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So Jung-woo’s mom is livid when she comes home and finds him with Go Cheok-hee. She demands to know why they’re together, and he admits that Cheok-hee is the woman he’s dating. She tells Cheok-hee she has a lot of nerve appearing in front of her after throwing soup in Jung-woo’s face all those years ago. Jung-woo tries to explain that that was a misunderstanding, but his mom is not hearing it. He ends up taking Cheok-hee’s hand and leaving, telling his mom they’ll discuss it later.

They walk to a nearby park and sit on a bench. Cheok-hee apologizes for the mess his mom made and says she regrets what she did to him three years ago. Jung-woo tells her not to worry about his mom, and she promises to trust him and give him time to handle the situation.

When he returns home later, his mom gets another shock when he tells her Cheok-hee works at his firm. He tells his mom she only saw Cheok-hee once, but he worked with her for over four years. He wants her to trust him enough to know he wouldn’t be dating Cheok-hee if she was a bad person, but his mom refuses to budge. When he gives Cheok-hee the credit for making him into a lawyer, Mom tells him about Jo Soo-ah selling her apartment to pay for his law school tuition. He’s rightfully shocked and wonders why she’d do that. His mother calls him an idiot and reveals that Soo-ah likes him.

The next day, he meets Cheok-hee on the elevator going up to the office, and they both pretend they had a good night sleep the previous night even though neither of them were able to sleep. All Jung-woo could think about were his previous conversations with Soo-ah, finally realizing that he was the person she referred to when she told him she liked someone. All Cheok-hee could think about were the harsh words from Jung-woo’s mom.

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They don’t have time to dwell on their troubles though. As soon as they get to the office, they delve into their next case: a woman with two husbands. Believing her first husband, Nam Gee-jin, died during their escape from North Korea, their new client, Lee Boong-yeo, settled down in South Korea and eventually met and married her current husband. Her first husband recently reappeared though, and he’s filed a petition to vacate the divorce judgment entered in his absence. The client is torn between the two men and doesn’t know who to choose—the one who wants his wife back or the one who doesn’t want to give his wife up.

After the consultation, as the staff members talk about their new client’s crazy love triangle, Jung-woo reviews the petition to vacate the divorce and sees that Soo-ah is representing the long lost husband (again because BF Law Firm is the only firm in Seoul).   He goes to meet Soo-ah, but thankfully they discuss their awkward situation instead of their clients’ case.

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Soo-ah admits she didn’t tell him about paying his way through law school because she knew he wouldn’t have accepted the money. She never confessed how she felt about him either, she says, because she thought if her heart was sincere, then he’d find out sooner or later. Jung-woo lets her down gently, telling her although he’s sorry and grateful to her, Cheok-hee is the one he likes. Soo-ah won’t take no for an answer though. When Jung-woo tells her that his mom’s disapproval won’t change the way he feels about Cheok-hee, she tells him she feels the same way about him. She refuses to give up on the person she’s loved for 26 years. He doesn’t try to talk sense into her. Instead, he promises to repay all the money she spent on him. He even vows to repay her for all the time she spent loving him.

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Meanwhile back at the office, Cheok-hee shakes down Lee Kyung to find out the address of Jung-woo’s mom’s restaurant. After work, Cheok-hee stops by a fruit stand and buys a bag of melons so she won’t show up empty handed. She goes to the restaurant and apologizes, but Jung-woo’s mom refuses to talk to her and kicks her out. Cheok-hee goes right back inside and apologizes again. She offers to let his mom throw soup on her to get back at her for what she did to Jung-woo, but when his mom grabs one of the melons and throws it at her, she instinctively catches it—which riles mom up even more and she kicks Cheok-hee out for good this time.

The next day, Cheok-hee goes back to the fruit stand for another batch of fruit to take to Jung-woo’s mom as she heads back to the restaurant for round two. The fruit stand vendor offers to sell her their biggest watermelon, but Cheok-hee quickly disclaims any interest in something so big (and hard). She asks for something that’s tasty but doesn’t hurt when you get hit with it, lol!

