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The kiss they shared sends Go Cheok-hee and So Jung-woo into full infatuation mode. Even though it’s raining and cloudy outside, they’re both all smiles as they happily make their way to meet for dinner. In voice-over, we hear that Jung-woo confessed he’d invited her out to dinner that day to tell her he liked her. In turn, Cheok-hee confessed to her fake relationship with Bong Min-gyu.

In the office the next day, Manager Yoon gets a call that Min-gyu will be receiving a prestigious legal award at DK Hotel and they’re all invited to attend. As Cheok-hee wonders what she should wear, Jung-woo asks to see her in his office. The staff thinks she’s in trouble again, but in reality, Jung-woo called Cheok-hee (for the 23rd time, as she points out) because he missed her. She blushes and playfully hits him on the chest—which Yoo-mi sees and interprets as her being violent.

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Yoo-mi interrupts their love-fest when she announces that their next appointment has arrived. The prospective client, Joo Shin-yi, is married to the infamous “Korean Casanova,” Kan Dong-jae, who went to prison for committing adultery with thirty women. With adultery no longer being a criminal offense, officials recently released him from prison, and now she wants to finalize their divorce proceeding, which have been pending for two years.

Over lunch, Cheok-hee and Jung-woo discuss their upcoming case. However, it’s not long before they’re back to discussing their love life. Jung-woo wants to announce they’re dating right away, but Cheok-hee reminds him that everyone thinks she’s dating Min-gyu. They’ll have to wait a while before going public with their relationship.

Jung-woo agrees, then changing the subject, he asks her to pour him some water.  He casually calls her Cheok-hee-ya (dropping the honorifics!) and she looks at him in shock. He asks if she doesn’t like it, and she totally dissolves into a giggling mess as she admits she does like it. (Soo cute! I like it too, lol!)

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Min-gyu and Jo Soo-ah are shopping together for the upcoming award ceremony. Min-gyu doesn’t care about the award he’s receiving. He tells Soo-ah he’s really after a different prize: Cheok-hee. Jung-woo has rejected her so he’s going to publicly confess his feelings to her now that Jung-woo is out of the way. He buys Soo-ah a dress and encourages her to pursue Jung-woo, then he picks out something for Cheok-hee to wear too.

As he’s planning to use the award ceremony to pursue Cheok-hee, Ma Dong-mi tells her niece, Lee Ha-jung, to attend the ceremony and use it as an opportunity to make a good impression on her future father-in-law. So it’s no surprise that she’s pissed when Ha-jung tells her that Min-gyu wants to break off their engagement because he loves someone else. Dong-mi decides they have to attend the ceremony for sure. She wants to handle the situation before CEO Bong In-jae hears about it.

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At home that night, Cheok-hee receives the dress Min-gyu sent over. She calls him, but he’s busy preparing his speech for the next day. He tells her they’ll talk tomorrow and hangs up, leaving her unable to warn him that she’s seeing Jung-woo now.

After he hangs up, she tries the dress on for her dad and wonders if she should wear it. Her dad likes the dress and tells her she’s pretty in spite of her awful zipper-like bangs. (Lol! It seems the writers have heard the fans’ complaints about Jo Yeo-jung’s awful hair. Here’s to hoping they’ll actually change her hairstyle instead of just incorporating meta jokes into the drama about it.)

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It looks like Dad has a secret though. Cheok-hee asks if the seafood store will be okay with him visiting her for so long. He tells her he has someone watching the place for him, but he stutters and stammers a bit too much for my liking. Something’s definitely going on with him.

The next day at the ceremony, Min-gyu and Jung-woo both impatiently wait for Cheok-hee to arrive. Jung-woo stands in front of the elevator and is disappointed every time the door opens and Cheok-hee is not there. Min-gyu is behind the ice sculpture near the entrance of the ballroom. He keeps peeking around the sculpture looking for Cheok-hee. I guess he wants to pop out as soon as she arrives.

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When Cheok-hee finally does arrive, she’s horrified to see all the women are in black-tie attire or nice dresses, while she’s in a dark pants suit. She wants to run out to buy a dress, but Jung-woo assures her she’s the prettiest woman in the room in his eyes.

During the ceremony, Min-gyu makes a hilariously impassioned speech agreeing to accept the award even though he hasn’t handled a single case in 2015 and doesn’t deserve it. Why? So he can dedicate it to the special person who has taught him that there are things you can’t buy with money as well as how to enjoy being in the office.  

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Dong-mi and Ha-jung have arrived by then and hear his comments about enjoying being in the office. That leads to Dong-mi discovering that Cheok-hee is Min-gyu’s love interest. She demands to speak with Cheok-hee in private, where she throws glass after glass of wine in Cheok-hee’s face as she berates her for trying to ruin the engagement between her niece and Min-gyu. Cheok-hee just takes the abuse, until Jung-woo interrupts them. Dong-mi storms out and Ha-jung follows her out just as Min-gyu starts to wonder where Cheok-hee has gone.

