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Just as So Jung-woo is on the verge of a full-out confession of love for Go Cheok-hee, Jo Soo-ah (aka the perennial wet blanket) arrives. Not one to go down without a fight, she pretends she’s happy to see him. She was on her way home and he can give her a ride, she says. She interlocks their arms and starts walking away, pulling him along with her.  But Cheok-hee calls out after him. She wants to know what he was about to say before Soo-ah interrupted them.

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Jung-woo pulls his arm away from Soo-ah and goes back to stand in front of Cheok-hee. He asks her to have dinner the next day, and she happily agrees.

In the car with Jung-woo, Soo-ah thinks back to what she just witnessed and decides not to tell Jung-woo that it was Cheok-hee who saved him on the subway all those years ago. She stares at Cheok-hee’s old business card in her hand for a few moments then sticks her hand out of the open window and lets the card blow away in the wind.

Jung-woo and Cheok-hee both head to work the next morning in super happy moods. Cheok-hee stops by the book store to buy the book Jung-woo said he likes and he makes a reservation for them later that night at his restaurant of choice.

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When they arrive at the office, Cheok-hee is thrilled to see him wearing the red tie she gave him. He’s all smiles as he reminds her of their dinner date—that is until Cheok-hee notices that Bong Min-gyu has arrived. She skips off to Min-gyu’s office to tell him about the latest developments in her relationship with Jung-woo. Jung-woo looks on in jealousy, completely unaware that the smiles she’s sending Min-gyu’s way are really for him.

Min-gyu, of course, is not pleased about her growing feelings for Jung-woo. He tries again to convince her that she’s reading too much into the things Jung-woo said. She tells him she wants to confess that they’re not really dating, but she agrees not to disclose that their relationship is fake unless Jung-woo expressly tells her he likes her.

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Jung-woo’s pregnant smile* has reeled in another client. (*Apparently all the ladies feel like they’re going to get pregnant just by looking at him.) The prospective client, Na Sun-hee, is a quadriplegic woman whose paralysis occurred after she gave birth to her daughter. She’s been hospitalized for the past decade and, sadly, her husband doesn’t visit her or allow their child to visit either. He lives with his mistress, but Sun-hee doesn’t care. Her only concern is the child she loves so dearly despite their lack of a true mother-daughter relationship.

Jung-woo agrees to take the case, but he gets a shock when he sees that Bong In-jae is representing her husband (because BF Law Firm is like the only other law firm in Seoul and this is a K-drama after all).

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Jung-woo and Sun-hee’s mom go to the husband’s house to try to talk to him about the divorce. Grandma is shocked to see her son-in-law arrive home with his mistress and daughter in tow. She loses it when she hears her grandchild calling the mistress mom. It doesn’t help either that her grandchild has no idea who she is. She attacks the mistress and there’s hair pulling and screaming until the men manage to untangle the women and send the mistress and child inside the house.

The husband has nothing to say to Jung-woo though. He’s going forward with the divorce, he says, and he has no intention of letting his daughter see her mother. Grandma collapses to the ground, crying that rather than a thief who steals property or money, the worst thief is one who steals people.

Her words hit home for Jung-woo.  When he arrives to have dinner with Cheok-hee later, he thinks about what the Grandmother said, and he decides not to admit his feelings for her. Instead, he claims he invited her out “just because.”

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After dinner Cheok-hee tries again to get him to tell her what he was going to say before they got interrupted the night before. She grabs his wrist and starts swinging his arm playfully as they stand at an intersection waiting to cross the street. But that just earns her an evil look from Jung-woo, so stands directly in front of him and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t have anything else to say to her. He looks away and takes a step back so she gets huffy and says she’s leaving.

Luckily he grabs her hand to stop her, and she smiles as she turns back around and looks at him expectantly. He really looks like he wants to confess, but ultimately she ends up disappointed again. This time he claims he only stopped her because the light is red. He lets her arm go when the light turns green and tells her she can go now. (Darn you Noble Idiocy. Why’d you have to rear your ugly head after all the excitement I experienced last episode!?)

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At least we get some laughs from Min-gyu to make the frustration a little more palatable. He’s waiting around outside the apartment building when Cheok-hee arrives home from her dinner non-date. He claims he only came down for a smoke, and when Cheok-hee points out that he doesn’t smoke, he deadpans that he’s starting as of today. He changes his tune as soon as he learns nothing happened between Cheok-hee and Jung-woo and declares he quit smoking already, then he happily walks her into the building.

