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Go Cheok-hee and So Jung-woo go to the Yangpyeong house to investigate her suspicions that Han Woo-ram is Han Mi-ree and Jo Yoo-sang’s child. No one is home though, and when a neighbor passes by, the neighbor tells them the family moved out a few days ago.

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Cheok-hee then heads over to the set of Mi-ree’s drama and confronts her with her suspicions. Mi-ree is visibly shaken when Cheok-hee brings up Woo-ram and tells Mi-ree she knows they’re trying to openly live as a family now that both of their spouses are out of the way. Cheok-hee tells her to reveal the real circumstances that led to Ma Dong-gu’s suicide, but Mi-ree tries to bribe her instead. Cheok-hee refuses to accept it though. This is about the truth, not money, she says.  Mi-ree scoffs at this notion, telling Cheok-hee to accept the money and stop meddling or find out the real story. Do one or the other, she warns, because if she doesn’t, then the wrong person may end up dead.

Over at DK, Ma Dong-mi’s secretary brings her the information he’s found on Woo-ram. He tells her the child is eleven years old, and his mother is none other than Han Mi-ree. Woo-ram’s father is listed as Jo Min-gook (which is Jo Yoo-sang’s real name—we learned this fact when Cheok-hee represented Yoo-sang’s ex-wife in their divorce). Dong-mi tells her secretary to find more information on the father and report back to her, then she sits back as her mind whirls with this new information.

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When Cheok-hee returns home that night, Jung-woo greets her at the door. He ushers her into the house to reveal he’s cooked dinner. It’s one of the advantages of marriage, he tells her: a loving husband to welcome you with open arms and a warm meal. Cheok-hee’s father and sister are already at the table, and they both approve of the delicious food Jung-woo prepared. Unfortunately, Cheok-hee rushes him away. Poor guy, he doesn’t even get to eat any of the food he prepared.

The next morning, when the staff arrives at Choice Law Firm, they find out that CEO Bong In-jae has taken over the building and the rent on their office space is past due.  They realize they’re all in danger of being out of a job.

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Jung-woo doesn’t seem too concerned though. He heads over to Cheok-hee’s firm, where he finds her engrossed in the news about Mi-ree’s engagement. He offers to help her with the case, so the four former staff members join forces once again to bring Mi-ree down. Cheok-hee shows them the video clip she has and Hye-rin recognizes the other woman in the video as Hong Eun-sul, the secretary with whom Dong-gu had the affair. Cheok-hee sends Hye-rin in search of Secretary Hong and assigns Kyung the task of finding out more information about Woo-ram.

Over lunch, Jung-woo good-naturedly offers to order both of the meals Cheok-hee wants so they can share. It’s one of the advantages of marriage, he says. But Cheok-hee, ever the spoilsport, points to a surly married couple at a nearby table. They haven’t said a word to each other since they came into the restaurant, and that’s how things will turn out if they get married, she claims.

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During lunch, Jung-woo tells her about the firm receiving a final rent notice from CEO Bong so Cheok-hee goes to see Bong Min-gyu afterwards to ask about his financial troubles. He thinks he’ll be able to pay rent from the funds he receives from his apartment villas, but Cheok-hee shows him a notice she received about CEO Bong taking over the villa as well. Cheok-hee gives him back the engagement rings she rescued from the trash and tells him to return them for a refund. He needs to pay his employees as well as his rent, and the money from the rings will be more than enough.

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His first attempt at returning the rings doesn’t go well though. He ends up buying five more rings instead, so Cheok-hee takes charge and drags him back down to the store. The sales manager tries to give them a sob story about her life, but Cheok-hee tells her own sob story so well that the sales manager willingly refunds Min-gyu’s money and wishes Cheok-hee good luck to boot. It’s such a funny scene, and it ends with Cheok-hee giving Min-gyu the other rings to return on his own. After she leaves, he starts practicing his own version of a sob story to use at the other stores, lol!

