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Go Cheok-hee and Bong Min-gyu make it to the docks to go on their sailing trip, but So Jung-woo’s last words on the train platform are all Cheok-hee can think about. She decides she has to go to the hospital to find out why he insisted she not leave.  

Min-gyu tries to convince her to stay with him. Jung-woo was just angry because she was blowing off work to play with him, he says. He tells her she’s misinterpreting Jung-woo’s actions just like she did before and points out that Jung-woo has a girlfriend. As a last resort, he even reminds her that she’s supposed to be his girlfriend, but Cheok-hee is undeterred.

She tells him their relationship is fake, but her feelings for Jung-woo are real, and she admits that she likes Jung-woo. She hurries away, assuring Min-gyu she won’t make him look bad when she meets Jung-woo.

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At the hospital, the injured client, Lee Jae-gil, tells Jung-woo about the wheelchair accident his wife caused earlier that afternoon when they were out for a walk. He wants Jung-woo to notify her that he wants a divorce.

As Jung-woo is heading out, he runs into Cheok-hee. She claims Min-gyu sent her after all because he was worried about Jung-woo handling the case alone. Jung-woo thought she may have come because she heard what he said on the platform. She did hear him say something but all she could make out was the first part of the word “Go.” She asks him to tell her what he said, but he changes the subject and says they have to meet Jae-gil’s wife the next morning.

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Min-gyu has made it to his favorite wine bar by now, and he calls Jo Soo-ah to join him. He tattles on Cheok-hee and Jung-woo, telling her about the kiss he witnessed between them. Soo-ah is so upset by the news that she’s drunk by the time she makes it back home. Jung-woo chastises her for not calling and making them worry, but she tells him they’re not in a relationship where she has to tell him where she is or when she’ll be late. She’s in a bad mood anyway and says they can talk about it tomorrow, then she goes in the house.

Over at his place, Min-gyu calls his fiancée, Lee Ha-jung, to get her onboard his plan to thwart his father from ousting Cheok-hee from his firm. She’s with her boyfriend and doesn’t attempt to hide his voice in the background or lie about who he is. She agrees to help Min-gyu and calls her aunt the next day. Ma Dong-mi just so happens to be meeting with CEO Bong In-jae at his office when she calls.

Ha-jung tells her aunt not to interfere in the personnel decisions at Min-gyu’s law firm. She claims Min-gyu caught her with a man at her hotel and they wouldn’t want him to tell his father what he saw. Dong-mi doesn’t seem quite convinced, but sensing that Min-gyu and Ha-jung must have agreed to tow the line with this story, she doesn’t try to force her point when Min-gyu arrives and CEO Bong asks him whether he’s fired Cheok-hee yet.

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Jung-woo and Cheok-hee meet with Jae-gil’s wife, Goo Ae-ra, who seems a bit blindsided with the news that her husband suspects her of intentionally trying to kill him and wants a divorce. She claims she was rushing to pick up their sick child on the day of the accident, and she lost control of the car because a dog suddenly ran in front of the car. She explains away the wheelchair accident by claiming she injured her wrist in the car accident and merely lost her grip on the chair handles as they descended the slope in the garden. Cheok-hee confronts her with the life insurance policy, which she never disclosed to her husband, and she says she only bought the policy because one of her relatives begged her to buy it from him.

Over at BF Law Firm, Soo-ah broods at her desk. Yoo Hye-rin comes in with another settlement offer for the victim who damaged her hand in the subway accident. Soo-ah thinks of Jung-woo and decides to track down the witness who claimed he could identify the good Samaritan who helped the accident victims and never showed up to meet them.

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Jung-woo and Cheok-hee travel to the scene of Jae-gil’s car accident with his wife. They find that a camera at a nearby bus station may have caught the accident on video. Unfortunately, the hard drive broke and it will take a while to fix it and retrieve the video. In the meanwhile, they catch a break when they learn Jae-gil’s wife has another life insurance policy on him and a nearby delivery driver has captured the accident on the camera inside his car.

They get a copy of the recording and head back to the office to watch it. There’s no dog in the video, and just then Jae-gil calls from the hospital. He’s run a search on insurance policies in his name like they told him to do. He’s found over twenty insurance policies that he didn’t know about. They amount to over $3 million.

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Min-gyu arrives as they’re watching the video again. He wants to take Cheok-hee out and Jung-woo can’t think fast enough to come up with a reason for her to stay. He watches them leave together, but he grabs his briefcase and hurries after them. Down in the parking garage, he asks for a ride, claiming he lost his car keys. Min-gyu opens the door for Cheok-hee to get in the front seat, and Jung-woo hilariously gets in instead.

