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Lee Yung-jae and Kang Hye-won stand outside Full House staring at each other after she shows up unannounced. Han Ji-eun is the first to break the silence by warmly greeting Hye-won and inviting her in when she apologizes for not telling them she was coming. Ji-eun goes inside to prepare drinks thinking they are right behind her.

However, Yung-jae and Hye-won remain outside. Hye-won asks Yung-jae why he didn’t tell her he moved, and he responds by asking if he needs her approval to do things. Hye-won gets angry and tells him she won’t bother him again, then she leaves in a huff. Yung-jae watches her leave and sits outside brooding while Ji-eun is inside wondering why the two haven’t come in yet.

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Ji-eun gets a call from the publisher she previously visited and goes outside to tell Yung-jae that the publisher wants to see her. She wonders where Hye-won went, but she’s so excited about the phone call that she doesn’t think much of her disappearance.

Instead she tells Yung-jae she’s confident the company wants to publish her work, thus he should have treated her well while he had the chance. He scoffs and tells her the publisher must be crazy, but he smiles indulgently as she heads off.

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His skepticism is on point though, as the publisher is only interested in Ji-eun because she married a celebrity.  All of his questions involve Yung-jae or her wedding, and he rebuffs Ji-eun’s attempts to discuss her work. He only wants her to write about Yung-jae so she turns him down, demanding that he return her novel.  She gets the idea to take her story to Yoo Min-hyuk so she heads to his office. She doesn’t have an appointment though and security refuses to let her upstairs. She had no idea Min-hyuk was a top executive at his company and is forced to leave her manuscript at the front desk.

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Ji-eun returns to Full House a bit dejected. Yung-jae is splayed out on a bench in the back yard asleep. A script lies across his face. Ji-eun sees him and quips that the public would be surprised to see the secret life of a top star. She wakes him up, and he teases her for getting rejected again. She sees the ring Yung-jae threw away in the grass and picks it up and puts it on her finger. Yung-jae angrily tells her to throw it away and tries to physically remove it when she refuses. She bites his finger and runs away to stop him.

She goes inside and happily admires the ring while he storms to her room and begins packing her things. He’s kicking her out. She tells him he’s the one who should leave because Full House belongs to her according to their contract. She refers to him as the king of jerks and bids him farewell, saying she will never forget her time with a psycho like him. He cuts her triumph short though, telling her she can have the house at the end of the six-month contract term but she needs to leave now.

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She ends up at Shin Dong-wook and Yang Hee-jin’s house again. They are just finalizing another hare-brained plan in which they (stupidly) think Yung-jae will participate. Ji-eun interrupts them, and they are not pleased that she is there to stay. Dong-wook sneaks out to call Yung-jae and tattle that Ji-eun is there, but Yung-jae hangs up on him when he says he’ll bring Ji-eun back home.

During dinner, Ji-eun gets a call from the publisher asking her to reconsider writing a story on Yung-jae. She refuses again and tells him she has nothing to do with Yung-jae anymore because they’re separated. Dong-wook and Hee-jin are shocked to hear her say they’re separated and ask how long she plans to stay with them. She ­­responds by asking about the money they owe her and wants to know if Dong-wook got a job yet. He shows her a business plan. He wants to start a management agency and is sure it will succeed if Yung-jae helps them out. Ji-eun is rightfully pissed and yells at Dong-wook to get a job while she’s still being nice.

The next morning, Yung-jae takes another run on the beach while Ji-eun realizes she naturally wakes up early now because she’s so used to fixing his breakfast.  After his run, he gets his own breakfast and brushes his teeth. He sees Ji-eun’s toothbrush in the holder and throws it into the bathroom wastebasket. When he leaves for the day, he kicks her bike and sends it crashing to the ground before getting in his car too.

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At his agency, President Yang Jeong-hye is fielding calls from reporters and denying that there’s any truth to rumors that Yung-jae is already separated from his wife. She chastises Yung-jae and warns him this is not like his other scandals, then she tells him she scheduled a photo shoot with Hye-won for the next day. He tells her he already turned Hye-won down and prepares to go. But the President says it’s for an international magazine and, despite what may be going on between Hye-won and him, this is business.

