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Han Ji-eun confesses to Lee Yung-jae that she thinks she likes him, and there’s an awkward pause as he considers what she just said. Finally, he starts laughing, thinking she’s joking, and she decides to play along as if she really was just kidding. When Yung-jae starts belitting her because Yoo Min-hyuk has rejected all of her stories, she comes to her senses and mumbles that she really must have been out of her mind.  She goes to her room and tries to talk some sense into herself about liking someone like him. 

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The next morning, Ji-eun is back at work on her synopsis.  On his way out, Yung-jae stops to continue the joke from the night before.  He calls her yeobo (a term of endearment used between married couples) and tells her he loves her too.  He adds that he loves her as much as the sky and makes the shape of a heart over his head for emphasis as she stares daggers at him. 

He finally leaves and goes for a fitting with Kang Hye-won at her shop before his numerous interviews for the day.  She invites him to dinner later and he accepts before driving off. 

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At his interview, one of the reporters asks about his relationship with Hye-won.  This leads to a meeting with the president of his agency.  She asks about his frequent meetings with Hye-won at their favorite bar and whether it’s true he left with her after his movie premiere the other day. 

She lectures that his manager should be with him at all times and says there were already rumors surrounding his relationship with Hye-won before he got married so he needs to be careful before people get hurt.  She has arranged for a reporter to interview Ji-eun and him at home and tells him to talk to Ji-eun so she’s aware of the situation before the interview. 

After the meeting, Yung-jae cancels his dinner plans with Hye-won and Shin Dong-wook returns the clothes Yung-jae borrowed for the premiere to her shop.  He tells Hye-won she won’t be seeing much of Yung-jae anymore and lets her know that he’s Ji-eun’s friend and she should be careful from now on. 

Back at Full House, Yung-jae tells Ji-eun about the upcoming interview but doesn’t tell her the reason behind it.  However, Yang Hee-jin calls her that night and tells her not to do the interview because it’s to combat rumors of Yung-jae’s alleged affair with Hye-won.  Ji-eun yells that Yung-jae isn’t like that and there’s nothing going on between Hye-won and him, and she hangs up. 

In the morning, Yung-jae and Ji-eun are busy cleaning and moving furniture in preparation for the interview. Suddenly Ji-eun stops their progress and says she doesn’t want to do the interview.  She claims it’s because she has too much work to do so Yung-jae ends up doing the housework while she works on her synopsis in order to get her to go through with the interview. 

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He hand washes the clothes (because there’s no washer or dryer in their million(?) dollar house), cleans the windows, does the dishes, and cleans the floor as Ji-eun purposely does things to irritate him.  He loses it when she keeps dropping cookie crumbs on the floor right after he has cleaned underneath her.  He stops cleaning and loudly declares she doesn’t have to do the interview, but the next thing we know, a photographer is there and they awkwardly go through their alleged daily routine while getting their pictures taken. 

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They end up on the couch where the reporter remarks that the house is beautiful.  Ji-eun tells the reporter that her father built the house and she grew up there.  Yung-jae tells the reporter the house has a name, Full House, which means a house full of love.  Ji-eun adds that her father named the house too. 

When the reporter asks about Hye-won, Yung-jae gets offended but Ji-eun explains that Hye-won and Yung-jae have been friends since they were nine.  She says she’s glad he has someone like Hye-won with whom he can talk when they fight and lean on during hard times. 


After the interview, Yung-jae is awed by Ji-eun’s interview answers, especially considering she doesn’t even like Hye-won.  She tells him she doesn’t mind him meeting Hye-won but he needs to be careful.  She says she doesn’t want people feeling sorry for her because she has a cheating husband.  She gets indignant and tells him if he gets caught again and expects her to clean it up, then . . . she’s not going to cook anymore.  Yung-jae just rolls his eyes and she starts berating herself because she couldn’t come up with a better threat, lol. 

Yung-jae tries to help her out and tells her she can always pack her bags and threaten to never come back.  She remarks that he doesn’t even bat an eye when she does that, and he turns serious as he tells her that’s not true. He says it feels strange when she’s not there and dark and lonely.  She asks what he means and, because he doesn’t want to admit he misses her when she’s gone, he claims it’s dark because there’s no one to turn on the lights.

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Hye-won sits at her shop thinking about Yung-jae.  She calls him and gets mad when he says he’s busy and can’t meet her that day or the next.  She demands that he comes to see her immediately and hangs up.  He goes running to see her, of course, and when he arrives, she wants to know why he’s avoiding her.  She says that he can simply tell the media the rumors aren’t true about them and asks if he’s that scared of a scandal. He loses his temper and yells that he is in fact scared because he hates to see people gossiping about her and doesn’t want her to get hurt.  He says if she gets hurt, he hurts even more, and his ardor shocks her into silence. 

They go to their usual bar for drinks.  Hye-won tells Yung-jae that even when Min-hyuk was in New York, he sent her a birthday present every year.  She found out that it was really his assistant who sent the gifts, but she still liked that she was important enough for him to have his assistant remember her birthday.  She asks if she should give him up, then asks Yung-jae if he will come to her if she does.  He looks at her in shock, but she smiles and says she’s just kidding.  She says he just needs to keep his promise not to let go of her her hand unless she lets go of his. 

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At Full House, Ji-eun is at work on the computer again.  It’s dark and Yung-jae’s late.  She’s melancholy as she says aloud that she keeps telling herself not to wait for Yung-jae but she waits anyway.  She thinks she likes him, but as soon as he opens his mouth, she thinks she hates him.  She falls asleep at the desk and Yung-jae finds her there when he returns later that night. 

