him that night: he’s not really her type, but if he desperately wants her, she may allow him to meet her once or twice. She giggles (and I do too!), then she presents him with the seaweed soup she made.

She tells him to hurry up and take it inside because it’s almost midnight and she wants him to finish it before his birthday ends. He wants to eat it with her though, so he takes her to the patio so they can share the food she’s prepared.

image image

They’ve barely dug into the meal when his mom and Soo-ah arrive home. His mom is livid to see them together, and she grabs the seaweed soup finally ready to exact revenge against Cheok-hee for what she did to Jung-woo all those years ago. Jung-woo sees what she’s about to do though, and he rushes to shield Cheok-hee from the hot soup. It ends up all over him instead of Cheok-hee, and the episode ends

image image.


I guess we now know that mom will be the source of the obligatory obstacles that stand in the way of our OTP getting together and living happily ever after. I can’t say I’m surprised. They needed something to fill up the remainder of the episodes and I’m not totally sad to see that it’s another determined future in-law who is standing in the way of our love birds. After all, I can completely understand why Jung-woo’s mom dislikes Cheok-hee, and I don’t blame her for holding a grudge. Most mothers I know go into beast mode when someone mistreats their child, and I can’t see that internal lioness standing back just because that child has grown into an adult. I like that Jung-woo’s mother doesn’t object to Cheok-hee because she’s delusional and thinks no woman is good enough for her son, but because she has a legitimate issue with the way Cheok-hee treated Jung-woo.

I finally felt a pang of sympathy for Soo-ah this episode. I must admit, I tend to be really cold-hearted toward female second leads in K-dramas. It’s very rare to find a drama where they’re not used almost exclusively as a plot device and/or written so thinly that I just can’t muster up the energy to do anything except wish they’d go far far away. I’ve heard that a number of viewers like Soo-ah, but I’ve been pretty ambivalent toward her. But that changed (a bit) when she mentioned being by Jung-woo’s side for 26 years. That’s a loooong time. And my heart broke for her when she cried to Jung-woo’s mother, saying she was finally prepared to let her feelings come out and say the things she’d kept inside since she was seven years old.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most though, is seeing Min-gyu vanquish those horrid DK Electronics ladies. He has to have something up his sleeve to make Ha-jung go away, doesn’t he? If not, what kind of moral lesson does it send that he’s forced to marry and live with her when she’s only marginally human!?

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