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Meanwhile, Jung-woo helps Cheok-hee wipe the wine from her face. He wonders why she didn’t defend herself, and she tells him it’s the price she has to pay for publicly executing Ma Dong-gu. She says it’s a debt she’ll spend her whole life repaying, but Jung-woo tells her they can repay it together. As her boyfriend, her debt is his debt, he says.

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Cheok-hee looks up to see that Min-gyu is there. He’s heard everything they just said, and she sends Jung-woo from the room to speak with him alone. Cheok-hee confirms that he heard correctly—she’s dating Jung-woo now. He’s so shocked he almost loses his balance. Cheok-hee grabs his arm to steady him on his feet and gives him some water to drink. He tells her to leave first. He’ll pull himself together and leave when he’s ready, he says. He stops her before she leaves though and tells her she should at least know that the things he said in his speech were sincere.

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Jung-woo is waiting for Cheok-hee outside, and he takes her to the lobby and sweetly books a room for her in the hotel so she can shower and change. She thinks he’s going to make a move when she gets out of the shower so she dons two robes as well as a t-shirt and pants to thwart him. She comes out of the bathroom with her eyes closed and inches her way to the seating area where she pretends she’s not interested in a little hanky panky. Too bad she opens her eyes to find the room completely empty. She’s tiffed to find that he’s actually waiting for her in the lobby, haha!

They head out together, with Jung-woo seeing her home safely. As they’re walking down the sidewalk, Jung-woo can’t resist the urge to hug her. He tells her she’s pretty and wonders aloud why he hated her before while she wonders how she couldn’t recognize how cool he was before. She promises to be a better person—more like him, and he promises to be cool—as cool as she is.

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The next day a prospective client calls Cheok-hee for a consultation. She introduces herself as Cha Yoo-ran. She wants the firm to represent her in her divorce, but she doesn’t want to sign a contract, pay for the firm’s services, or reveal her true identity. She has one of the three purses Mi-ree imported into Korea, and she offers to explain how she ended up with the purse Cheok-hee left behind in Mi-ree’s dressing room three years ago if the firm represents her. She’s the person who can pay back the debt Cheok-hee owes to the world, she says, and she gives Cheok-hee a few days to decide whether to take the case.

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Later that evening, we see how Min-gyu has taken the news that he’s lost Cheok-hee to Jung-woo. He’s at home in bed and has made his poor doctor make a house call. There’s nothing wrong with him according to the doctor, but Min-gyu insists that can’t be true. His keeps putting his hand over his heart—which is hurting, he says.

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He’s begging his doctor not to leave him just as Cheok-hee arrives, worried that he might be sick. He jumps up, suddenly perfectly fine, and declares that Dr. Kim can leave—he’s all better now, he says. Cheok-hee is there to return the dress he bought and to start paying rent for her apartment, but that only makes Min-gyu feel worse.

At work the next day, Jung-woo and Cheok-hee have a new problem to deal with. The Korean Casanova has started bringing his women home with him, in spite of how his wife and child feel. Jung-woo and Cheok-hee head over to the house where his wife, Shin-yi, is begging him to leave. He refuses and even Cheok-hee’s calling the police doesn’t deter him. He just grabs the phone from her to tell the officers to hurry over. He wants Cheok-hee and Jung-woo escorted out, he says, and reminds them that it’s his house too.

With their hands tied, Jung-woo tells Shin-yi that they’ll apply for a restraining order. It could take two to four weeks, though, so she’ll have to deal with her husband’s antics until then. Jung-woo tells her it’s important for her to control her emotions during this time so she’ll have to find a way to relieve her stress.

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She decides the best stress reliever is to stage a one-woman protest in front of her husband’s modeling agency calling him out as an adulterer. Unfortunately, Dong-jae has no problem cheating on her or being physically abusive. So when he sees her outside the agency, he actually grabs her by the hair and drags her to the police station. How that’s not grounds for a battery charge, I have no idea. Instead of him being in trouble though, he files a complaint against her for defamation.

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Jung-woo and Cheok-hee decide the best way to defend the defamation suit is to find proof that Shin-yi’s allegations are true, i.e., he has in fact committed adultery. (Apparently the fact that he’s been convicted of adultery doesn’t count.) They head over to Dong-jae’s modeling agency to find someone willing to testify for them. Everyone they approach turns them down, but Cheok-hee overhears some of the models complaining that one model in particular, Oh So-nyeo, keeps getting the agency’s ad campaigns.