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The next day, Min-hyuk finally likes one of Ji-eun’s synopses.  She’s ecstatic, and he admits he was getting worried because her synopses were getting worse instead of better.  He asks how she liked Yung-jae’s movie, and she admits she didn’t get to see it the day of the premiere.  She tells him she’s going to see it later that day, and he asks if she wants to go together.  He claims he wants to see it again (but methinks it’s Ji-eun he wants to see again). 

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Either way they end up at the movies together, and they run into Dong-wook and Hee-jin, who just so happen to be at the theater too. Dong-wook and Hee-jin introduce themselves to Min-hyuk as Ji-eun’s friends, and Ji-eun whispers to them not to jump to any conclusions about seeing her with Min-hyuk. Hee-jin’s already picturing them together though and cheers them on while Dong-wook declares himself solidly on Team Yung-jae.  

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Inside the theater, Ji-eun mumbles to herself about her friends and Min-hyuk asks if she’s worried about them seeing her with him.  She tells Min-hyuk that her friend Hee-jin thinks he’s interested in her.  He admits that he is (mwuhahaha!).  He tells her she may not have realized it, but he’s a very busy person, but he always makes time to see her (awww).  He adds that it’s not an easy thing to do and then he tries to use his sweet talk to rope her into buying him dinner after the movie. When the movie starts, Ji-eun glances at him as if he’s totally lost his mind.  Poor girl–she doesn’t know how to react when a guy is nice to her and actually admits that he likes her instead of mistreating her. 

At his agency, Yung-jae has just finished a meeting when Dong-wook pulls him aside to tattle on Ji-eun.  He tells Yung-jae that he saw her with Min-hyuk at the premiere, and they were at the movie theater today.  Yung-jae says he doesn’t care and tells Dong-wook not to tell him about Ji-eun anymore.  But he goes to a conference room in the office and broods. 

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He gets in his car and calls Ji-eun.  She says she’s with Min-hyuk and they’re on their way to eat spaghetti.  Yung-jae tells her not to eat with Min-hyuk and says he’ll buy her an entire Italian restaurant, hahahaaaaa!  That doesn’t work so he lies that Grandmother is sick.  Ji-eun is so worried that she has Min-hyuk take her to Yung-jae’s car, and Yung-jae’s smile is priceless as he drives down the street with his Ji-eun safely out of Min-hyuk’s grasp.  However, he has to cover up his lie so he pretends to get a call from Grandmother saying that she’s fine.  Ji-eun foils his plan though when she insists they go to Ilsan to see her anyway. 

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When they get there, the elders are playing go-stop and Ji-eun arrives just in time to settle a disagreement they’re having.  Ji-eun fusses over Grandmother and tells her she should be lying down.  They’re all confused, and Father asks her if she was sick.  She says no, and Yung-jae runs over to her and grabs her into a hug, claiming a ghost appeared in his dream and told him she was sick.  Ji-eun questions Yung-jae when they get back to Full House that night.  She asks if he’s stupid and can’t tell a dream from reality, then she asks about the phone call he claimed he got from Grandmother in the car.  He says that was a ghost too, lol. 

The next day Min-hyuk’s assistant reminds him that it’s his birthday.  He looks thoughtful, and we see that Hye-Won remembered his birthday too.  She bought him a present but doesn’t have the heart to call him. 

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At Full House, Yung-jae sits autographing fan pictures.  Ji-eun offers to help until she gets a call from Min-hyuk, who asks her to have dinner with him.  This sends Yung-jae into a fit of jealousy, which he conceals by giving Ji-eun a long list of chores she has to complete before she can leave.  She rushes through the chores, but he finds fault with her work and demands that she do it all over again. 

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She resorts to climbing out of the laundry room window, and he chases her down the hill to the bus stop.  She escapes by hiding in the bushes until he gives up and goes back home.  Still determined to stop her, he calls and orders her to come home, but she hangs up and takes the battery out of her phone for good measure (another beloved K-drama trope to check off the list!). 

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She meets Min-hyuk at his office and they go to dinner together.  Over dinner, he tells her it’s his birthday and she says she would have brought him a present if he’d told her in advance. He doesn’t mind though because he considers her his present, he says. When he realized it was his birthday and thought about what to get himself, she popped into his head.  He says he has fun with her and is always laughing when she’s around.  

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After dinner, they sit at a nearby park talking. She asks if there is anything he’d like her to buy him for his birthday.  He asks if it’s possible to buy someone’s heart.  He tells her he’s popular with women and asks why she doesn’t like him.  She kiddingly responds that he’s a bit full of himself, but he says he’s not kidding and asks her to like him.  She’s a little uncomfortable but laughs it off and says she’d like to but she’s already married.  He says that’s the issue for him.  He’s wondering if he should take her from Yung-jae.  (I’ll go if she doesn’t want to!)  Min-hyuk continues, telling her that Yung-jae doesn’t realize how precious she is. He asks her again if she will like him, and the episode ends.


I’ve got a palpitating heart, a slight fever, and watery eyes so I’d say I’m coming down with a bad case of second lead syndrome. Too bad Ji-eun remains unaffected, and therein lies the problem. I remember thinking she was a fool not to be able to see how great of a catch Min-hyuk would be. He flat out named most of his redeeming qualities for her during their after-dinner chat and she still remained unaffected by his charms. Add to that the fact that he actually likes her and is willing to admit it out loud and I was left scratching my head in confusion.

Now that our love square is in place it’s easy to tell what we have in store for us even without having seen the drama dozens of times like I have: lots of brooding and angst and tears as Min-hyuk is looking at Ji-eun and Ji-eun is looking at Yung-jae while Yung-jae looks at Hye-won and Hye-won is looking at Min-hyuk. Oy vey . . .

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  1. Thank you for the recap. Very well written and easy to follow. This episode is turning point to this drama. Now we have a foursome in love.

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