Mom has vowed to handle Cheok-hee for Soo-ah so when Cheok-hee arrives, she politely offers her a seat and recommends a dish—making it clear that Cheok-hee is not welcome unless she’s there to eat.

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Even though Cheok-hee just came from a company dinner, she orders another meal just as Jung-woo arrives at the restaurant where the rest of the staff are still eating dinner together. He wonders aloud where Cheok-hee has gone and Kyung reveals that she recently asked where his mother’s restaurant is. He wonders if she went there. Jung-woo yells at him for telling Cheok-hee how to find the restaurant and hurries away.

The staff are a bit surprised by his strong reaction, and Woo Yoo-mi correctly guesses that Jung-woo and Cheok-hee are dating. She thinks his mom found out and disapproved of their relationship—which is why Cheok-hee asked for the address to the restaurant and why Jung-woo overreacted when he heard that Cheok-hee was there. Kyung and Manager Yoon think she’s being absurd and laugh off her conjectures—completely unaware that she’s spot on!

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Over at the restaurant, Cheok-hee tries to help clear off a table when a couple of customers leave. Jung-woo’s mom refuses to let her help and tries to take the dishes away only to send everything crashing to the floor. Jung-woo walks in and sees the mess and yells at Cheok-hee to come with him. His mom grabs Cheok-hee’s hand and makes her pay for her meal before she leaves.

Jung-woo takes Cheok-hee home, and they sit outside her building where he tells her not to go see his mom again. He wants to convince his mom before bringing them together, but Cheok-hee refuses to listen. She tells him she won’t date him if his mom is against their relationship. She’s lived with the guilt of using money that could have saved her mother’s life to go to law school so she knows what it’s like to not have a mom around. She’d never divide him from his mother, she says, and he’s not allowed to yell at his mom about her again either.

He agrees to go along with what she said, and then we see that Bong Min-gyu has come down to go for an evening jog. He sees Jung-woo and Cheok-hee sitting on one of the benches and hides behind a pillar spying on them. Jung-woo is massaging Cheok-hee’s back and Min-gyu grabs his heart in agony as he watches them together. Then he pulls out his cell phone to call his doctor for another house call.

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Cheok-hee runs into Min-gyu when she’s on her way inside, and she tells him he should start coming into the office again because Manager Yoon and the other staff are worried about him. He promises to return to work, then he turns to the apartment villas behind them. He offers to give Cheok-hee both buildings if she comes to him. She turns him down, and he accepts her rejection with his usual amusingly blasé attitude, telling her he had to try one last time.

The next day we see that he lets out his frustration during a high speed ride on his motorcycle—where he meets the infamous rider Wind Gust, the Usain Bolt of motorcycles, who turns out to be his father, CEO Bong In-jae. They both have way too much time and money on their hands, lol.

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CEO Bong tells Min-gyu he took his bike out to celebrate that his new building is almost complete. Min-gyu doesn’t understand his father’s quest to expand his law firm when the firm is already huge. CEO Bong tells him he focuses on work because he can’t focus on people—people die, just like his wife did, and he’s decided never to give affection to anyone else again.

That night, Jung-woo comes home with his mom’s favorite sweet rice cakes trying to make up with her, but she won’t give in unless he’s broken up with Cheok-hee. He says it’s not like her to hold a grudge for so long over what Cheok-hee did and she gets to the heart of the matter—it’s not so much that she dislikes Cheok-hee, but that she believes Soo-ah is the one for him. She insists he needs to change his heart instead of trying to change her mind about Cheok-hee.

Meanwhile Soo-ah is having dinner with Min-gyu. He tells her he may have to get married soon. He’s considering actually going through with marrying his fiancée because things didn’t work out with Cheok-hee. Soo-ah asks if he’s given up on Cheok-hee, and he says Cheok-hee is the one who gave up on him.