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Later that night she’s looking through the agency’s portfolio and sees So-nyeo’s picture, realizing that So-nyeo was the woman Dong-jae took home with him to harass Shin-yi.  Jung-woo sees an advertisement featuring So-nyeo, and he realizes she’s the one they need to track down too. He calls Cheok-hee on her cell phone to tell her what he’s found out, and he’s horrified when Dong-jae answers.  He yells at Dong-jae, demanding to know where they are, then he makes a u-turn and rushes back to the modeling agency.  He bursts into the office just as Dong-jae is about to make a move on Cheok-hee.

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Whoa! What an intense ending. I’m just glad that little cliffhanger came at the end of a back-to-back episode.  If I had to wait an entire week to find out what happens between the resident evil-doer and our fighting duo, I’d probably lose my mind.  

As far as the overall episode goes, I don’t have that many complaints (or that many things to gush about either).  I’m still wishing the workplace set up gets toned down—which did happen a little bit with this episode. I think the show’s strengths definitely shine through when things are going on outside of the office, so it was nice to see that aspect of the show switched up somewhat. I love the small comedic moments peppered throughout, like the Celine Dion song playing each time the elevator door opened and Jung-woo thought Cheok-hee was about to step out.  Manager Yoon’s seductive pose and slow motion turn around to reveal that she was not in fact the person he was waiting for was the highlight of that motif. I’m still chuckling over that little bit of funny, lol!

Cheok-hee continues to leave me half baffled, half angry with her penchant for accepting abuse. First from her sister (where did that plot point disappear to by the way?), and now from Ma Dong-mi. I do believe she played a small part in Ma Dong-gu’s demise, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be physically and verbally abused for the rest of her life. Dong-mi’s anger, though somewhat understandable, is way too much. She’d do well to remember a few things before she keeps spewing all that hate Cheok-hee’s way. One being that her precious brother was the one who chose to cheat on his wife—even if said wife was behind his affair. And two being that it was her brother who chose to deal with his personal problems by giving up instead of holding on and trying to fight back.

Either way, for someone so brash and bold, I’d have liked to see a wine glass or two thrown in Dong-mi’s face with one left over for that hateful Ha-jung. I know I said I liked Ha-jung when she first arrived on the scene, but that was when I thought she’d be fun and quirky like Min-gyu—well before she sat back and gleefully watched her evil aunt bully and humiliate someone merely because they believe they’re better than everyone else.

I’m sure the show has something in store to bring them back down to size. I’ll console myself with thoughts of what they have coming in the meantime.

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4 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyer in Love: Episode 9 Recap

  1. Thank you for recapping this drama! Its hard to find any recappers for this series. This is my current favorite drama though the plot sounds cliche and typical but because of the sweet OTP ( especially Yeon woo jin >. <), i hardly can wait for another episodes. Maybe because the wrong timing and strong rival from another drama, the rating always down but I think its better than others because its simple and easy drama. Most importantly, who wouldn't fall in love with woo jim after watching him with the hot hairstyle during the ceremony? Seriously he need to have the style for other drama. It makes him look really cool, dashingly good-looking and cute with the pregnant smile (lol). Guess I 'm one of the victim 😀
    Still, ty for your effort. Hope can read your writing more in the future.

    • You’re welcome Quechan. Thx for stopping by.

      Overall, I too am enjoying this drama. It’s funny & I like the lead actors and think they’re doing a great job. I know I have nitpicked some things about the show here or there, but I do agree with you that it’s an easy watch.

      The ratings have been pretty low, but I don’t put too much stock in ratings anyway. I’we loved some dramas where it seems as if I’m the only one watching it. And I’ve hated some dramas when everyone else raved about it. There has been some pretty fierce competition lately in the weekend timeslot, abd I suspected DLIL wouldn’t fare well in the ratings race. That’s too bad for Jo Yeo-jung and Yeon Woo-jin, but it hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the show.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it as well!

  2. tsk tsk Big Eye! You were running an honest business! (Korean Cassanova was a former gangster in Yoo-na’s Street).

    Whew I’m glad the bangs were addressed because I was trying to hold it in due to lack of relevancy. That should have just been her pre-time skip hair.

    • Re: Korean Casanova–really!? I hate when I miss those type of nods to other dramas, but seeing as how I haven’t seen Yoo-na’s Street, I guess I can’t blame myself.

      Re: Jo Yeo-jung’s bangs. They are pretty bad. I haven’t mentioned them b/c I was kinda wondering of it was just me–perhaps I was missing something. I happened to have had bangs like that once, and only once, when I went to a new stylist and asked for bangs on the spur of the moment when she was finishing my hair. That fiasco (before a big trip at that) taught me to never make that mistake again. But here they seem to have done these bangs on purpose . . .

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