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Newly engaged, Go Cheok-hee leads So Jung-woo to the subway turnstile so they can head home. When he hesitates about riding the subway again, she takes his hand and says the same thing he said to her when she was afraid of getting married—that his fears will disappear. They play the naming-our-favorite-things game to help distract him from focusing on what’s ahead and he makes it onto the subway car.

However, once the doors close and the train ride gets underway, he flashes back to the 2008 accident and his anxiety level increases until he’s having a full blown panic attack. Cheok-hee pulls out a piece of mint candy and puts it into his mouth, and that helps a bit. They arrive at the next stop and get off, and Cheok-hee vows that they’ll make it two stops the next day.

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When they get to Cheok-hee’s apartment, Jung-woo thanks her for saving him seven years ago, and Cheok-hee tells him Jo Soo-ah was the one who told her that she’s the mystery woman who saved him. She conveys Soo-ah’s message of apology, admitting she’s not sure exactly why Soo-ah apologized but he should visit Soo-ah soon.

The next day, Cheok-hee drags Jung-woo back to the subway to continue her plan to help him conquer his fear. She’s even brought a purse full of mint candy just in case. How sweet!

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Inside the station, Jung-woo says he wants to tell his mother that Cheok-hee saved him all those years ago. It’s a sure fire way to make his mother accept her, he says, but Cheok-hee refuses to take that route. She wants his mother to accept her on her own terms.

When she makes it to work later that morning, she jumps right back into Han Mi-ree’s case. She assigns Yoo Hye-rin the task of reviewing Mi-ree’s phone records from three years ago to find any threatening messages from Jo Yoo-sang.

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Lee Kyung tells her that the Yangpyeong house is on the market so she poses as a prospective buyer in order to meet Cha Yoo-ran. Yoo-ran doesn’t have the video anymore, but she explains that Yoo-sang is addicted to gambling and cares about money more than anything else. She hints that Mi-ree didn’t divorce Ma Dong-gu three years ago because she wanted to, but because of Yoo-sang. She tells Cheok-hee to trace the money Mi-ree inherited from Dong-gu’s estate and see where the money really went.

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Jung-woo stops by BF Law Firm to see Soo-ah. She expects him to be angry, but he surprises her by thanking her instead. She asks if he’s told his mother yet, and he tells her he hasn’t because Cheok-hee doesn’t want to. He reveals that he’s going to marry Cheok-hee, and he hasn’t told his mother that yet either. Soo-ah sincerely congratulates him, and I’m glad to see she has really let him go and moved on.  

Back at Cheok-hee’s firm, Hye-rin reports that Mi-ree has remitted about $1 million to Yoo-sang (under his real name of Jo Min-gook) over the past three years. She also gave him the house in Yangpyeong. With this information in mind, Cheok-hee tells Kyung to find out Mi-ree’s schedule for the day so she can go see her.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong-mi’s secretary has finished his investigation and reveals that Jo Min-gook is none other than Jo Yoo-sang. It seems that Yoo-sang and Mi-ree already got married too, and she’s livid that Mi-ree hid the fact that she had a child when she married into their family.

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She takes her anger way too far though. She actually has her men kidnap Mi-ree and bring her to the roof of the DK Electronics building. She throws the dossier with the information on Han Woo-ram and Yoo-sang at Mi-ree, and when Mi-ree realizes Dong-mi knows about Woo-ram, her confident demeanor crumbles. She starts shaking in fear and Dong-mi approaches her, demanding that she commit suicide by jumping from the DK building just like her brother did three years ago. She even has one of her men drag Mi-ree to the ledge and it looks like they are really going to throw her over until Dong-mi signals to her man to let Mi-ree go. She has a better way to kill her, she says, and she tells Mi-ree that she’ll be holding a press conference soon to reveal the truth.

Mi-ree begs Dong-mi to wait for just one week until her sick child can get the surgery he needs to survive, but Dong-mi tells her Woo-ram is not even her blood relative. Why should she care about him? she asks. Completely desperate, Mi-ree falls on her knees and grabs Dong-mi’s legs begging her to reconsider, but Dong-mi ignores her and walks.

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With nowhere else to go, Mi-ree shows up at Cheok-hee’s office and surprises us all by asking Cheok-hee to help her get divorced. She finally tells Cheok-hee the truth too, revealing that she met Yoo-sang as a rookie actress and he abandoned her when she got pregnant. She hid the fact that she was a single mother and continued working, eventually meeting Dong-gu on the set of a DK Electronics commercial.

She tells Cheok-hee that Yoo-sang reappeared in her life after finding out she was engaged to Dong-gu. He blackmailed her, agreeing to raise Woo-ram in exchange for keeping her secret. However, eventually he demanded that she divorce Dong-gu because he needed a big chunk of money.

After Dong-gu committed suicide, she realized how much she loved him and how foolish she’d been. She didn’t reveal Yoo-sang’s treachery then because Woo-ram got sick and she needed him to donate his bone marrow to save Woo-ram’s life. He demanded money in exchange for donating, and she married him because it was the only way she could ensure Woo-ram received the surgery.

