Lee Yung-jae is getting dressed to meet Kang Hye-won while Han Ji-eun is sitting at the computer struggling to come up with a character for the new story she’s writing. She starts thinking about Yung-jae and uses him as inspiration for her character, whom she decides has the same initials as Yung-jae and is a tall actor with an “alright” face and a bad temper. His saving grace is his wonderful wife, of course.

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She’s still outlining her new character when Yung-jae comes downstairs to head out, but she stops to ask about his plans for the day. He’s defensive because he lied about who really called him so he asks her why she’s being so nosey instead of answering her.

He leaves and meets Hye-won at the bar they frequent. She has his wedding ring in her hand as he enters, but all he notices is that she’s drinking. He takes her drink away and orders something warm for her, and she sees the hand-drawn watch on his wrist. She asks what it is, and he tells her Ji-eun drew it playing around the night before. She remarks she’s not in the mood anymore as she slides his wedding ring to him. He’s surprised she had the ring all this time.

Hye-won tells him it just happened that way, but she brushes past that issue and admits that she doesn’t like Ji-eun. She says it’s because he was always there for her and now he has Ji-eun by his side. He turns to look at her with a look that’s completely lost on Hye-won. The look says she’s the one he loves, but Hye-won continues talking and says she knows she’s “weird” for being in love with Min-hyuk while clinging to him. Yung-jae is still awe-struck and tells her reverently that he won’t let her go until she lets go of him. He says he tried letting her go, but he couldn’t so she’ll have to be the one to let him go.

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It’s getting late by this time. Ji-eun notices it’s dusk and stops working on her story expecting Yung-jae to be home soon. He doesn’t return until much later though. She has just sat down to eat when he walks in. He asks why she’s eating so late and she tells him she was waiting for him and he should have called if he was going to be late. He makes fun of the mixed rice dish she’s having for dinner so she tries to get him to try it for himself. He pushes her hand away to refuse her offer, and she sees the wedding ring back on his finger and asks where he found it. He tells her Hye-won had the ring and Ji-eun wonders aloud why Hye-won lied.

Yung-jae then admits he lied and met Hye-won instead of going to work. Ji-eun wants to know why he lied, but he says he doesn’t know. He says it just came out that way, but he doesn’t want her asking about where he’s going anymore because he doesn’t like lying to her. Ji-eun tells him she only asked because she wanted to know if she had to make dinner. She tells him she doesn’t care what he does and says he can do whatever he wants. However, she’s clearly angry and storms away at the end of her speech. She goes to the bathroom to calm down and washes off the watch he drew on her wrist the night before.

The next day she sits at the desk writing again. First she fantasizes about confronting Hye-won for daring to meet her husband behind her back. Then she fantasizes about meeting Hye-won and giving the pair her blessing to be together. In this fantasy, she’s melancholy as she admits Yung-jae likes Hye-won, and she imagines the two of them forcing her to leave Full House. Yung-jae interrupts her reverie to say he’s leaving. Because she’s still angry from the night before, she tells him not to tell her when he’s coming and going anymore.

Luckily, Yung-jae’s grandmother and mother decide to call Ji-eun to go to a museum with them. They enjoy their time together and Ji-eun goes back to Ilsan with them.

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Meanwhile, Yung-jae sees Shin Dong-wook at the agency. It’s the first time he’s seen Dong-wook since he found out Dog-Wook was the “friend” who sold Ji-eun’s house. He lays into Dong-wook about taking advantage of Ji-eun. Dong-wook can only whine and look scared. However, Yung-jae is obviously a total pushover because he starts falling for Dong-wook’s faux-cry and feels sorry for him. He has to force a begging Dong-wook to let go of his leg before he meets with the agency president. She mentions the upcoming press conference for his new movie and asks if he’s bringing Ji-eun with him to the event.


Yung-jae can’t invite her though because when he returns to Full House, she’s not there. She’s at Ilsan enjoying dinner with her in-laws. They find out she knows how to play go stop (a card game) so, after dinner, she teaches them the game as Yung-jae wanders around the house wondering why she isn’t home yet. When they sees how late it is, the in-laws invite her to spend the night. Yung-jae tries to play it cool, but he eventually breaks down and calls Ji-eun to find out where she is. She tells him she’s in his room and he actually looks around before he realizes she’s in his childhood room at Ilsan.

