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Go Cheok-hee is detained at the Gangnam Police Station and questioned as the primary subject for bludgeoning the firm’s new client’s husband. She provides what I think are the most crucial details: she didn’t see the trophy she threw hit the husband, and he was already unconscious and bleeding on the floor when she came out of the office.

The husband, Han Dae-man, is still unconscious, the officer tells her. It’s not looking good for her either because the client’s daughter, Han Cho-rong, told police she saw what happened. According to Cho-rong, she saw the trophy hit her father. The client, Pi Hae-young, told police she didn’t see anything because she’d run away and when she got back to the apartment, her husband was already injured.

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As an officer leads Cheok-hee to a cell, So Jung-woo promises to do whatever it takes to get her released. Then Cheok-hee’s frantic father rushes into the station to make things worse. Jung-woo leads him out of the station, assuring him that he’ll find the evidence to get Cheok-hee released before the formal arrest warrant is issued in forty-eight hours.

After her dad leaves, Cheok-hee tells Jung-woo to go home too. But he refuses to leave her alone at the station. He promises that once the case is over, if she’s that uncomfortable he’ll go.

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Jo Soo-ah, who got roped in to bringing Jung-woo a change of clothes at the behest of his mother, happens to arrive at the station at that moment. She sees Cheok-hee in a cell and hears Jung-woo’s promise to leave Cheok-hee when the case is finished. It’s hard to tell if she’s more shocked to see that Cheok-hee has been arrested or to learn that she may finally have a chance to make Jung-woo hers.

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She goes outside and calls Jung-woo to deliver the clothes to him, and when he goes back inside the station, she calls Min-gyu to tell him that Cheok-hee has been arrested. Min-gyu rushes to the police station and, after making sure Cheok-hee is okay, he turns to Jung-woo and punches him. Jung-woo doesn’t get angry though. Instead, he tells Min-gyu to hit him again. It kills him to see Cheok-hee behind bars so hit him again, he says.

Min-gyu calms down enough to find out what happened. He wants to focus on ensuring the victim wakes up so they can settle with him and get Cheok-hee released. But Jung-woo wants to focus on proving that Cheok-hee is not the culprit.

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The next day, Min-gyu does what he does best: he uses his money to amuse the heck out of me. He’s had five of the best doctors in the country examine Dae-man. They all opine that Dae-man will wake up eventually. That’s not good enough for Min-gyu though. He gives them one task: ensure that Dae-man regains his consciousness soon.

In the meantime, Jung-woo and Lee Kyung go to the couple’s apartment to look for clues and take pictures to document the crime scene. Jung-woo has Kyung recreate the scene from the night before and throw one of the husband’s trophies from the same spot Cheok-hee threw it from in the office. He notices that the trophy lands in front of the daughter’s room instead of in the spot where Dae-man was standing.

This is further evidence to him that Cheok-hee didn’t injure Dae-man, however, Woo Yoo-mi calls with the results from the police lab. The blood on the trophy belonged to Dae-man and Cheok-hee’s fingerprints were found on the trophy. She also overheard the officers talking, and they think Dae-man’s head injury is consistent with being hit with the trophy.

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As he’s leaving the apartment, he finds the silver pin that we saw him kick in the last episode when he entered the apartment. Kyung tells him it’s a safety pin from a fire extinguisher, and he sees the empty stand where the fire extinguisher should be and starts wondering how it’s related to Cheok-hee’s case.

With little else to go on, Jung-woo returns to the station to sit with Cheok-hee so she’s not alone. He sits behind her and tells her to think of herself as on the outside while he’s the one inside the cell.

The next morning, Min-gyu arrives to check on Cheok-hee as well. He gets a call with some promising news: Dae-man briefly woke up. He tells Cheok-hee that he will head over to the hospital just in case Dae-man fully regains his consciousness so he can settle with him.

