Lee Yung-jae sits in his room late that night thinking about Kang Hye-won’s confession. He juxtaposes it with Han Ji-eun’s asking him whether it’s okay for her to like Yoo Min Hyuk. The next morning, he’s still deep in thought as he brushes his teeth.

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At breakfast, Ji-eun tells him she’s meeting Min-hyuk later. He becomes a bit dejected at the news but tries to appear cheerful to hide his real feelings. He tells her to make sure Min-hyuk buys her something tasty and expensive for lunch and smiles when she says he always does. He gets sad again as he realizes he’s never bought her a good meal because he’s stood her up every time they were supposed to go out to eat.  He tells her it’s okay for her to like Min-hyuk because her heart wasn’t included in their contract. She’s disappointed by his response, but she keeps her feelings to herself.  


At her meeting with Min-hyuk, he says he likes the revisions she’s made to her synopsis, and he asks her to write the first draft of a movie script based on it. Then he treats her to “something tasty”—a meal from a streetside food vendor he’d seen during their (unofficial) date. They go to a nearby park bench to eat and he tells her that he saw the vendor selling the meal and thought it looked good but didn’t want to try it alone. He tells her he’s not the kind of guy who can’t do things alone, but since he met her, there are things he can’t do alone now.  

She brings up his confession from the other day and tells him she has a three-year contract with Yung-jae. He interrupts her to assure her he’ll take care of the contract and house for her, but she’s surprisingly fierce on the issue. She insists on taking care of herself. She tells him her heart is free, but she’s not sure of Yung-jae’s heart. She gets teary-eyed as she says she dislikes Yung-jae. He calls her names, overworks her, likes someone else, and always makes her wait. Tears start to fall as she says Yung-jae makes her happy and breaks her heart too. All Min-hyuk can do is lend an ear as she talks. He’s glum when he returns to his office though.

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When Ji-eun gets home, she’s excited to see Yung-jae outside waiting for her. Over dinner he insists he wasn’t waiting at all though. He asks if she told Min-hyuk she’d like him now and they end up bickering because Ji-eun is still mad that he willingly let her go to Min-hyuk. He’s confused and later that night he asks what’s wrong. She denies having an issue with him and says it’s work. She says she’ll be busy from now on writing a script so he’ll have to cook and clean for himself. She also doesn’t need him to pay her anymore. She gets up to walk away but turns around to issue a warning. He better not call her cuckoo anymore or he’s dead.


He must not have believed her because the next morning he sits at the table waiting for breakfast. Despite the fact that she’s nowhere to be seen, he still looks at his watch as if breakfast is merely late instead of not going to happen. He makes his own breakfast and afterwards keeps staring toward her room. When she finally comes down, he offers her a raise to continue cooking for him, but she refuses.

He paces in the backyard until he decides they need to talk. He admits he worked her hard before but points out he’s helped out a lot since they signed the new contract. He doesn’t know why she’s mad but says from now on . . . he’ll cook, do the laundry, and clean too. She wasn’t expecting that and whips her head around to stare at him. He says a husband should be supportive and goes to begin dinner.

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She returns to her script until she hears him yelling from the kitchen. She runs to find him writhing on the floor in pain. He claims he cut his finger off, and she’s frantic as she tries to find the finger in hopes that doctors can reattach it. When he starts laughing and admits it was a joke to get her to cook, she is so mad she actually bites his finger. His plan to get her to make him dinner worked, but his finger is smarting, lol.

Over dinner, she asks him if he’s really fine with her seeing Min-hyuk. She wants to know if he feels even a little something. He insists he doesn’t, but he broods in his room later. When he comes back downstairs, he find her asleep at the desk. He covers her with a blanket and spends a moment staring at her as she sleeps.

In the morning, he’s worried she’ll get sick if she keeps working around the clock. She says she doesn’t mind getting sick as long as Min-hyuk likes the script. He says he’ll throw her a party when she finishes and then leaves to visit Hye-won.

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At Hye-won’s shop, Yung-jae tells her about his three-year contract with Ji-eun. Hye-won thinks it’s a long time but notes he waited for her much longer. She thinks it can be shortened, but Yung-jae tells her he doesn’t know about that and won’t make any promises either way. Hye-won opines that Ji-eun and he need to find their own places and Yung-jae (finally) stands up for Ji-eun. He says she’s where she should be now. Hye-won gets flustered but makes Yung-jae promise that his feelings for Ji-eun won’t change. (Too late for that hun!)

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At Full House, Ji-eun gets a call from Grandmother who invites her to Ilsan. When she arrives, Hye-won is there with gifts for the family from her parents. Ji-eun sees how happy and comfortable they are and gets jealous, especially when she’s relegated to daughter-in-law duty in the kitchen to help prepare dinner.