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She looks around his old room and asks him about various things she sees from his childhood. Finally her eyes rest on a picture of his little sister, Lee Yung-Hyun. Yung-Hyun had a terminal illness and died as a child, he tells her. He gets sad as he realls how his father told Yung-Hyun she could only get better if she didn’t cry when she got her twice daily shots so she never cried but she died anyway. (Perhaps this is the source of the friction between Yung-jae and his father.)

Yung-jae thinks his father was wrong for not letting her cry, but Ji-eun says his father was probably crying himself. Yung-jae tells her his father never cries, and then he brings up Hye-won, who cries all the time, he says. He asks what she thinks a nine-year-old boy does to stop a girl from crying? Buy ice cream. Ji-eun realizes that’s why he always offers her ice cream when she cries and her silence makes Yung-jae think she fell asleep. She’s awake though and he offers to come pick her up from Ilsan.

He’s feeling charitable toward her now, but once he realizes what he’s said, he backpedals and claims he’s only offering to pick her up because she has to cook breakfast and clean in the morning. She yells at him and hangs up. Afterwards, she sits brooding and realizes that Yung-jae has loved Hye-won for a long time and the proposal speech she overheard him rehearsing and the ring she found were for Hye-won.

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The next morning, Yung-jae goes for his usual run. Afterwards, he makes the mixed rice dish he teased Ji-eun about a few days earlier. She comes home as he’s eating and he starts choking when he sees her, haha! She has to pat his back to help the food go down, and he uses the opportunity to change his mind about their policy to stay out of each other’s business. He decides they should at least tell each other where they’re going because that wouldn’t be meddling. Ji-eun doesn’t agree, but Yung-jae insists that she tell him when and where she’s going from now on. She’s about to stick his finger to relieve his indigestion so she gives him a hard prick on the thumb to punish his impudence. He screams out in pain and accuses her of doing it on purpose.

Ji-eun is apparently fed up with his antics so she presents him with a schedule for them to abide by that will prevent them from running into each other at home. She explains that she’ll work on the computer at night, clean when he’s gone during the day, and stay in her room when he’s home. She says they’ll communicate by leaving notes on the refrigerator.

With her new schedule in effect, Yung-jae doesn’t even last a day. He misses Ji-eun but is too immature to admit it. Instead, he claims the house is a mess and goes to her room insisting that she cleans it immediately. He smiles contentedly as he watches her clean and uses the opportunity to ask her to go to his movie premiere. She totally bursts his bubble when she says she can’t go and when he asks her why, she keeps cleaning and tells him she’ll post the reason on the fridge.

He goes to his room grumbling and wonders what’s wrong with her. He starts spying on her as she types on the computer downstairs. He ducks whenever he thinks she might be looking his way until he finally gets the courage to go downstairs. He coughs loudly to get her attention, then he says she should work during the day because she uses a lot of electricity working through the night. She tells him to leave because the schedule gives her the living room at night, but he refuses.

He turns on the television then takes it a step further by starting to belittle her. He says she has no talent and should sleep instead of working. She ignores him until he calls her a chicken again. Then she gets up, shoots him a dirty look, and walks away.

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He decides to play a trick on her by turning off the computer and pretending he didn’t save her work before he turned it off. She comes back to find the computer dead and panics. Instead of being relieved when she finds out Yung-jae was just joking with her, she starts crying. He really sends her over the edge when he offers her ice cream to make her feel better. She has a hilarious mini-tantrum and Yung-jae resorts to singing the Three Bears Song to calm her down.

The next morning, Yung-jae comes downstairs prepared for his movie premiere while Ji-eun washes the dishes. He tells her not to be late and says she has to pay for her ticket too. She doesn’t even get a discount, ha! She goes to Yoo Min-hyuk’s office prior to the premiere and leaves her story with the receptionist because he’s in a meeting.

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As she’s on her way back downstairs though, she runs into Min-hyuk in the elevator and they go to the premier together. She’s distracted in the car and asks Min-hyuk if “they” have known each other since they were nine, what else is there they’ve done beside eating ice cream? He, of course, has no idea what she’s talking about at first. She continues her musings by saying it’d be nice if they didn’t ride bikes or go to Magic Land together. She asks Min-hyuk whether Yung-jae taught Hye-won to ride a bike and smiles in relief when Min-hyuk says he taught Hye-won how to ride a bike. Hye-won sees Min-hyuk and Ji-eun arrive together and teems with jealousy.