Back at her office, the staff has confirmed that Yoo-sang is Woo-ram’s father. Kyung suggests releasing the news to the media, but Cheok-hee declines. Her goal is to reveal the truth about Dong-gu’s suicide, not take Mi-ree down, so she decides to have a talk with Yoo-sang to see if she can get through to him first.

In reviewing Mi-ree’s file, she realizes that Woo-ram is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. She and Kyung go to visit Woo-ram in the hospital the next day, but he’s discharged before they get there. Kyung asks around the ward and finds out that Woo-ram has a rare blood type that makes it difficult for doctors to find a donor for him. However, there’s a relative who can donate to him, but the relative has changed his or her mind each time Woo-ram was scheduled for surgery.

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Cheok-hee sends Kyung off to identify the relative who keeps backing out of donating while she goes to meet Yoo-sang. She flat out tells Yoo-sang to reveal the circumstances surrounding Dong-gu’s unjust death, but he’s not willing to cooperate. She gets a call from Kyung in the middle of their meeting, and Kyung tells her Yoo-sang is the relative who has refused to donate his bone marrow to Woo-ram. Yoo-sang confirms his villainy moments later, warning Cheok-hee that if she doesn’t stop bothering them, someone might end up dead.

Min-gyu goes down to the parking garage to find that CEO Bong has repossessed all of his cars in addition to taking the office building and his villas. Finally fed up with his father, he calls him to vent his frustration. But as usual, CEO Bong is unrepentant. He tells Min-gyu he just received the lawsuit from DK. He’ll have to take everything Min-gyu has to repay them, he says.

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Min-gyu realizes Soo-ah is at the penthouse that he no longer owns, and he rushes over to warn her that she will have to leave. When he arrives, she’s already packed and heading out, and he apologizes to her for his father’s antics. He offers to give her a ride to a hotel, but then he remembers he doesn’t have a car anymore either and stamps his feet in despair, lol.

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The next morning, Cheok-hee goes back to the children’s hospital where Woo-ram is preparing for his latest surgery. A nurse comes in to take him for testing, and she stays behind to wait for Mi-ree. She’s still behind the curtain when Mi-ree and Yoo-sang arrive, and she overhears Yoo-sang threatening not to go through with the bone marrow donation if Mi-ree doesn’t take care of Cheok-hee first. He walks out and Mi-ree finds Cheok-hee behind the curtain. Cheok-hee tries to find out what’s going on, but Mi-ree just screams for her to leave.


By the time Cheok-hee makes it home, she’s succumbing to a cold that began coming on that morning. Jung-woo calls and hears it in her voice that she’s not well. He shows up at the apartment to take care of her and even cuddles with her in bed, telling her that he’d be able to put her to sleep every night in the same way if they were married. (Meow!)

The next morning, Cheok-hee is feeling better, and she’s surprised to find Jung-woo asleep on the side of the bed. She shakes him awake, and he checks her temperature, relieved that it’s back to normal.

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Over at Min-gyu’s apartment, Soo-ah stops by with an update from his father on his finances. Basically all he has left is his apartment, and he accepts his fate with his usual nonchalant attitude and heads out. Without a car, he has to walk to the office now, he says.

In the hallway, he and Soo-ah run into Cheok-hee and Jung-woo as they leave her apartment. They’re shocked to see that the two spent the night together, and Min-gyu doesn’t quite believe Jung-woo’s claim that he was taking care of Cheok-hee because she was sick. Jung-woo excuses himself, saying he has to give Cheok-hee a ride to work because she’s still a little under the weather. As he leads her away, Min-gyu and Soo-ah both look a bit dejected to see Jung-woo with his arm affectionately around Cheok-hee’s shoulder.

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When Jung-woo drops her off at work, Cheok-hee sincerely thanks him for taking such good care of her the night before. She admits she liked having him next to her, but she’s still afraid of getting married. Jung-woo is encouraged that her reluctance to get married is based on fear instead of simply not wanting to marry him. He says he’ll help her conquer her fear of marriage just like she helped him get over his fear of riding the subway.