Cheok-hee is relegated to the backseat and Jung-woo makes things worse when he insists on riding all the way home with them. He claims it’ll be easier to catch a taxi near their building. Min-gyu mumbles to himself, calling Jung-woo a crazy bastard. Only he claims he was referring to the car that just cut them off. Jung-woo retaliates and calls Min-gyu a bad guy. Min-gyu turns to stare at him, and Jung-woo claims he was talking to the motorcycle that just cut them off.

Cheok-hee happens to spot a taxi, which diffuses the situation somewhat. But Jung-woo doesn’t want to get out of the car. He’s all out of excuses though, so Min-gyu drops Jung-woo off and finally gets some alone time with Cheok-hee. He takes her back to his place and drops a bomb on her: he wants them to date for real. He’s not sure if he really loves her or if he wants her to stay or leave, but until he figures it out, he wants her to be his girlfriend, he tells her. He’s even willing to break it off with his fiancée if that’s what she wants.

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I guess this is the day of confessions because over at Jung-woo’s house Soo-ah finally admits to his mom that she likes Jung-woo. Mom wants Soo-ah to tell Jung-woo how she feels and offers to tell Jung-woo that she paid for him to go to law school. Soo-ah refuses to let Mom tell him though. She doesn’t want to buy his love. Mom is clearly on Soo-ah’s side so Jung-woo gets a swift kick when he gets home. She’s mad that he’s ignored Soo-ah’s feelings all this time while he, of course, has no idea why she’s so upset.

Soo-ah takes Jung-woo outside for a talk. She admits she got drunk yesterday because things are not going well with the man she likes. She asks Jung-woo if he likes someone, and he tells her he does, which makes her lose the courage to admit he’s the man she likes.

The next day, the employees at Choice Law Firm see that Jung-woo’s appearance on the tv show did the trick. They have a calendar full of consultations lined up and online requests flooding in as well.

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Min-gyu is not there to hear the news though. It seems he didn’t even bother making his three-minute per day appearance at the office. He’s at home—brooding over his feelings for Cheok-hee. His father arrives to bring him some paperwork to fill out. He tells his father instead of teaching him about business all these years, he should have taught him things like how to buy flowers, how to date and how to love someone. CEO Bong just looks on in confusion as Min-gyu stares off into space. (Aww. I feel bad for the poor guy.)

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Cheok-hee stops by the tv studio to get a picture of Jung-woo from his segment on the show. She stops by Han Mi-ree’s drama set on her way out and confronts her about seeing her with model-turned-actor Jo Yoo-sang three years ago in her dressing room even though he wasn’t a cast member of the drama she was working on at the time. Mi-ree claims the director replaced Yoo-sang with another actor before the drama aired, but Cheok-hee pulls out the photos she took of them together a few days ago as further proof that they’re involved. Mi-ree claims they’re staying in character and acting like a couple even when they’re not shooting to help with their on-screen chemistry for the drama. She tells Cheok-hee to come back with better evidence and leaves.

Meanwhile, Soo-ah tracks down the witness from the subway accident, and he remembers another detail about the mystery woman: she was a lawyer.  She gave him her business card when she overheard him arguing with his wife. He promises to look for the card and hand it over to her if he finds it.

Over at Choice Law Firm, Jung-woo and Cheok-hee present Jae-gil’s wife with a divorce petition. She’s offended and storms out, and Jung-woo starts to doubt whether she’s intentionally trying to kill her husband.

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That night, Lee Kyung is a ball of nerves as he tries to work up the courage to confess his feelings to Woo Yoo-mi. He follows her out and tries to invite her to have a drink with him, but her ride arrives before he can get to the point. It’s a guy in an expensive red convertible, and Kyung clams up again and Yoo-mi leaves with her friend.

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Back in the office, Cheok-hee finds Jung-woo practicing his arguments for their hearing against Ae-ra the next day. She tells him to wear a red necktie to court and gives him advice on how to calm his nerves. Whenever he’s feeling nervous, he should press his hands together, hold his arms together, and hold his waist counting to three each time. Jung-woo grabs her hands and counts to three, then he intertwines their arms and grabs her in a back hug as he counts to three. He’s still nervous and so is Cheok-hee. She pulls away and starts to leave. He calls after her that the trial starts at 10 am the next morning, but she claims she can’t make it.

He yells for her to come anyway, and although she refuses, she ends up showing up to support him the next morning. She even buys him a red necktie to wear. But she loses the heart to give it to him when she sees Soo-ah helping him with the blue tie she picked out.