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Ji-eun sees Shin Dong-wook and Yang Hee-jin outside the premiere. Hee-jin sees Min-hyuk smile at Ji-eun from across the room and and asks about him. Hee-jin thinks he’s gorgeous and encourages her to grab onto him because she’ll be divorced soon. She tries to silence Hee-jin so no one overhears their conversation and sees Hye-won. She decides to have a chat with Hye-won and they go somewhere quiet.

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Ji-eun asks Hye-won why she hid Yung-jae’s wedding ring then tells her to leave Yung-jae alone. Ji-eun points out that Hye-won likes someone else but keeps on calling on Yung-jae as if he’s her servant. Hye-won is unrepentant and refuses to leave Yung-jae alone. Ji-eun is asking for too much, she says, and she challenges Ji-eun to see who can win Yung-jae’s heart first. She’s sure Ji-eun won’t be the one who wins in the end.


Hye-won leaves and goes to see Yung-jae before the movie starts. She fixes his clothes and ties a scarf around his neck. She invites him to go somewhere with her after the premiere, and he agrees. He asks if Ji-eun can come with them, and she unapologetically says no. When Hye-won goes into the theater, she sees Min-hyuk and sits one seat away from him but refuses to speak to him.

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Meanwhile, Ji-eun remains at the table where she met Hye-won long after the movie has started. She’s disheartened and says sadly to herself that she doesn’t have the confidence. She misses the movie and Yung-jae is worried until he finds her waiting for him in the parking garage. He gets angry because she didn’t watch his movie, and she tells him that people are saying it wasn’t good anyway. She’s ready to go home, but he says he and Hye-won are about to go somewhere. She asks him not to go but she ends up watching them drive away together anyway. Hye-won looks a bit smug as she rides away with Yung-jae, but she gets visibly jealous when Yung-jae calls Dong-wook and tells him to take Ji-eun to dinner before seeing her home.


Hye-won ends up taking Yung-jae back to their old elementary school. She reminds him that when they were in third grade, he kissed her, made her cry, and tried to bribe her with ice cream. She distracts him by pointing to something far away, kisses him on the cheek, and runs away. They end up having a fun water fight at the fountain.

On their way home later, she tells him that although when she was younger she said her dream is to be a designer like her mother, her real dream is to be a good wife. She even had a secret list of possible husbands. She says she knows it’s not right that she calls him everyday and bothers him, but if she did not have him with her, she’d be really suffering, and she apologizes.

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When he gets home that night, Ji-eun is sitting in the living room waiting for him. She asks where he went with Hye-won, and he tells her they went to their old school. Yung-Jung asks if there’s something wrong and offers her ice cream. She gets a bit heated as she reminds him she told him before she hates ice cream. She tells him she likes flowers and demands that he buy her flowers from now on instead of ice cream.

Yung-jae chuckles at her anger and she tells him not to laugh because she might get attached to him. She’s serious and he thinks she’s joking until she says, “Yung-jae, when you want to protect someone, that means you like that person. You protect Kang Hye-won. I’m going to protect you. I think I like you.”

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We’ve got the love triangle firmly in place now. Ji-eun knows her heart and is not afraid to admit it. But that may be because she’s had feeling for Yung-jae for a longer period of time and is more emotionally mature than Yung-jae. She also doesn’t have to struggle through a prior emotional attachment. I think a big part of Ji-eun’s charm lies in her feistiness and it was on full display as she confronted Hye-won and told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from Yung-jae. Too bad it couldn’t sustain her through Hye-won’s challenge. It would have been a little more rewarding to viewers for Ji-eun to stand her ground and shake Hye-won’s confident veneer. Because although I love to hate Hye-won, she’s not fooling me with the façade she presents to Ji-eun.

Yung-jae is still frustrating. In his defense, it must be hard to deal with having burgeoning feelings for a newcomer while your long-term love is still in your heart. But his conflicted feelings over which one he loves doesn’t explain why he’s so mean to Ji-eun. In fact, he was a jerk to her before he started to like her and I don’t believe he’s even aware that he’s starting to have feelings for her yet. The fact that he’s a tool to everyone in his life, except Hye-won (the one who seems the least deserving of his respect) is an endless source of wonder to me. Six years later and I still haven’t figured the guy out. I guess I’ll stop trying.

The good news is that episode eight will bring some of his feelings to the surface. The bad news is, he will remain as clueless as ever about how he feels about the one he really loves.

Episode eight also brings Min-hyuk into the mix and our party of three becomes the standard K-Drama love square we all know and love (to hate).

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