Over at BF Law Firm, Soo-ah gets an unexpected visit from Jung-woo’s mom, who was worried when she went to the penthouse and found that Soo-ah had moved. Soo-ah feels guilty to see mom so worried about her, and she starts to cry as she apologizes for not being able to be a good daughter to her after all. She declares she has some place to go, and she heads over to see Jung-woo to confess.


However, she doesn’t have the heart to speak to him, and she stands there and watches him leave for lunch with Manager Yoon and Woo Yoo-mi. She decides to go see Cheok-hee instead. She tells Cheok-hee that it was her dream to run her law practice with Jung-woo. Now that her dream is over, she comes clean that Cheok-hee is the one who put a piece of mint candy in Jung-woo’s mouth and helped him survive the subway accident in 2008. And Jung-woo has been searching for the person who saved him all this time, she tells her.

She gives Cheok-hee the nameplate she bought for Jung-woo to use at their office and tells Cheok-hee to convey her apologies to Jung-woo for lying to him all this time.

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Cheok-hee is stunned, but she pulls herself together and calls Jung-woo to meet her at the subway station. When he gets there, she hands him a piece of her mother’s favorite mint candy and asks if by chance it helped his fear disappear when he was in the subway accident in 2008? He’s stunned and asks how she knew. She responds by taking the candy from the wrapper and putting it in his mouth. Then she tells him to eat it. “That’s the only way to live.” It’s the same words she said to him on the subway, and they both think back to the day of the accident.

Cheok-hee recalls the panic as the subway cars erupted into flames and some of the passengers got trapped inside. She’d pulled out the mint candy from her bag to help her breathe, but a young girl grabbed her and begged her for help, so she put the candy in the girl’s mouth and asked a passerby to take the girl with him as he escaped.

She had another piece of candy, but she saw a young law student nearby and he reminded her of herself when she was a student. She put the piece of candy in his mouth instead of keeping it for herself, and then she helped him get out of the subway car. As the flames completely engulfed the car, she managed to get out through another door and crawled onto the platform.

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Back in the present, Jung-woo has tears in his eyes as he realizes the woman who saved him survived. He’d feared she died after helping him. Cheok-hee shocks him even further when she takes his hand and agrees to marry him.


What a heart-warming end to the episode. Jung-woo finally knows Cheok-hee saved him, Soo-ah has learned to let go of something that was never hers, and our OTP is going to get married! I like and approve—very much!

Overall, this was quite an action packed episode, and I was glad to get a reprieve from the case-of-the-week divorce format for a change. There was more than enough goodness to go around, like poor Min-gyu’s coming to terms with his comparative poverty. There was something pleasantly entertaining in Cheok-hee helping him accept the reality of his situation and showing him how to get a refund for the rings he bought. It was a small moment, but one of the things I really liked all the same.

I’m glad to see them remain friends. Their relationship seems genuine in spite of the audience only really seeing him uselessly pining over Cheok-hee all this time. I think Dong-mi was absolutely on point in her assessment of Min-gyu in noting he’s not the average rich playboy in that he’s sincere and has a heart. I’d like to point out that little old me picked up on that long ago and adored him for it. It certainly didn’t help that he was filthy rich and generous, but his money alone wouldn’t have secured my esteem. My love for him had everything to do with his kind heart and nothing to do with his bank balance. I found him throwing his money around funny, but it was definitely his sincerity that touched me the most.

As far as the other more serious storyline goes, I can’t say I’m thrilled that all of a sudden Mi-ree is suppose to be absolved of her sins because it turns out she’s the good guy in all of this while Yoo-sang is the master manipulator. It’d be hard to condemn her if she was driven by a desire to save her dying child, but I’m not letting her off the hook just yet. I’ll reserve judgment until the whole story is revealed.

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