He changes the subject and asks if she’s uncomfortable living with Jung-woo. She claims that she isn’t, but he gives her the key to a penthouse suite and tells her not to live with Jung-woo anymore. (This is why he needs to be my friend—can I get a free place to live just because, pretty please?)

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We get another glimpse at Choice Law Firm’s latest client Boong-yeo. Apparently her first husband lives in the apartment right across from her apartment. When she arrives home, both husbands come out to greet her. She goes to her first husband’s apartment and makes a birthday meal for him, and for some reason she invites Jung-woo too. Her current husband is not having it though, and he pushes all the dishes off the table and the two men start fighting.

Soo-ah arrives and stops the fight, and she and Jung-woo leave together. Soo-ah thinks Boong-yeo’s cooking for her first husband is a sign that she’s going to return to him. She doesn’t think Boong-yeo can abandon the man who suffered with her in North Korea and showed his willingness to give his life for her. Jung-woo is not so sure, but he agrees to encourage Boong-yeo to make a decision as soon as possible.

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Ma Dong-mi and Lee Ha-jung make their appearance for the episode when they take a shopping trip with Min-gyu to pick out wedding jewelry and clothes. Min-gyu pisses Ha-jung off because he doesn’t bother looking at the choices, choosing whatever they see first, then he makes his usual glib remarks wishing them well as they continue to shop before he bails on them.

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However, he’s clearly depressed about his impending nuptials and when he gets home he has a bag full of soju. Luckily, he runs into Cheok-hee’s father who recognizes him as one of his Busan customers. Dad invites him over for a meal, and he’s shocked to learn that fathers actually cook meals for their children. He gingerly tastes the soup, marveling that he’s realized what made him fall for Cheok-hee. Just like the soup, she’s rough and sarcastic, spicy and fiery, but warm too.

Soon it’s D-Day for Boong-yeo and her two husbands. She’s finally made a decision between the pair, and she meets both men as well as Jung-woo and Soo-ah to announce her decision. She ends up choosing her current husband, telling the men that even though she’s grateful to her first husband, she has to choose the person she loves now.

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As expected, first husband, Gee-jin, doesn’t take the news well. He storms out of the café and ends up hovering on the rooftop of a nearby building, threatening to jump if Boong-yeo doesn’t change her mind. Everybody rushes up to the rooftop to talk him down, which they eventually manage to do even after Soo-ah joins him in imploring Boong-yeo not to abandon the person who was willing to give his life for her. He decides to let her go with the same wish for her happiness that he had when he decided to sacrifice his life so she could live when they were crossing the river into South Korea.


Afterwards, Soo-ah and Jung-woo have another heart-to-heart talk. She tells him she’s unable to coolly let him go like Gee-jin let go of Boong-yeo, and he says the only way he can avoid unnecessarily hurting her is being honest like Boong-yeo was honest with Gee-jin. He tells her he really loves Cheok-hee.

She sits on the bench crying when he leaves. Jung-woo makes his way to see Cheok-hee, needing a hug after the emotional ups and downs of the day.

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The next day is Cheok-hee’s appointment with Cha Yoo-ran’s husband. She arrives at the restaurant to meet him and gets a shock when she walks into the private room to find model-turned-actor Jo Yoo-sang waiting for her. He sticks to his story that Han Mi-ree is a recent professional acquaintance of his and refuses to agree to give up the house in Yangpyeong to his wife.  

Undeterred, Cheok-hee calls Yoo-ran for evidence of Yoo-sang’s affair with Mi-ree. Yoo-ran tells Cheok-hee that Mi-ree and Yoo-sang meet at the house in Yangpyeong every weekend, so Cheok-hee decides to head over to get photographic evidence of the couple together. Jung-woo arrives at her apartment just as she’s leaving and gives her a ride. She sends him away, then she rings the bell on the gate and stands there waiting for someone to answer the door as we see a pair of heels walking down the hallway in the house.