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Meanwhile, Ji-eun sits making calculations so Dong-wook can repay the money he stole from her. He and Hee-jin sit behind her encouraging her to get Yung-jae on board with their plan to start an agency because Dong-wook will never be able to repay her working a normal job. The agency president calls and asks her to bring lunch to the set of the photo shoot the next day.  Ji-eun agrees, and then we see Yung-jae sitting in his car outside Hye-won’s store.

Hye-won happens to see him when he leaves and smiles. She knows she’s got him back and calls to imperiously demand he immediately return to the shop or their friendship is through. She hangs up before he can respond, and he makes a u-turn in the middle of traffic (because no K-drama is complete without the obligatory mid-road u-turn) to return to the shop.

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Hye-won acts coy when Yung-jae arrives. She wants him to admit he was angry with her, but he denies it. She’s all smiles as she tells him not to scare her like that again, and they go to a bar for drinks. At the bar, Hye-won asks Yung-jae whether he’s known her or Ji-eun longer. He says he’s known her longer so she asks whom he likes more, her or Ji-eun. He answers, “You,” and Hye-won is pleased as punch that she still has his heart. But she teases him anyway and says, “You should like your wife more, dummy.” She continues fishing for compliments and Yung-jae tells her she’s someone who is special to him.

When he returns to Full House though, he picks up Ji-eun’s bike from the ground and brushes dirt off the seat. He looks around as if he expects Ji-eun to be home and even fishes her toothbrush from the wastebasket as he prepares for bed. Then he goes to her room and looks at her calendar where she’s circled her upcoming birthday.

The next day, Ji-eun prepares kimbap to take to the set of Yung-jae’s photo shoot. Her separation from Yung-jae is front page news. Hye-won asks Yung-jae about the articles as she adjusts his clothes between sessions and uses the break to invite Yung-jae out for sushi after the shoot.

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They get back to work until Ji-eun shows up with lunch. Yung-jae is surprised (and Hye-won is not pleased) to see her. The agency president asks the photographer to take a few pictures of the happy couple. Yung-jae and Ji-eun stuff kimbap in each other’s mouths pretending to feed each other but really engaged in a passive-aggressive fight. Their aggression is lost on the photographer though who asks them to kiss for the final shot, haha!

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After lunch, the agency president lectures Ji-eun about the potential repercussions of a scandal and warns her to be more careful of what she says in public. As she leaves, Ji-eun sees her manuscript on a table in the president’s office. She asks about the story, and the president tells her Yung-jae gave it to her but it’s not very good. Ji-eun sheepishly admits she wrote it but assures the president she is not upset by the criticism as she leaves. She’s dejected in the hallway though and walks outside where Yung-jae is waiting for her in his car. He gets a call from Hye-won who still wants to go out to eat. He tells her they’ll have to do it another time and picks up Ji-eun to head back to Full House.

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The next morning at breakfast, Yung-jae asks why there’s no seaweed soup with the meal and has to remind her that it’s her birthday. She says she wants to go the amusement park for her birthday and decides to invite Dong-wook and Hee-jin. Yung-jae asks why he’s not invited, and she tells him he can’t go to such a public place. He yells that he’s busy anyway, and she says that’s good because she’ll be home late. Yung-jae orders her to clean the house before she goes, and he leaves the house as she talks to her friends about going to Magic Land that day. However, she has to cancel her plans because Min-hyuk calls and she meets him instead.

It turns out Yung-jae didn’t have plans after all. He tries to keep busy but is clearly unable to stop thinking about Ji-eun at Magic Land without him. He goes shopping for her birthday present, lounges around his agency’s office, and plays at the gym before he runs out of things to do.

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Meanwhile, Ji-eun meets Min-hyuk at his office. He too is not kind about the short-comings of the story she submitted. He rejects it, and she indignantly proclaims that she’ll make it as a writer without him and berates him for being so blunt and rude. She prepares to storm out, but he surprises her by offering her a job. She has to submit weekly synopsis, and he will consider making a movie out of the promising ones. When she leaves (after she stops by the bathroom for a happy dance), they end up on the same elevator, and he invites her to lunch.