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Jung-woo, who has been reviewing the photographs Kyung took of the apartment, finds another clue. He remembers there were five trophies in the husband’s office, but there are only three trophies in the pictures they took. He takes Kyung with him back to the apartment to investigate further. He suspects that the trophy with Cheok-hee’s prints on it wasn’t the one she threw, and it turns out he just may be right. They find a trophy hidden between the mattress and bed frame in the daughter’s room!    

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Jung-woo sends Kyung to the station with the trophy to get the police to dust it for fingerprints while he goes to see the client and her daughter. Hae-young allows Jung-woo to talk to Cho-rong for a moment, but Cho-rong gets nervous and anxious when he questions her about whether she really saw the trophy Cheok-hee threw hit her father. Hae-young ends their interview, putting Cho-rong into the car, and she hurries away.

As her car passes by, Jung-woo glances in the backseat and sees a fire extinguisher sticking out of a bag, and he thinks back to finding the silver safety pin and seeing the empty fire extinguisher holder in the hallway of the couple’s apartment building.

Then Kyung calls and confirms what he suspected: Cheok-hee’s fingerprints are on the trophy they found in Cho-rong’s room. What’s more—Cho-rong’s fingerprints were found on the trophy too!

Min-gyu returns to the police station with bad news. Dae-man is not fully conscious yet. There’s no way they’ll be able to settle with him before police issue a formal arrest warrant, which they should be receiving in about an hour.

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Luckily Jung-woo has them covered. He follows Hae-young to Cho-rong’s tutoring academy and confronts her with the fire extinguisher (which she’s about to dispose of) in her hand. He pulls it out of the bag and sees Dae-man’s blood on it, and tells her what he thinks really happened: that she hit her husband with the fire extinguisher and ran away, Cho-rong hid the trophy that Cheok-hee threw, and Cheok-hee picked up a different trophy mistakenly believing it was the one she threw at Dae-man.

Jung-woo asks her how could she stand by and watch her daughter wrongly accuse an innocent person of committing a crime, but Cho-rong interrupts them. It seems she didn’t go inside her tutoring academy as planned and now she’s angry that Jung-woo is yelling at her mother and making her mother cry. She’s known all along that her father was beating her mother—she heard everything, she says, and she says it makes her sad every time she hears her mother crying.

This news devastates Hae-young, who thought she’d been protecting Cho-rong from the abuse she was suffering at home. She starts crying even harder and hugs Cho-rong tightly and apologizes for making her sad.

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Over at the station, the police open Cheok-hee’s cell and tell her to come out. She sadly walks forward prepared to go to jail and her father and Min-gyu try to comfort her with assurances that things will be fine soon. However, the detective surprises them all by telling her she’s free to leave. Hae-young confessed to bludgeoning her husband with a fire extinguisher, he says.

Outside the station, Cheok-hee runs into Jung-woo. He doesn’t let on that he procured Hae-young’s confession and agrees to keep his promise to leave her alone now that she’s been cleared of the charges. She thanks him, and then Min-gyu takes her father and her back to his place where he’s put his obscene amounts of money to work again. This time he has a tofu artisan and her daughter on hand. They’ve made a huge selection of specialty tofu for her to eat.

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Cheok-hee’s father is so thankful that he lets it slip that Min-gyu also paid the settlement for her sister too. Cheok-hee fusses at her father as Min-gyu tries to gloss over what happened and encourages her to take a bite of the tofu and vow never to go back to that place again, lol.


The next morning, Cheok-hee and Jung-woo end up on the same elevator heading up to the office. They’re both uncomfortable, and there’s an awkward silence until Jung-woo brings up their case. It seems Dae-man’s condition is improving and Hae-young will likely be able to successfully claim self-defense to defend against any charges. With that in mind, Jung-woo wants them to file her divorce petition soon (huh!? they’re still representing her after what she did!?)