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That was a bit of a doozy of an episode.  First things first though, I must say after having liked Jung-woo’s mom all this time, she’s quickly becoming my least favorite person in the drama.  I don’t have a problem with the fact that  she disapproves of Cheok-hee and Jung-woo dating, but I do have a problem with the tactics she’s choosing to express her dislike.  I’d say she crossed the line when she attempted to throw hot soup on a person, but because I’m sure many of you will point out that she was just doing what Cheok-hee did to Jung-woo I won’t bemoan that point.  Instead, I will turn to the other totally inappropriate and violent thing she did in actually picking up and intentionally throwing a melon at Cheok-hee.  I’m glad this is a drama is all I’m going to say . . .

This week’s divorce case was slightly overly coincidental in that it mirrored Jung-woo and Soo-ah’s situation, but I enjoyed it all the same.  But I’m more interested in the secrets to be found inside the house in Yangpyeong so I won’t spend any more time commenting on this week’s episode aside from reiterating that I found Boong-yeo’s situation legitimately compelling.  That’s a tough situation to face and I admire her ability to stick to her guns even in the face of a suicide threat.  However, this recap is woefully late so I’ll hurry on to the next episode and promise to provide a bit more commentary encompassing Episodes 11 and 12 in the comments section of Episode 12’s recap.

Before I go I do want to address an email I received asking after the recaps for this drama.  My good friend Pan is not a drama watcher but she’s stopped by the blog to support me here and there and has apparently been reading these recaps.  (It looks like I’ve lured another one into the K-drama addict’s lair . . . mwuhahaha!)  She noticed that this recap was a little later than usual and (politely) asked me what was going on.  I thought I’d answer her here just in case anyone else is wondering the same thing. So here it goes:

As some of you may know if you read the About page here, I do not speak Korean, therefore I have to rely on subtitles to complete my recaps. Initially the subtitles for this drama came out relatively quickly, allowing me to complete one of the week’s episodes and start the second episode during the weekend.  Unfortunately (probably due to this show’s unpopularity), the subtitles have slowed down considerably and the show is often not fully subbed until late Tuesday/early Wednesday.  That means I have to do the recaps in the midst of weekday real life demands.  This week, RL won the battle and this recap is super late. Unfortunately going forward, it will depend on the same variables, i.e. when the subtitles are released vs. my day-to-day schedule. All I can promise is to get the recaps published as quickly as possible after the subtitles are released.  Hope that helps!

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2 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyer in Love: Episode 11 Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap 😊
    I also don’t appreciate the idea of guilting Jung Woo into liking Soo-ah just because she willing sold her house to fund Jung-woo’s law school fees, which nobody asked her to do.. In this episode and the 12th one too, it is like that.. Jung-woo’s mother is being so weird that she doesn’t realize that its not her who will live with Soo-ah but Jung-woo if she forcefully makes him choose can she just decide who Jung-woo’s soulmate is?! That’s very inconsiderate of her with regards to her son.
    I understand that Soo-ah has liked Jung-woo for 26 years but that doesn’t make a valid reason to make him feel guilty of not being grateful enough to abandon the person he loves so that he can repay her by unwantedly staying by her side.
    I think the deciding factor, in making mom actually accept Cheok-hee will be that she saved her son’s life without a hidden agenda..whereas if I look at Soo-ah selling her house to provide law school fee, her hidden agenda was to cohabit with Jung-woo, which I don’t think is a loss..she got to stay by his side by selling her house..two birds with one stone— 1. Making them feel it was a benevolent act of selling away her cherished house because of love, 2. Being able to stay by Jung-woo’s side without any hindrance. I don’t think she lost anything..

    My point being you can’t force somebody to love you nor can you silently keep on loving someone expecting that they have super-powers to make out how you feel. That’s foolish.. And if they can’t figure out and fall in love with somebody else other than you, you can’t act like you did so much for that person and so believing that person should definitely reciprocate how you feel.. Lame!!!

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for the recap 😊😊😊

    • I agree. I do sympathize with Soo-ah a bit. It must really suck to silently love someone for so long. But she let her fear of rejection hold her back for so long. And that was her choice.

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