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After reconciling with So Jung-woo, Go Cheok-hee happily moves forward with reopening her law firm. Over at Choice, Lee Kyung is delirious with happiness that he can finally work in peace without her. However, he gets a text message that sends him rushing out of the office. He shows up at another office asking whether it’s true they’re offering the first person who shows up an Office Manager position there. The person behind the desk assures him it’s true and then turns around to reveal that it’s Cheok-hee. Haha! She’s roped him in again!

He perks up a bit when Jung-woo arrives later. He thinks Jung-woo will rescue him once he knows that Cheok-hee has wrestled him away from Choice. But Jung-woo sides with Cheok-hee, then kicks him out so they can be alone.

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Jung-woo has bought Cheok-hee her favorite chicken for lunch, and they share a meal as he congratulates her on opening her firm again. Cheok-hee turns serious for a moment, pointing out his mother still dislikes her, but Jung-woo tells her hate doesn’t last forever. He himself experienced his hate turning into love and he knows his mom just wants him to be happy. Once she sees that Cheok-hee is the one who makes him happy, she’ll come around, he thinks. Then he gets to why he really came—to give her a congratulatory present. He tells her to choose between options one, two, or three, but all three options end up being the same thing: kisses. How cute!

That night, we see Yoo Hye-rin arrive home after a long day. As soon as she opens the door, a note flutters to the ground. It’s from her mother-in-law, reminding her to disinfect the door handles. As she walks further into the apartment, practically every surface is covered with a post-it note with directives on how to manage the household. No matter seems beneath her mother-in-law to nitpick, and Hye-rin finally loses it when she goes to the refrigerator and sees it practically covered with post-its, even when she opens it. She yells out that she wants a divorce.  

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Meanwhile, Bong Min-gyu is in a stupor at his place. He has all of the engagement rings he purchased as well as the socks Cheok-hee bought him laid out on his coffee table, and he replays Cheok-hee’s rejection over and over in his head. He finally heads out of his apartment ready to throw away the engagement rings (he’s crazy!), but he happens to meet Cheok-hee in the hallway. She goes with him to dispose of the rings, trying to convince him to return them instead of throwing them away. He refuses because he doesn’t like getting refunds. He tells her to reconsider turning him down instead, but it’s her turn to refuse. So he puts them in the trash bin only to have Cheok-hee pick them up a moment later. She declares they’re hers now that he threw them away and walks away. Smart girl!

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The next day, Hye-rin goes to Cheok-hee’s new office. She wants Cheok-hee to represent her in her divorce case. After two years of dealing with her mother-in-law’s nagging and her husband defending his mother, she’s had enough. She dumps a bag of post it notes on the conference table. They’re just from one month, she tells Cheok-hee. She’s at the point where she can’t stand to receive anything on paper, even when she’s at work, and the stress has caused her hair to start falling out.

Cheok-hee tells her they’ll have to try to settle with her husband. Even though her mother-in-law is stressing her out, she’s not physically or verbally abusing her, so it’ll be hard to get a divorce just based on the post it notes. On the day they go to meet her husband to discuss a settlement, it turns out Jung-woo is the opposing counsel. (I guess Choice and Cheok-hee’s firms are the only two law offices in Seoul now. It appears BF Law Firm is out of the way . . . for now at least.)

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Hye-rin’s husband, Moo Neung-hee, refuses to divorce her. He says he loves her, and Jung-woo, ever the optimist, suggests they move out on their own so Hye-rin doesn’t have to deal with his mother’s nagging. Hye-rin agrees to give it a try, and Jung-woo sends them off happily convinced that he’s solved the issue.

Afterwards, he and Cheok-hee walk together back to their offices. As they’re discussing the case, Cheok-hee has to catch herself several times as she starts to discuss Hye-rin’s case with him. Fearing she’ll violate her duty of confidentiality to Hye-rin, they agree not to see each other until the case is over.

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Over at Choice, Manager Yoon and Woo Yoo-mi are surprised when the lights start to flicker on and off, and the internet goes out too. As they’re wondering what’s going on, a real estate agent walks in to show the office to his clients. They learn that the office is listed for rent. Min-gyu arrives, and then someone comes by to collect the maintenance bill for the month. Min-gyu insists as the owner of the building, he collects the fees, not pays them, but he’s in for a shock when he opens the bill and BF Law Firm is listed as the building’s owner.  

