To prove his point that love and kissing are not necessarily related, So Jung-woo suddenly pulls Go Cheok-hee toward him for a kiss. Cheok-hee pulls away first, but she’s at a loss for words, and they both stand there awkwardly trying not to make eye contact.

image image

Cheok-hee finally sees Bong Min-gyu standing outside the office. He pretends he didn’t see the kiss they shared, but when Cheok-hee drops her cell phone, he pointedly slaps Jung-woo’s hand away when Jung-woo bends down to pick it up. He superciliously apologizes, telling Jung-woo it’s just his personality to hate others for touching something that belongs to him.

image image

Outside in the hall, he admits he did see them kissing. He couldn’t admit as much in front of Jung-woo without fighting him, he says. Cheok-hee explains that they were arguing over a prospective client who wants to divorce her husband because he’s never kissed her. He reminds her that they’re officially dating and says she needs to keep that in mind going forward.

Jung-woo goes home and is so distracted by memories of his kiss with Cheok-hee that he puts his shirt on wrong three different times before he can get it right. Jo Soo-ah points out his mistake but doesn’t think much of his behavior. She came to his room to borrow the mint candy wrapper he’s saved all these years. She’s going to show it to her client and contact other victims to try to find their mystery savior, she tells him.

image image

It looks like Min-gyu and Cheok-hee are just as preoccupied as Jung-woo. Min-gyu decides he needs to take some of his things to leave around Cheok-hee’s apartment to ease his mind. It’s his way of marking his territory just in case she has any visitors. He arrives just as Cheok-hee realizes she used toothpaste instead of facial cleanser to clean her face.

Cheok-hee remembers his phone call mentioning something about Jung-woo and Soo-ah. She asks him what was the “good news” he had to share about the pair, and he lies and tells her he just confirmed that neither one of them are suspicious about his fake relationship with her.

image image

The next day at work, everything reminds Jung-woo and Cheok-hee of the kiss they shared the evening before so he relishes the chance to leave the office to meet their kissless client’s husband No Gi-soo. Turns out the guy has philemaphobia (a fear of kissing) due to his parents’ tuberculosis. His father died from the disease and he had to be careful not to use the same eating and drinking utensils as his mother to prevent him contracting it as well.

Jung-woo shares his fear of riding the subway with Gi-soo, and we learn that panic attacks stemming from the accident also prevented him from walking into the classroom whenever he tried to sit for the bar exam. They agree to try to conquer their fears together. True to his word, Jung-woo goes to the subway on his way to the office, but he can’t find the courage to ride it.

Over at the office, the employees are bored with so few clients and little work to do so Cheok-hee calls an old friend who produces a legal television show. The “friend” doesn’t remember her and hangs up when she asks for Jung-woo to appear on the show—at least Lee Kyung gets a good laugh at her expense out of it.

image image

That night the employees go out for another company dinner (I guess if they don’t have any work to do together they can at least eat together). Jung-woo keeps staring at Cheok-hee—fixated by her lips as she speaks. When Kyung tries to talk to him about his growing interest in Woo Yoo-mi, all he can think about are his similar feelings for Cheok-hee. He runs out of the restaurant before he can give Kyung any advice, haha!

He walks down the sidewalk trying to rationalize away his feelings, reminding himself that not only does he hate women like her, but she also belongs to someone else. Over at her apartment, Cheok-hee is doing the same thing. Jung-woo has a girlfriend, hates her, and already rejected her, she tells herself.

Min-gyu’s dad is waiting for him when he comes home that night, and he takes the keys to all of Min-gyu’s vehicles. He can have them back when he comes to his senses and fires Cheok-hee, dad tells him.

image image

Meanwhile, Soo-ah meets with her client and finds out that the mystery woman who helped the subway accident survivors had red bows on the back of her heels and balsam flower dye on her fingernails. Soo-ah uses this information to reach out to the other victims to see if any of them know the mystery woman.

Over at Choice Law Firm, Cheok-hee’s producer friend comes through for her. She’s had a cancellation and calls Cheok-hee to ask if Jung-woo can fill in. Cheok-hee finds Jung-woo going number two in the bathroom (K-dramas and their requisite potty humor, UGH) and drags him down to the studio.

image image

He’s awkward and nervous as he serves as the legal expert for a man who wants to sue the animal hospital for his Chihuahua delivering a mutt instead of the pure bred dog he paid for. When Jung-woo finally gets over his nervousness, he totally impresses Cheok-hee’s producer friend with his bright smile and the adorable way he defends the unwanted puppy.

After the show another producer approaches Jung-woo to book him for an appearance on his show as well. Jung-woo refuses the offer though. He only agreed to this show because it was Cheok-hee’s friend who asked, he tells her, and she’s touched by his thoughtfulness. She invites him out to eat under the guise that she’s just repaying him for helping her friend, but she really just wants an excuse to hang out with him.

image image

Unfortunately for Cheok-hee, Soo-ah calls him to meet one of the subway accident survivors who claims to know the mystery woman who saved them. He leaves without saying a word, and as she heads out of the tv studio, she sees Han Mi-ree and manages to snap compromising pictures of Jo Yoo-sang picking Mi-ree up from the set.