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Yung-jae has made it to Magic Land by now and puts on sunglasses and a hat to disguise himself. He unsuccessfully searches for Ji-eun and even resorts to donning a fox mask in an attempt to hide his identity. However, parkgoers soon recognize him, and he has to barricade himself in a restroom to save himself from the crowd. He’s forced to call his manager to rescue him.

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At the restaurant with Min-hyuk, Ji-eun takes one look at the menu and her eyes bulge at the sight of the prices. Min-hyuk assures her it’s his treat and she amuses him with her bluntness about life with Yung-jae. He’s back at Full House by now and sits in the dark checking his watch, waiting for Ji-eun to come home. When she finally makes it home, he yells at her for staying out so late and demands that she make dinner. As she heads upstairs, she sees the fox mask and asks if he went to Magic Land. He reluctantly admits he did but says it was just because he was bored. She’s not fooled though and tells him she didn’t go and asks if he waited long.

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Over dinner, she insists they go to Magic Land together immediately but when they arrive it’s already closed for the day. However, Yung-jae uses his connections to get them into the ice skating rink, and they enjoy themselves on the rink. Ji-eun, who is a great skater, has to help Yung-jae because he barely manages to stay upright.

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Afterwards, Ji-eun shares the news that she got a writing job that day and says she will work hard to write stories that touch people. She yells, “Fighting!” and gets Yung-jae to do the same.

The next morning, Ji-eun is hard at work on her synopsis when Yung-jae heads out. He leaves, and that’s when she sees her present on the table. There’s a card encouraging her to become a writer that touches hearts and inside the box is a recorder. She’s touched by the gesture and uses the recorder to muse about him.

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The doorbell rings, and it’s Yung-jae’s Mother and Grandmother. They’re angry because Yung-jae and Ji-eun returned from their honeymoon and never bothered to call to let them know they were home safely. Mother just frowns but Grandmother screams at her to get out of the house now.



Last episode marked the beginning of things for the OTP, but this episode gives up the first stirring of interest in the second lead. Min-hyuk could not be more handsome or successful, and I kind of like that he’s not a total pushover, except when it comes to Ji-eun. What else besides his interest in her could have prompted him to hire her after reading, what he dubbed, the worst story ever?

With Yung-jae, it’s hard to tell how he feels about Ji-eun. He’s still clearly in love with Hye-won, but there is something about Ji-eun that is drawing him to her as well. I suspect he only thinks he loves Hye-won. She was there throughout his childhood and, although he cares for her, it seems more like she was an excuse for him to remain hidden and closed off from the world than that she was someone he waited for all this time. If he did truly love her, it’s obvious she ignored him and took his feelings for granted a little too long.

It was a bit pathetic to see her getting pleasure from his perceived insult to his wife when they were at the bar together, but I guess she has to smile while she still has the chance. Unfortunately for her, she’s firmly entrenched in the ain’t-gonna-happen camp and I look forward to the day she realizes that.

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4 thoughts on “Full House: Episode 4 Recap

  1. Oh Min-hyuk, sacrificing professional integrity for a pretty girl? You will regret that later. Tsk tsk.

    Also, I just noticed that one of Ji-eun’s dumb friends is played by Lee Young Eun! I like her!

    • Lol. He wouldn’t be the first person to fall into that trap.

      Re: Lee Young-eun. I had never seen her in anything else besides FH until My Secret Hotel–where I liked her spunky character a lot. I may have to check out some of her other projects.

  2. Secret Hotel was my first time seeing her–or rather, noticing her since she cameoed as a victim in Gap-dong. She was Kim Rae-won’s sister in Punch, but they didn’t let her be funny which was a waste. I’m a tad worried it’ll be awhile before she does something else because she just got married and if I’m remembering correctly, is pregnant.

    • Hmmm. There must be another project out there where she flexed her acting muscles and showed her awesomeness. I’ll put her on my follow up list. It took me a few episodes of My Secret Hotel to remember her. I knew she looked familiar but couldn’t place her until one day it hit me she was the friend from FH.

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