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After checking in at the hotel, Go Cheok-hee and So Jung-woo bump into each other midway between their rooms.  Instead of experiencing an instantaneous mutual attraction as Woo Yoo-mi predicted, they start to bicker over the contact and spew legal jargon at each other threatening to sue. Luckily, Kim Kwan-woo (Lee Yeon-hee’s cheating husband) and his mistress arrive at the hotel to end their tift.

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Cheok-hee is so intent on taking photos of the pair that she doesn’t realize she’s on the edge of a set of stairs, and she falls over and hurts her back. She insists on Jung-woo taking over photographing the pair instead of helping her up, and later she goes to the hotel lobby to get pain medicine—which they don’t have.

Jung-woo recalls Lee Kyung’s words of advice to get on Cheok-hee’s good side so he goes out and buys her a medicated patch for her back. He even helps her put it on and ends up feeling sorry for her when he sees the bruise on her back and realizes she really did hurt herself. He tells her to go to the hospital if it keeps hurting, and they both seem a little uncomfortable by their close proximity and intimacy at that moment.

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Back in Seoul, Yoo-mi is still insisting to Manager Yoon that Jung-woo and Cheok-hee will rekindle their romance during their reconnaissance mission to gather evidence against Yeon-hee’s husband. She predicts they’ll wake up in the same bed together the next day shocked to realize that they’ve slept together. But in the end, she’s the one who’s horrified the next morning when she wakes up in bed next to Kyung—am I the only one who totally saw that coming!?

Jung-woo and Cheok-hee return to Seoul with all the evidence they need—having gathered the sheets and trash from the cheating couple’s hotel suite after they checked out too.

All five of the firm’s employees end up on the same elevator heading up to the office, and Manager Yoon points out that everyone except her is still wearing the same clothes they had on the day before. Yoo-mi and Kyung have agreed to pretend nothing happened between them, and they’re terrified to think she’s figured out they spent the night together already. However, they breathe a sigh of relief when she’s totally off the mark and merely accuses Kyung of sleeping on the street because he was too drunk to make it home.

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With that settled, Jung-woo and Cheok-hee head over to Kwan-woo’s lawyer’s law firm to try to save Yeon-hee from jail time. Turns out, his lawyer took over Cheok-hee’s old law office and she and Jung-woo are both a little shell-shocked to be back at the office where they once spent so much time working. Because this is dramaland, Cheok-hee even finds her business card stuck under the water machine when she goes to get a drink.

Jung-woo, sensing Cheok-hee is a bit saddened to return to her former stomping ground as an office manager instead of a licensed attorney, lets her present the evidence they have against Yeon-hee’s husband. Apparently Kwan-woo and his mistress are both teachers at the same elementary school. Their affair violates their profession’s ethical codes and could result in them losing their jobs or getting a salary cut.

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The mistress is livid that they’ve been outwitted, and she grabs Cheok-hee’s hair and then slaps her when Jung-woo tries to come to Cheok-hee’s defense and tells her Cheok-hee is not the lawyer here—he is. Cheok-hee storms out, angry at Jung-woo for setting her up to get humiliated, and she refuses to listen when he follows her and tries to explain that he never intended for her to be attacked.

The next day, she’s still angry. When Jung-woo tells her she has to head to court to finalize the divorce settlement between Yeon-hee and Kwan-woo, she refuses to speak to him. She texts him her reply instead (and I’m dying here. They totally stole that move from Yeon Woo-jin’s last drama Marriage Not Dating!).

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Her resentment is short-lived though. Outside of the courthouse, Cheok-hee runs into Yoo Hye-rin, and she’s with CEO Bong In-jae! Hye-rin is the one who betrayed Cheok-hee to BF Law Firm, and Cheok-hee realizes she’s unfairly blamed Jung-woo all this time.

She’s quick to own up to her mistake though, and she gets another shock when she learns that Jung-woo knew Hye-rin was the real culprit all along.  He wasn’t willing to disclose what Hye-rin had done just to save himself, he says.