He runs over to his dad’s office begging his father to leave his office alone. But CEO Bong In-jae refuses, telling Min-gyu that Ma Dong-mi is going to sue for the return of the wedding presents. Min-gyu tells his dad he’ll settle things with Dong-mi, but his father tells him it’ll be impossible.

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Cheok-hee and Jung-woo have decided to write to each other since they can’t talk, but they both get writer’s block as they sit at home trying to think of what to say. Jung-woo calls her and they agree to meet at the park, and they’re adorable as they use sign language and mime to communicate instead of talking.

As they’re sitting together on a bench, they both get calls from their clients. Hye-rin’s mother-in-law has disappeared in light of the news that her son plans to move out. All four of them meet and find his mother hiding out at her friend’s house. When she finds out they’re moving out to avoid ending up in divorce court, she yells for them to go ahead and move. Hye-rin’s husband is ecstatic to have her consent, and Jung-woo and Cheok-hee are all smiles as they encourage them to move out as soon as possible now that mom is on board.

The next day, Min-gyu goes to see Dong-mi to get her to drop the lawsuit against BF Law Firm. It’s not clear to me whether she agrees to drop the suit or not. She merely tells him that he’ll have to take responsibility for the mess he made, and he bows in assent before he leaves.

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After work, Jung-woo and the two remaining staff members have dinner together. A few minutes later, we see Kyung reluctantly walking into the same restaurant with Cheok-hee. He hilariously grumbles about having to see Cheok-hee after work too, lol. Luckily, the sight of Yoo-mi makes him perk up. He hurries over to sit next to her while everyone else looks on at Jung-woo and Cheok-hee as they continue to “talk” in their ridiculously cute sign/mime “language.”

Cheok-hee learns that the next day is Jung-woo’s mom’s birthday. She takes her sister with her to buy a present for his mom. They pick out a hair clip together, and she leaves it on Jung-woo’s desk with a note to give it to his mother without telling her who it’s from.

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Jo Soo-ah cooks mom’s favorite meal, and Jung-woo presents his mom with the clip Cheok-hee bought. She loves it until he tells her it’s from Cheok-hee. She takes it out of her hair and throws it back at him, and Soo-ah is chagrined to learn that he hasn’t broken up with Cheok-hee after all. 

As they’re washing dishes together after dinner, Jung-woo’s mom asks Soo-ah about contacting the woman who saved Jung-woo seven years ago. Soo-ah lies that she’s still searching, but she feels guilty about her deceit. She goes to Min-gyu in a melancholy mood and tells him that Jung-woo and Cheok-hee are still dating. She also tells him she lied to Jung-woo about the mint candy lady.

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Min-gyu admits that it hurts to know Cheok-hee is still dating Jung-woo, but he felt refreshed after he proposed and she turned him down. He knows he did everything he could to win her heart, and he’s letting go now. He tells Soo-ah to take responsibility for lying to Jung-woo. She’ll feel refreshed too, he says.

The next morning, Jung-woo and Cheok-hee pay a visit to Hye-rin and Neung-hee in their new apartment. Too bad the mother-in-law has paid a visit as well, and their place is covered in her trade mark post it notes already. (Neung-hee stupidly gave his mom the passcode.)

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Cheok-hee explains to him that the point of them moving out was to get away from his mother, and Neung-hee promises to change the passcode and talk to his mother so she won’t come back again. But Hye-rin isn’t having it. She’s used to him promising to take care of things, then falling apart in front of his mother time and time again. She says she wants to proceed with the divorce because she can’t trust his words anymore.

When the day of their trial arrives, Cheok-hee argues that Hye-rin has grounds for divorce due to severe and unjust treatment from her husband’s mother (in the form of over 20,000 post it note complaints, wow!). As Cheok-hee is outlining the psychological toll the marriage has taken on Hye-rin, the mother-in-law barges into the hearing, yelling at Hye-rin for daring to make her son a divorcee. She slaps Hye-rin, and the husband finally realizes the suffering Hye-rin has had to endure and says he’ll consent to the divorce. (Aww, if ever there was a case where I thought two people should try to work it out, this is it.)