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In other news, Soo-ah has decided to descend further into cray-cray-ville and pursue Jung-woo in full force. She’s going to grab onto the things she’s greedy for from now on, she declares. So she goes home and lies to Jung-woo that the mystery woman who saved him is dead. He promised to do anything she said when she found his savior and what she wants him to do is quit Choice Law Firm and join the firm she plans to open. Jung-woo agrees to quit when his current case is done. He wants to distance himself from someone at Choice, he tells her.

The next day Jung-woo pointedly ignores Cheok-hee and even assigns his new case to Manager Yoon instead of Cheok-hee. When she protests, he comes right out and tells her to stay away from the case. Manager Yoon notices that CEO Bong is the opposing counsel and Min-gyu makes his requisite appearance at the office just in time to hear that the case is against his father. He offers to handle it, but Jung-woo’s pride gets the best of him and he insists on handling it himself.

Unfortunately for him, he’s no match for CEO Bong. At the preliminary hearing, the fact that his client is completely paralyzed and unable to care for the couple’s child or participate in her marriage in any real capacity has the court leaning toward granting the divorce.

Jung-woo is dejected and finally asks for everyone’s help to find a way to contest the divorce. He even apologizes to Cheok-hee for excluding her. He calls a meeting and assigns each of them a task as he focuses on doing research to find a way to successfully get the husband’s divorce petition dismissed.

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The only one not working on Sun-hee’s case is Min-gyu. He’s at the airport picking up his fiancée, and I must admit I like her already (and like them together—they are sooo made for each other). As he’s looking around trying to figure out which passenger is his fiancée, Lee Ha-jung sidles right up to him. She doesn’t know how he looks either, but she figured he’d be the best dressed man at the arrival gate, and she was right.

He politely offers to push her luggage cart but wastes no time telling her why he came to the airport to meet her. He wants to call off their engagement. She doesn’t want to go through the hassle though. She tells him he can just see whoever he wants, but he insists on a break up. She laughs at him when he admits that the woman he’s interested in doesn’t even like him, but he says he’s unwilling to marry her now that he knows what it feels like to truly care about someone.

That night Jung-woo is still hard at work on Sun-hee’s case when Ha-jung arrives at the office. He’s surprised to find out that Min-gyu has a fiancée, and he’s even more shocked when Cheok-hee arrives and ducks under her desk to hide from Ha-jung.

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When she’s gone, Jung-woo goes over to Cheok-hee and demands to know why she hid. He yells at her for dating an engaged man, especially considering that he held back how he felt all this time because he didn’t want to ruin someone’s else life for his own happiness. He doesn’t let Cheok-hee explain herself (she barely gets a word in edgewise). Instead, he says he can’t stand seeing her anymore, and he storms out.

Cheok-hee goes home and vents to her father, who happens to be in town visiting. I wish there was a father like him around in every K-drama because he tells her what we’re all thinking anyway—if it’s a misunderstanding, just go to the guy and tell him the truth. (Straight, no chaser. Me likey!)

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Cheok-hee takes his advice just as Jung-woo decides he may have overreacted a bit. He arrives at Cheok-hee’s house as she heads to his house. His trip is not totally in vain though. He talks to Cheok-hee’s father, who tells him Cheok-hee admitted liking one of the lawyers at her firm and pretended to date someone else so as not to burden the man she likes. Jung-woo then sees that Cheok-hee bought his favorite book, and he finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together to realize that Cheok-hee likes him.

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Over near Jung-woo’s house, Cheok-hee runs into Soo-ah, who is pissed off as soon as she sees Cheok-hee and, of course, asks why she’s there. Cheok-hee tells her it’s a personal matter and Soo-ah blasts her for trying to bother Jung-woo with a personal problem when he’s about to get his behind handed to him at the final hearing against CEO Bong the next day. Cheok-hee leaves, feeling bad that she only thought about how she felt instead of considering what Jung-woo must be feeling.

The next morning, Jung-woo is back to focusing on preparing for Sun-hee’s case. He catches a break when he realizes her husband spent a substantial amount of money right after she became paralyzed. The husband bought an apartment, an expensive golf membership, and a new car.