Cheok-hee forces Kyung to meet her for a drink so she can wallow in the misery of realizing she was wrong about Jung-woo, and he calls Jung-woo to save him from a tête-à-tête with Cheok-hee. As soon as Jung-woo arrives, he begs off, leaving the two of them alone.

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Cheok-hee apologizes again and tries to hurry away, but Jung-woo stops her. He apologizes for what happened with Kwan-woo’s mistress, and then he presents her with her old business card—the one he retrieved from under the water cooler at her old firm. Then he tells her about the textbook he couldn’t quite part with even though he’d given up on taking the bar exam. Turns out, one day that very book helped him when he went to law school. He takes her hand and tells her she may get to use her card again one day too.

That night she goes to sleep holding the card over her chest (awww), and the next day she’s super nice to Jung-woo, which freaks everyone out at the office.

After work, she goes over to Bong Min-gyu’s apartment to hang out and that’s how Han Mi-ree makes her requisite appearance in the episode. There’s a news report announcing that she’ll be doing a drama with model-turned-actor Jo Yoo-sang. Choek-hee remembers seeing Yoo-sang with Mi-ree on the set of her last drama and realizes Yoo-sang is Mi-ree’s lover.

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In the office the next day, Cheok-hee gets her hair stuck in the shredder and Jung-woo reluctantly helps her get free. Yoo-mi sees his pep talk to himself to brace himself to help Cheok-hee as another indication that he loves her.  She takes her suspicions to Cheok-hee.  Jung-woo just so happens to bring her a pillow to ease her back pain after her conversation with Yoo-mi so Cheok-hee believes Yoo-mi and starts thinking Jung-woo may actually like her.

As she starts opening her mind to that possibility, Jung-woo meets Jo Soo-ah for lunch. She tells him about her new case with a victim of the subway accident who received a piece of mint candy from a kind stranger just like he did. She agrees to find that person for him, but she extracts two promises from him first: he has to do anything she asks of him as well as forget that part of his life once she does. He has to stop suffering and move forward, she says.  

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Meanwhile, Choek-hee takes her suspicions about Jung-woo to Min-gyu. Only she can’t come right out and pinpoint Jung-woo as her love interest so she claims she’s talking about a friend of a friend of a friend, lol. Either way, he tells her the guy definitely likes her so she takes her newfound assurance of Jung-woo’s interest and runs with it.

The next night at the company dinner, she drops hints for him to be a man and have the courage to go after what he wants. They go to a noraebang for round two, and she sings a song just for him—encouraging him to make the first move. Then she shows up at his house, and we get my favorite scene of the drama as she cheekily, but shyly, tells him she’s thought about it a bit and even though he’s not that great of a catch, she’d be willing to go out with him once or twice if he really wants to.

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Her bubble is totally burst when Soo-ah comes out of the house to see who’s there. Cheok-hee realizes Jung-woo lives with Soo-ah, and she thinks they’re a couple. She pretends she’s there to give Jung-woo the castanets he used at the noraebang and hurries away—mortified at her mistake.

The evening’s not a total loss though. Good old Min-gyu heard her loud and clear, and he calls her cell. He’s finally ready to admit he’s interested in her and tells her he’d like to speak with her about something. She’s outside the apartment building berating herself for believing Jung-woo liked her. Min-gyu goes to the window just in time to see her fall over and skin her knee.

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He hurries down to help her up and is dismayed to learn that Jung-woo is the friend of the friend of the friend who she thought liked her. She blames Min-gyu for her mistake and tells him that Soo-ah and Jung-woo are seeing each other and even live together.

Cheok-hee heads up to Min-gyu’s apartment and hilariously heads straight to his washing machine. She wants him to wash her so she won’t remember her embarrassment. If he doesn’t want to do that, she tells him to put her in the freezer—he can freeze her until Jung-woo forgets about tonight. As a last resort, she heads to the bathroom. He should just flush her away, she says, so she can disappear without a trace.