Everyone is dejected after the hearing, and Cheok-hee postpones seeing Jung-woo for a little while longer in order to see Hye-rin home. They go to a café and over coffee Cheok-hee encourages Hye-rin to buck up. She recalls how hopeless she felt when her law license was suspended three years ago, but she enjoyed her life much more than she thought possible.

She tells Hye-rin to move forward with her life too, then she casually adds that Hye-rin needs to start work the next day. Hye-rin has no idea what she’s talking about, of course, but Cheok-hee tells her to look over the contract she signed. Oh no! (And hahahahaaaaaa!) Cheok-hee snuck an employment provision into their contact. Hye-rin has to come back to work at Cheok-hee’s firm, and Cheok-hee tells her that she’ll be deducting the fee for her services out of her paychecks. Then she gets up and leaves.

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Now that Jung-woo and Cheok-hee can finally meet, Cheok-hee shows him her notebook filled with the things she’s wanted to say to him all along. Jung-woo, on the other hand, hasn’t written down a single thing. He’s pondered what to say now that they can talk to each other and in the end all he can do is stare at her. When he finally does speak, he tells her he realized what he wanted to say when he saw her running toward him: he wants to get married. (And I’m back to swooning. Say yes Cheok-hee! Say yes!)

Cheok-hee is caught off guard, but apparently she’s already thought seriously about the topic. She turns him down, telling him as a divorce lawyer she has no illusions about marriage and doesn’t plan to get married because she doesn’t want to end up divorced. Jung-woo doesn’t seem that fazed by her rejection. He vows to show her the advantages to marriage she hasn’t seen yet, telling her that marriage is a blessing.

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In the morning, news breaks that Han Mi-ree plans to marry Jo Yoo-sang. Dong-mi is particularly struck by the announcement. Her secretary happens to bring her some accounting records she requested so she could move forward with her suit against BF Law Firm, and she sees an item that catches her eye. There have been monthly deposits going to someone name Han Woo-ram, and she wonders who Woo-ram is and tells her secretary to look into it further.

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The news continues to report on Mi-ree’s upcoming nuptials, including the fact that Mi-ree and Yoo-sang plan to adopt a child. Mi-ree’s side is claiming she met the child during her charity work, but Jung-woo recognizes the boy as the same one he saw nearby Yoo-sang’s Yangpyeong house months ago. (He’d introduced himself to Jung-woo as Woo Ra-mi, but it looks like Woo-ram is his first name.)  Cheok-hee recognizes the boy’s name from the video clip Yoo-sang’s ex-wife sent her, and she starts putting two and two together that Woo-ram must be Mi-ree’s child with Yoo-sang.


I’m still tragically behind on recaps for this show so I’ll be brief here.

The things I liked most about this episode were the small moments that sent me into fits of giggles. The most noteworthy example was the totally unnecessary, but cute and adorable, sign/mime scenes between Jung-woo and Cheok-hee when they were under the self-imposed gag orders. What can I say, I’m a fool for cheesy PDA.  But I also really enjoyed seeing Cheok-hee trick her former staff into returning to work for her. The looks of horror on Kyung and Hye-rin’s faces were priceless. Will Jung-woo join them soon!?

I also loved Min-gyu’s continued reign as my favorite character of the drama. He hasn’t always gone where I thought he should go, but I appreciate the fact that the drama has kept him pretty consistent and likeable throughout its run. We saw him grow a bit in this episode, and it was nice to add respect to the list of feelings he evokes instead of just the superficial amusement I’ve generally felt toward him.  

I was a bit surprised to find Jung-woo marriage-minded already, but I guess that’s where this couple’s trajectory is going. We can already guess what will happen (predictability is definitely this drama’s strong suit) in that Jung-woo’s mom will relent once she finds out Cheok-hee is the one who saved him, but as long as we continue to get cuteness peppered throughout the last few episodes, I don’t mind sticking around and watching how it all unfolds.

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