Jung-woo calls Sun-hee and confirms that she was unaware of the purchases, and Cheok-hee, who is at the hospital with Sun-hee, overhears the conversation. She and Jung-woo realize the hospital likely entered a settlement agreement with Sun-hee’s husband in exchange for them agreeing not to sue.

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Cheok-hee gets a copy of the agreement and rushes to the courthouse just in time for Jung-woo to use it to argue that the husband’s divorce petition should be denied. The judge takes the decision under advisement, but it looks like even CEO Bong knows his client is screwed. He congratulates Jung-woo on a job well done but warns him that they will be appealing.

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Everyone clears out of the courtroom until only Jung-woo and Cheok-hee are left. Jung-woo takes her hand and has her sit at the head table as if she’s a witness about to testify. He holds up her arm and makes her swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Then he starts asking questions:

Q: Could you like a person you once hated?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a person you like right now?

A: Yes.

Q: Is that person So Jung-woo?

A: . . .

Q: I’ll repeat the question. Is it me?

A: Yes. (Nod.) Yes. (Another nod.) Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. (Lots of nods.)

Jung-woo leans across the table and kisses her! Cheok-hee’s eyes widen but she doesn’t pull away—Jung-woo does. “Do you have any objections?” he asks. Cheok-hee stares at him for a moment, then she stands up and grabs him for another kiss. (And I swoon –> *swoon.*)



Before I talk about that ending, which is probably all I should talk about, I have to do a teeny tiny bit of complaining. I know this is a drama about divorce attorneys and I know they all work together at a law firm. I even know that the whole premise of the drama is based on the OTP working together after our cheeky heroine suffers a fall from grace and loses her law license. But, knowing all of that, I have to ask: does this show have to focus so heavily on the work place set up? It’s starting to detract from my enjoyment just a tad.

I will admit, though, that I have no suggestions on how to change the show enough to make it less work place and more swoony funny rom-com, but that’s not my job anyway. I’m just supposed to watch and enjoy. It’s up to the PD and writernims to figure out everything else. So please writer and PDnims, if you happen to be reading this post written by this fledging newbie blogger, please tweak the show slightly. Less legal machinations. More kisses, laughs, and smiles please. I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

Now, on to the parts that I enjoyed. I found myself being fond of Min-gyu again. Although he wasn’t around much this episode (could more screen time for Min-gyu be a potential tweak?), I really liked him when he did appear. He’s such a fun mix of nonchalantly clueless and quirky earnestness, that I totally wish I lived in his world. He seems like he’d be a very entertaining friend to have around. But he kind of makes me sad too, because no matter how much I like him, I still love Jung-woo—hence the use of the word “friend” in the sentence above.

I like laughing at (and with) Min-gyu but only Jung-woo makes me swoon. I found him particularly swoon-worthy when he confronted Cheok-hee about knowingly dating an engaged man. There was something about the look in his eyes when he asked if she was aware of Min-gyu’s having a fiancée that almost made me fall over. And that cross examination at the end of this episode is my new favorite scene. I totally wasn’t expecting him to go in for the kiss like that. If the next installment takes up back to square one with this couple (which it has tended to do after getting our hopes up at the end of each episode), I’m going to scream. So fingers crossed that next week finally sees our favorite pair happily strolling down lover’s lane!

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5 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyer in Love: Episode 8 Recap

  1. Depending on the cases, I think workplace dramas work better rom-com piece when they focus on the character’s downtime or all the paperwork that has to be done. Or rather showing the characters goofing off when they should be doing paperwork, like any seasoned employee. Less narrative mileage maybe, but it enhances the characters. It worked really well HSKOS.

    • I haven’t watched HSKOS yet. Heard good things about it though. Plan to check it out one of these days.

      I’m not totally adverse to workplace dramas. Some of them are quite good, but I do think work place dramas have to be careful to maintain a story line that blends the workplace aspect solidly into the plot without taking over the plot, or it has to go to the other extreme and make the workplace the whole plot BUT do it well. Examples of workplace dramas I liked are Dal Ja’s Spring (nice blend of workplace w/o losing site of the overarching theme of the drama) and Queen of Reversals (all workplace but with unexpected heart and an awesome romance to liven things up). I felt like DLIL was getting a little bogged down in the workplace aspect when it’s so much stronger focusing on other aspects–which is sad b/c the case of the week setup is quite fun. I liked the way Episodes 9 and 10 were handled a little more though.

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