Now she wants Cheok-hee’s help to get away from him once Woo-ram’s surgery is over. She promises to reveal everything, thus telling the world the real story behind Dong-gu’s suicide, if Cheok-hee will help her. She gives Cheok-hee the video she bought from Cha Yoo-ran as collateral and begs Cheok-hee to save Woo-ram’s life.

Once Mi-ree leaves, Cheok-hee plays the entire video. In it, we see that Yoo-sang and Hong Eun-sul (Dong-gu’s old secretary) kidnapped Woo-ram in order to force Mi-ree to divorce Dong-gu. They already had a plan to establish grounds for the divorce too with Yoo-sang giving Eun-sul the limited edition purse as a down payment for making it appear as if Dong-gu committed adultery. Yoo-sang then turned to Mi-ree and charged her with finding the right lawyer to help her get divorced.

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With the video fresh in her mind, Cheok-hee goes to see Jung-woo and tells him about Mi-ree approaching her for help. She’s torn over whether to help Mi-ree after all the anguish and guilt she’s endured over the last three years believing she helped Mi-ree drive Dong-gu to suicide. Jung-woo tells her she wasn’t tormented because she helped Yoo-sang or Mi-ree. She was tormented because she couldn’t overcome her guilt. He thinks she should take the case because she’ll be helping herself get over the guilt she’s held onto for so long.

Cheok-hee takes his words to heart, and the next day she meets Mi-ree and agrees to take the case. In exchange, Mi-ree agrees to go public with the truth after Woo-ram’s surgery. In the meantime, Cheok-hee tells her it’s important that Yoo-sang not know they’re meeting, and she tells Mi-ree to be sure to save her number under a fake name in her phone.

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Cheok-hee heads out to try to stop Dong-mi from going forward with her press conference. When she arrives at Dong-mi’s office, she asks Dong-mi to cancel the press conference because Woo-ram’s bone marrow donor will back out if Mi-ree’s past is revealed to the public. Cheok-hee points out Woo-ram is registered with DK’s bone marrow transport organization, which seems to shock Dong-mi, and begs her not to let an innocent child die. Dong-mi finally shows that she’s human and agrees to postpone the press conference.


At home that night, Jung-woo tells his mom that he and Cheok-hee are engaged. She tells him to go ahead with the marriage, but he’ll have to do it without her because she’ll never accept Cheok-hee into her family. She gets up and storms out of the room, and Jung-woo is a bit down the next day as he tells Cheok-hee he told his mom the news and she didn’t take it too well.

They agree to go see his mom together once Cheok-hee is done with Mi-ree’s case, and then Jung-woo turns his attention to wedding preparations. They promise not to end up like countless other couples who fight over everything as they plan their wedding, but that promise goes out the door almost immediately. They have opposite taste and views on absolutely every aspect of the wedding.


During wedding dress shopping, for example, Jung-woo wants her to wear a long white traditional dress while Cheok-hee declares that’s not really her style. She tries on a dress anyway just to please him, but she balks at the price and declares she’ll buy a regular dress online. Score: 0/1

When searching for a venue to hold the wedding, Jung-woo says he wants a small wedding and takes her to a lovely wedding hall with an even lovelier outdoor set up. Cheok-hee rejects it because it’s too big. In fact, she doesn’t see the point of having a ceremony at all, she says, and would rather save the money. Score: 0/2


Jung-woo wonders aloud if she has any objection to a wedding photo shoot, and he perks up when Cheok-hee enthusiastically approves of them getting pictures done. He’s disappointed mere minutes later though when her version of taking pictures entails them using a selfie stick to snap some cell phone shots together at a park. HaHa! Score: 0/3.

Jung-woo is at his wit’s end and, to avoid an argument, he says they should say their goodbyes for the day. Cheok-hee agrees, and they both leave heading in opposite directions—each a bit exasperated with the other.

Jung-woo goes to a jewelry store to pick out an engagement ring so he can officially propose. Because there’s only one jewelry store in Seoul, Bong Min-gyu happens to arrive at the same store. Min-gyu is there to return the last of the rings he bought for Cheok-hee. He looks at the three rings Jung-woo is contemplating, rings he’s already bought and presented to Cheok-hee, and he tells Jung-woo that Cheok-hee has already rejected them. He tells Jung-woo to keep Cheok-hee’s tastes in mind when selecting a ring, and he takes his leave, telling the manager he’ll be back tomorrow.

Jung-woo picks out simple couple rings for them to exchange and meets Cheok-hee for dinner. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a chance to give her the ring because she presents him with a prenuptial agreement instead. The prenup starts a full blown fight as Jung-woo laments her lack of romance and Cheok-hee derides his lack of practicality.

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Cheok-hee storms out, and they both end up at the entrance of the building together. As they try to leave through the revolving door, the door malfunctions and they get stuck in the turnstile. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Jung-woo eventually picks up the prenuptial agreement and looks over it. He’s surprised to see Cheok-hee has written some cute and romantic terms in it after all, such as prohibiting them from yelling at each other unless the house is on fire and forbidding them from comparing each other to someone else.