While they get back to work, Min-gyu is at home, where he gets a visit from his father. CEO Bong demands that Min-gyu come to DK Hotel the next day for a formal meeting with his fiancée. When Min-gyu refuses, his father sternly tells him he’s had enough. Min-gyu implores his father to love his son more than he loves some building for once in his life, but CEO Bong just threatens to take away everything he has if he doesn’t fall in line. He repeats his demand for Min-gyu to come to DK Hotel the next day and walks out.

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When he leaves, Soo-ah stops by. She’s there to give him rent money for the suite she’s using, but he tells her to keep her money. Instead, he’d like a consultation. He announces that Jung-woo and Cheok-hee broke up. Now he wants to propose to Cheok-hee and asks her how he should do it. Soo-ah recommends popping the question somewhere grand and luxurious and where they can be alone, and Min-gyu perks up with an idea.

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He’s probably busily planning his proposal the next day as his father and fiancée sit with Ma Dong-mi waiting for him to show up at DK Hotel. When they finally accept that he’s not coming, Lee Ha-jung looks pissy and Dong-mi declares that the relationship between DK and BF Law Firm is now over. Before she storms out, she makes it clear that they’ll sue if CEO Bong doesn’t return the land and other wedding gifts they gave him in anticipation of the wedding.

Cheok-hee takes Min-gyu to his favorite store to buy him a present. She tells him the present is in exchange for allowing her to repay her sister’s settlement in installments. He readily agrees and sweetly picks out a pair of socks (the least expensive thing in the store) to ensure she can afford the gift.

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After their shopping trip, they end up at the same restaurant as Soo-ah and Jung-woo, where Min-gyu shows off the new socks Cheok-hee just bought him. Jung-woo purposely ignores him and focuses on trying to get ketchup out of the bottle for his steak. The ketchup splashes all over his shirt and lands on Min-gyu too. Hilariously Min-gyu is only concerned that none of the ketchup got on his socks, lol.

When Min-gyu and Jung-woo go to the restroom to get cleaned up, Soo-ah brings up Cheok-hee getting her law license reinstated soon. She perks up when Cheok-hee tells her she’s looking for office space to reopen her firm, and she asks if Cheok-hee has time to meet her the next day.

Min-gyu proceeds with his plans to propose to Cheok-hee. He has Manager Yoon meet him at a jewelry store to inspect rings and then buys every ring she sees. He’ll let Cheok-hee choose the one she likes best, he says. As they’re standing there, Manager Yoon notices a foul odor coming from somewhere and asks Min-gyu if he smells it too. Min-gyu whips up his pants legs and apologizes—it’s the socks he’s been wearing for several days, he tells her. He hasn’t taken off the socks Cheok-hee bought him yet, and Manager Yoon is as mortified as I am, lol!

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Meanwhile, Soo-ah takes Cheok-hee to the office space she rented and offers it to Cheok-hee. She admits she’s offering the space to her because she doesn’t want Cheok-hee and Jung-woo working together anymore. Cheok-hee surprisingly agrees to accept the offer, saying it’s because she wants to open up her firm as soon as possible.

Cheok-hee goes home and starts filling out the application to be reinstated into the bar. Her father brings her a drink and remarks that she doesn’t seem as excited as she should be considering she’s free to practice law again. She admits she thought she would be happy too, but it turns out she’s feeling even more depressed than when her license was suspended. She thinks it’s because she was happier during her time as an office manager than she was during her time as a practicing attorney.

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As much as she liked working at Choice, she heads over anyway to pack her things. In the morning, they’re all a little bummed to see that all of her stuff is gone. Manager Yoon hints that they shouldn’t be too upset because Cheok-hee has something good coming her way: it’s the day of Min-gyu’s proposal!

Min-gyu makes plans with Cheok-hee to meet him at S Shopping Mall later that day while over at the office Manager Yoon can’t help going to Jung-woo to drop broad hints of what Min-gyu has planned. Jung-woo finally catches on about Min-gyu’s impending proposal plans and hurries to the mall.