She finally turns to Min-gyu and asks him what he wanted to speak with her about. He’s not willing to confess now, so he turns the conversation back to her. He holds out his hand to her and says they’ll go to work together the next day.

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To everyone’s shock, they’re still holding hands when they walk into the office together the next morning. Min-gyu announces that Cheok-hee has finally agreed to date him. He blames her visit to Jung-woo on her being drunk and inadvertently going to Jung-woo’s house instead of his house.

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He doesn’t think their relationship will cause a problem within the company, he says, because he’s only in the office about three minutes a day. (He’s a hoot!) He turns to leave, but not before caressing Cheok-hee’s cheek and promising to pick her up later.

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That night he arrives just in time to save Cheok-hee—from Soo-ah. Soo-ah has purposely stopped by and wants to know why Cheok-hee visited Jung-woo.  She accuses Cheok-hee of liking Jung-woo and when Cheok-hee declares she has a boyfriend, Min-gyu strolls in with the biggest rose display I’ve ever seen, declaring that Cheok-hee is his woman.

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The next morning, Kyung sees a woman selling roses outside of the subway station and decides to buy a single red rose for Yoo-mi. He thinks she’ll be delighted with his kind gesture, but he loses the nerve to give her the rose when he sees the thousand roses Min-gyu bought for Cheok-hee.

There really is no topping Min-gyu and I can feel my heartstrings tugging toward him already as he goes the extra mile and even confirms that Soo-ah and Jung-woo aren’t dating. He calls Cheok-hee and tries to tell her what he found out, but she hangs up on him before he can deliver the news.

There’s a new client at the firm and Jung-woo and Cheok-hee are already at odds over whether to take the case. The prospective divorcee has never once kissed her husband during the seven years they’ve been together, and she’s so starved for affection that she tried to kiss a deliveryman and now wants a divorce.

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Cheok-hee, who believes love and kissing are the same, thinks the husband doesn’t love the wife and they should get a divorce.  Jung-woo argues that kissing is not important because there are other ways to express love. To prove his point he suddenly grabs Cheok-hee and kisses her, and Min-gyu chooses that moment to arrive. He stands outside Jung-woo’s office staring at him kiss the woman he likes, and the episode ends.


Whoa! So I totally didn’t see that ending coming. This romance is moving at lightning speed, but I must admit I enjoyed this episode so much that I don’t mind. We all know the premise of the drama and we expect the two to come together at some point. It’d be nice if their eventual pairing happened a little more organically and we all got to actually see them falling in love, but I can handle this portrayal as well. So far we have had inklings here and there that each of them were on the path of realizing the other’s merits, like when Jung-woo heard the story of Cheok-hee’s estrangement from her sister and when Cheok-hee realized that Jung-woo didn’t betray her. I expected those inklings to evolve into love, but instead Cheok-hee was onboard as soon as she received a hint that Jung-woo might be interested in her. I don’t think her interest was unreasonable though.

Charlotte Lucas (from Jane Austen’ Pride and Prejudice) came to mind when I saw how quickly Cheok-hee was taken with the idea of Jung-woo having feelings for her. Charlotte pointed out that there’s an awful lot of vanity in almost every attachment and how most people really only fall in love after a bit of encouragement from their partner. And lo and behold, three hundred years later we see that Cheok-hee’s vanity at being an object of interest to Jung-woo led her pretty quickly down the road toward returning his affection. Boy am I glad it did, because Jo Yeon-jung’s performance while she mistakenly believed Jung-woo liked her really had me laughing out loud.

I was kind of on the fence about this drama before this episode, but I can finally say that I like where things are going and I’m loving how funny it is. I cannot rave enough about how hilarious Cheok-hee was when she showed up unannounced at Jung-woo’s house. The only thing that seems capable of diminishing my enjoyment is knowing Min-gyu has some heartbreak in store for him soon. He continues to be my favorite all-around character. I found the way he handled his disappointment in realizing Cheok-hee likes someone else quite endearing, and I look forward to seeing more of him in action.

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