Jung-woo presents her with the rings he picked out, and they take turns putting them on each other’s fingers. Then Jung-woo agrees to sign the prenup she wrote if she agrees to do provision number five, which is telling him she loves him. Cheok-hee smiles a bit sheepishly and tells him she loves him, and he makes her say it louder and louder until she yells it out loud.

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Soo-ah turns in her letter of resignation to CEO Bong In-jae. She tells him she’s going to visit her family in the States and rest a while. CEO Bong has no intention of letting her go though, and he offers her a six-month stint at the firm’s New York office. Soo-ah turns him down, but he tells her he’ll hold onto her resignation letter anyway and give her time to think about it.

Soo-ah stops by Jung-woo’s house to get the rest of her things and say goodbye to Jung-woo’s mom. She asks his mom about the wedding preparations, to which mom replies she has no idea how things are going because she doesn’t like Cheok-hee and plans to hate her forever. Soo-ah tells her if she gets to know Cheok-hee and hates her, she’s free to do so, but she shouldn’t hate Cheok-hee just for her sake. She doesn’t want anyone hated just because of her, she says.

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Min-gyu is next on Soo-ah’s goodbye list, and she arrives at his apartment just in time to help him with a conundrum he’s experiencing: his water isn’t working. He takes her into the bathroom and they both stand there trying and failing to turn on the shower. It finally dawns on Soo-ah that he may not have paid his water bill, and he’s shocked to learn that the government would shut off his water just because he didn’t pay them “a few dollars,” ha!

This gives him another idea—perhaps the government shut off his gas too as the stove didn’t work when he tried to make ramen this morning either. Soo-ah can only tsk at his ignorance and then they have bigger problems to deal with as they find themselves in the dark because the lights go out too. Another bill unpaid it seems.  

Min-gyu has to resort to showering at the office the next day, but Manager Yoon is there to save the day. She has the blow dryer all ready for him and dries and styles his hair when he’s done. Woo Yoo-mi stands nearby to assist Manager Yoon, and she brings up the fact that they haven’t received their paychecks for the month yet. Min-gyu looks dejected as he comes to grips with how far he’s fallen.

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Over at Cheok-hee’s firm, Hye-rin reports that she couldn’t find any threatening texts from Yoo-sang in Mi-ree’s phone records, but they do find a call between Yoo-sang and Dong-gu on the day Dong-gu committed suicide.

Cheok-hee meets with Dong-gu’s former receptionist, and the receptionist recognizes Yoo-sang from the picture Cheok-hee shows her. It seems Yoo-sang was the source of an adulterous video uploaded online and Yoo-sang came to Dong-gu’s office after Dong-gu tracked him down. Yoo-sang told Dong-gu that Mi-ree really loved him and was only with Dong-gu for his money. The secretary didn’t hear anything else after that, but she tells Cheok-hee that Dong-gu really loved Mi-ree, which is probably why he killed himself shortly after talking to Yoo-sang.

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That night at the hospital, the nurse comes into Woo-ram’s room where Yoo-sang and Mi-ree are sitting by his side. She assigns Yoo-sang a room and gives him a hospital gown to change into as they prepare for the surgery in the morning. When Yoo-sang leaves, Mi-ree goes out into the hallway to call Cheok-hee (because she wants to be doubly sure Yoo-sang overhears her conversation so there’s enough conflict left to finish out the last hour of the drama).

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Sure enough Yoo-sang hears everything she says, realizes she’s going to file for divorce after Woo-ram’s surgery, and promptly disappears. The hospital staff learn he’s missing after Woo-ram’s surgery is already underway, which makes the situation even more dire. When Mi-ree calls Yoo-sang, he refuses to follow through with his bone marrow donation unless she takes care of Cheok-hee.


So I guess, having heard Mi-ree’s full story now, I have to take back my ill opinion of her. I can certainly understand now why she did the things she did, but that doesn’t mean I agree with her. I can’t help but wonder how things would have turned out if she had simply told her husband the truth at some point during their relationship. Even if he chose to divorce her once he found out she hid the fact that she had a child before they got married, it may have stopped Yoo-sang from making her life so miserable all these years. And most (normal) men I know have a strong protective streak so even if he’d chosen not to stay married to her, he’d probably have taken care of Yoo-sang for her for old times’ sake. But I suppose there’s no use of me using something as useless as reason and rational thought in discussing a drama—particularly this drama, because then we wouldn’t have had 17+ episodes to watch and enjoy.

I certainly did enjoy watching the bickering between Jung-woo and Cheok-hee over their wedding preparations. I couldn’t help but identifying more with Cheok-hee. She’s totally like me—she’s missing the bride gene. As someone who always declared I didn’t want a wedding, and actually followed through with that sentiment, I was much more on her side than Jung-woo’s. But Jung-woo was so earnest and cute that I wanted Cheok-hee to give in a little more and let the poor guy have his day.

Speaking of poor guys, Min-gyu was full of laughs for us this episode. I’m hoping that something miraculous will happen to restore him to his former wealth in the final episode. I enjoyed seeing his brush with being a regular people for a while but I think he’s much more suited for his clueless but cute wealthy persona.

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