The subway accident survivor never shows up to meet Soo-ah and Jung-woo, and the next morning he apologizes for leaving Cheok-hee so suddenly the day before. They make plans to have dinner after work and Cheok-hee is livid that he’s nowhere to be found after work too.

image image

He’d met Gi-soo earlier in the day, and Gi-soo inspired him to make another attempt at riding the subway when he told Jung-woo the thought of losing his wife enabled him to get over his kissing phobia. Jung-woo forces himself onto the subway train, but he has a panic attack as soon as the doors close. Cheok-hee calls him in time to come to his rescue and even holds his hand to help him out of the station. She plays a word game with him to help ease his anxiety where they take turns naming things they like. The word game does the trick and they make it to the exit and take a taxi to his house.

image image

Party-pooper Soo-ah walks up just in time to see Jung-woo holding Cheok-hee’s hand to thank her for her help. Soo-ah gives Cheok-hee the evil eye until she finds out Jung-woo almost passed out in the subway. She helps Jung-woo inside after paying for the taxi, and then sulks a bit as she asks whether Jung-woo tried to ride the subway with Cheok-hee. He tells her he rode it alone and Cheok-hee coincidentally called when he needed help. That seems to appease her, and she contentedly agrees to order dinner for them.

To heighten our suspicions that Cheok-hee just may be the mystery woman who helped some of the victims on the ill-fated subway, we see that she too has an aversion to riding trains. She’s at Min-gyu’s apartment and he asks her to take a trip with him by train. She looks nervous and a bit scared as she declares she doesn’t ride them. She claims she gets motion sickness so he brings out the keys to his yacht. They agree to go sailing the next day, which happens to be the day Jung-woo’s guest appearance on her friend’s show airs.

image image

The next day the firm gets another prospective client. He limps in on crutches with a bandaged head and a broken arm. He wants to divorce his wife, who he believes is trying to kill him to collect his insurance policy proceeds. He just got out of the hospital after his wife crashed into a telephone pole and he recalls another time when she pushed him in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

After the consultation, Min-gyu shows up at the firm to invite everyone to his place to watch Jung-woo’s tv appearance together. However, he really just wants to stake his claim on Cheok-hee in front of Jung-woo. He pretends he can’t remember the passcode to his apartment so Cheok-hee’s forced to reveal that she lives across the hall and invites everyone to her place instead.

image image

Once inside, Min-gyu makes a big deal out of his sweater being on one of the chairs so Jung-woo retaliates by asking for one of her father’s eel tonics so that everyone knows he’s been to Choek-hee’s house before too. He even brags about drinking with her father, and just to rub salt in Min-gyu’s wound just a little bit more, he mentions staying in the subway with Cheok-hee until the line shut down for the night.

image image

Luckily, Soo-ah calls and interrupts his antics. He takes the call in Cheok-hee’s room, and when she comes looking for him she finds him pettily stomping on Min-gyu’s pillow that he found on her bed. She grabs the pillow from him and they end up falling onto her bed with Cheok-hee landing on top of him. She gets up and walks away and he lies there for a moment, grabbing his chest as he catches his breath.

After the show, Min-gyu and Cheok-hee see everyone off in a taxi except Jung-woo. His accident-prone client calls—the client’s wife has injured him again, and he wants Jung-woo to come to the hospital. Jung-woo wants Cheok-hee to come too, and there’s a power struggle between the men over whether she’ll go to the hospital with Jung-woo or go boating with Min-gyu. Cheok-hee apologizes to Jung-woo and agrees to go with Min-gyu. They’ll have to take the subway to the dock though because he has to continue the ruse that he’s locked out of his apartment.

image image

Jung-woo watches them leave and slowly heads toward the hospital. Everything he sees reminds him of Cheok-hee though, and he decides he can’t let her leave him like this. He turns around and madly runs to the subway. He pushes aside his fear and goes inside the station, and even makes his way to the train where he yells out to Cheok-hee not to go.

image image

She asks why she shouldn’t leave, and he starts calling out the things he likes as if he’s playing the same word game they played a few days before. The train doors close and, as he stands there staring at her through the glass, he adds a final thing that he likes to the list: Go Cheok-hee.

image image


Wow! I am almost speechless at that ending. I like it! I like it! I like it! Very much if I must say so myself. Jung-woo likes her! And he’s willing to admit it . . . out loud. Excuse me as I swoon because this is a major step forward for our hero who just two short episodes ago was still declaring he hated Cheok-hee. We’ve seen his feelings softening toward our leading lady for quite a while now, but I never expected him to go from conflicted to confirmed so soon.

Cheok-hee too is already fully on board their romance, which Min-gyu clearly senses. I was really hoping Min-gyu would put a unique spin on the usual second-lead machinations to come between the OTP, but I find that I may have expected too much from him. I guess I can’t totally blame him for not telling Cheok-hee about Jung-woo and Soo-ah being just friends (although I don’t agree with that decision), but the petty marking of his territory and forcing the staff to see it went a bit too far in my book. It’s really too bad too because he seems to have the capacity to make his fight for the leading lady entertaining to the viewers instead of seeming pathetic and misguided.

I’m hoping we’ll get our cute and fuzzy fix from the budding romance between Kyung and Yoo-mi. We need some cuteness to counter the angst to come as the second leads gear up to fight for their loves, and Kyung and Yoo-mi are the most likely source for that. With his growing attraction and her total obliviousness to what their one night together did to him, I think we have some fun in store.

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