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Min-gyu has rented out the entire mall for his big event and sits on the top floor with an array of no less than ten diamond rings on display for Cheok-hee. He practices various ways to propose, but unfortunately he doesn’t get to make either one.

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When Cheok-hee arrives, she’s so taken by the array of rings that she starts marveling at how much they cost instead of letting Min-gyu proceed with his speech. She wonders aloud if there’s a diamond event going on and Min-gyu loses his temper and yells that they’re her rings. She realizes that he plans to propose and immediately tells him her answer will be no. Poor Min-gyu is crushed. Awww.

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Jung-woo has arrived by then. Having ignored security’s announcement that the mall is closed and run through the shopping mall anyway, he arrives at the top floor to find Min-gyu sitting alone. Min-gyu gives him a wry smile. Jung-woo stands there staring for a moment, then he turns around and goes in search of Cheok-hee.

Cheok-hee is on her way out of the mall and gets a call from Hae-young, who wants to thank her and apologize as well. Hae-young tells her that Jung-woo convinced her to confess, which is news to Cheok-hee. She thinks back to the night of her release when Jung-woo merely expressed relief at her being released instead of telling her what he did for her.

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Just then she hears Jung-woo calling her name, and they eventually find each other. Jung-woo apologizes, but says he can’t forget her. He tried his best, but he couldn’t do it. He wants them to just love each other, he says. Cheok-hee stares at him and asks what if things are hard or what if it hurts. Jung-woo tells her, “If it’s hard, it’s hard. If it’s painful, then it’s painful. If it’s sad . . . it’s sad.” No matter how it is, he wants them to just love each other, he says.

Cheok-hee nods in agreement, and Jung-woo pulls her in for a kiss.



What a cute, but slightly frustrating, episode. On the one hand, I still get a bit annoyed at the lapse in logic required to enjoy the show, but on the other hand there’s enough cuteness to make me not really care.

I do want to briefly address what I didn’t like—I have to at least get it off my chest. But then I shall move on to much more pleasant musings. So here it goes: I found the whole conflict of will she or won’t she get thrown in jail for battering the husband way too contrived. And the way the conflict was resolved wasn’t much better. Hae-young confesses and they conclude she’ll be fine because she can claim self-defense. Are we suppose to ignore that Cheok-hee could have claimed self-defense (and defense of others) as well? Are we suppose to also ignore that there were two witnesses (Jung-woo and the neighbor across the courtyard) who saw the husband choking the wife and saw Cheok-hee enter the apartment to help the wife? Why was all of this ignored for the sake of a providing a storyline? Wouldn’t it have been much more effective to not show us some of the aspects of the altercations so we wouldn’t have to suspend all logic to keep up with the ruse that Cheok-hee was in danger of being imprisoned?

Luckily, there were cute aspects that made the foolishness a little more palatable. I loved that both men came to Cheok-hee’s rescue, and I didn’t mind that they had two separate ways of handling the problem. How cute was Min-gyu throwing his money around? He continues to amuse me to no end. His excess is over the top in a cute way instead of making me loathe him, which I think is great. My favorite was the tofu artisans, because even though I don’t like tofu all that much, it certainly wasn’t something I expected to see. (By the by, just in case you’re new to dramaland, loved ones give tofu to the newly released because of it’s color (white) which symbolizes purity. It represents a fresh start in life and moving forward without reverting back to the mistakes the person made in the past.)

As far as our main pairing, it’s nice to see the Noble Idiocy (hopefully) going away to never return. Not that I want them apart or relish seeing them in turmoil, but I’d much rather them have legitimate issues that threaten their relationship than merely suffering in silence because Cheok-hee thinks she’s doing the right thing by backing off for the sake of Jung-woo’s mom. With four more episodes to go, I’m quite curious as to what will befall our OTP. As long as there’s more cuteness, I’m on board though!

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