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At the hearing, Jung-woo presents the evidence he’s gathered to prove that Ae-ra has been plotting to fatally injure her husband. He plays the video, shows the judge the two dozen insurance policies she took out on Jae-gil’s life, and even shows that her previous two husbands died in suspicious accidents. Jae-gil is shocked to hear about her former husbands and yells at her that she’s a murderer. Ae-ra is visibly hurt by his words and agrees not to contest the divorce anymore.

After the hearing, Soo-ah grabs Jung-woo for a celebratory meal, and Cheok-hee hurries away to eat alone. Something about Ae-ra’s manner doesn’t sit well with her though so she hurries back down to the countryside where she and Jae-gil got into the car accident to see if the CCTV from the bus stop is available yet.

Jung-woo is thinking along the same lines as Cheok-hee, and he apologizes to Soo-ah and suddenly leaves. He arrives at the transportation office just as Cheok-hee does, and they watch the accident video together. From a different angle, they finally see that Ae-ra was telling the truth: a dog did run in front of the car and she swerved to avoid hitting it.

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Cheok-hee goes to Jae-gil and shows him the video. He sees how ardently Ae-ra tried to save him after the accident and realizes how much she cares about him. Jung-woo goes to see Ae-ra, but she says she wants to move forward with the divorce. She doesn’t want to stay in a marriage without trust. Jae-gil arrives and promises to trust her from now on, and they finally reconcile.

Back at her office, Soo-ah gets a call from the subway accident victim who received the mystery’s woman’s business card. She hurries over to his place and learns what the show has hinted at all along—it was Go Cheok-hee who helped the victims survive!

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She goes to see Min-gyu for a pep talk. She’s tempted to keep what she found out to herself. Even though she doesn’t tell Min-gyu exactly what’s going on, she admits she’s feeling uneasy about holding onto Jung-woo and is starting to get an inferiority complex too. Min-gyu reminds her of her accomplishments and tells her feeling inferior doesn’t suit her. He admits he’d like her to work things out with Jung-woo, but either way she shouldn’t feel inferior. He’s already started down that road. She shouldn’t do it too, he says.  

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Meanwhile, Jung-woo walks Cheok-hee home. They’re standing outside her building and she presents him with the red tie she bought for him earlier. She admits she didn’t give it to him because she saw that his girlfriend gave him a better one. She’s shocked when he tells her that Soo-ah is not his girlfriend. Red is the color for courage, he points out, so he purposely takes off the blue tie and dons the one Cheok-hee just gave him. With the red tie on, he finally tells her what he said on the train platform all those days ago—that she’s the one he likes the most and can’t get out of his heart these days.

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Before Cheok-hee can respond or even process what he said, Soo-ah calls out to him from behind, and they both look up to and see her standing there.  


Talk about bad timing. I wanted to scream when Soo-ah appeared and interrupted our OTP just as they were on the verge of finally getting their feelings out there. From the preview of the next episode, it looks like our heroine will suddenly become deaf and dumb and brood over what Jung-woo said because she can’t figure out what he meant. Although so far this series she’s been sharp and quick on the uptake, it seems like when it comes to love her ability to reason flies out the window and things will have to spelled out a little more clearly. One would think our hero flat out telling her that he likes her AND can’t get her out of his heart would be enough, but we have quite a bit more drama left ahead and I suppose they have to drag it out as best they can.

More and more I am finding Min-gyu a bit of a conundrum. He still has the quirky and fun elements of his personality, which I like quite a bit, but he’s also revealing more of his petty and dark side. Last episode it was his attempts to manipulate those around him to stake his claim on Cheok-hee and this episode he blatantly blabbed to Soo-ah about the budding romance between Jung-woo and Cheok-hee. I still think there’s room for him to wage a legitimate and clean battle for Cheok-hee’s heart, but I’m just not sure if that’s the direction he’ll take.

Soo-ah is just a little too one-dimension for me to get on board her romance with Jung-woo. I’ve heard rumblings around the web here and there that people ship her with Jung-woo, but I just don’t see it. I think her only chance with him would have required her to lay her cards out on the table (a long time ago) and go from there. But she was too afraid to do that and it seems like it’s too late now. For such a smart and capable woman, I wish she had more courage when it came to admitting how she feels. I’d also like to see her stop sulking every time she witnesses the interactions between Cheok-hee and Jung-woo. Instead of taking her frustration out on Cheok-hee, she just needs to have a good long talk with Jung-woo.  

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