She leaves with Hye-won, and they talk over tea. Hye-won tells Ji-eun that Yung-jae took her back. She says she won’t lose him again. She’s both sorry and thankful to Ji-Eun. She says she will wait for their contract to end, and Ji-eun tells her that she won’t leave Yung-jae during the three years. Hye-won says she’s fine waiting, especially as long as there are no feelings between them. Hye-won leaves and Ji-eun sits looking at her wedding ring.

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Then it’s time for Ji-eun’s friends to make their episodic appearance. Shin Dong-wook sits fanning Yang Hee-jin as she berates him for letting Hye-won overhear that Yung-jae and Ji-eun are in a contract marriage.   She tells him Ji-eun will probably send him to jail now, and when moments later Ji-eun drops by, it seems like her fears are about to be confirmed. However, Ji-eun is just there to get money from them. She’s decided to repay Yung-jae immediately and terminate their contract. She wants all the money they have, but they claim they’re completely penniless and can’t help her.

When she gets back home, Yung-jae wants to know where she’s been. She tells him she was at Ilsan, and he remarks that she must like his family. She admits she does and asks if he’s eaten. She says she’ll change and make him dinner. He’s flabbergasted by the sudden change of heart and is even more freaked out when she tells him he can call her chicken, rice cooker, or cuckoo because she no longer cares.

The next morning, she continues to baffle him. She cooks a full breakfast instead of toast. He successively asks for water, juice, tea, and soda, and she brings them without protest. She even complies when he insists she clean the house then changes his mind and tells her to sing The Three Bears song.

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He finally loses it and demands to know what’s going on and why she’s suddenly doing everything he tells her to do. She says there’s only a few days left to do his bidding so she decided to do whatever he wants during these final days. She goes back to cleaning, and he notices her bare ring finger. He thinks she lost the ring and that’s why she’s being so obedient. He tries to console her instead of yelling though and draws a ring on her finger. Then he makes her draw a watch for him too.

He’s such a (cute) manchild, he thinks the problem is solved and happily sits down for her to sing the Three Bears song again now that he can enjoy it.

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Min-hyuk is at work and a reporter presents him with an article to run in an upcoming issue. It’s an investigative piece on Yung-jae’s marriage to Ji-eun. The reporter knows he’s close to Yung-jae but says it’s too big of a story not to break.

Min-hyuk immediately worries for Ji-eun, who we see at Full House celebrating because she just finished the first draft of the script. Her shouting wakes Yung-jae from his nap, and he runs over to see the script. She snatches it away from him and tells him today is the D-day she’s been waiting for. She tells him not to leave the house until she gets back and goes to see Min-hyuk with the script.

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Min-hyuk says the script is good for a first draft and will be great after a few more revisions. He invites her out to celebrate while Yung-jae is at Full House preparing for their celebration. He puts up balloons, decorates an outdoor table, and arranges candles to spell out a congratulatory message.

In the car with Min-hyuk, Ji-eun tells him that today is D-day. She won’t tell him what D-day means though. She calls Yung-jae to tell him she’ll be late. He begs her to come home and insists on waiting for her when she refuses.

At dinner with Min-hyuk, Ji-eun starts telling her lame jokes again and Min-hyuk laughs even though they’re not funny. She notes that Yung-jae never laughs at her jokes, and Min-hyuk asks whether he’s not suppose to laugh either. He admits he’s been upset lately because of her. He feels like Yung-jae is getting revenge for all the years Hye-won liked him and now he’s the one who can’t do anything for her.

Ji-eun insists he can. He buys her good dinners and flowers, always laughs at her jokes, is there when she’s going through difficult times, and she knows he’s waiting for her. She says she’s really grateful to him and she likes him a little more than just a little. He asks if there’s still hope for him, and Ji-eun jokingly tells him there’s hope, but he needs to try harder and laugh more at her jokes.  

When he drives her home, she’s back to being preoccupied with Yung-jae though. She wants to make him wait to punish him for all the times she waited for him.

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When she gets back to Full House, Yung-jae is asleep on the couch. She sees all of the party preparations he made and wakes him up. They have a mini-celebration though Yung-jae is mad about it being so late. She tells him she came home late on purpose and reminds him that it’s D-day. With that said, she gives him back his ring and says, “Let’s get a divorce.”

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He’s stricken and wants to know what’s wrong. He tries, and fails, to use the possibility of her losing Full House and disappointing his family as leverage. He even says she doesn’t have to cook anymore, but she remains firm in her decision. He finally accuses her of wanting a divorce so she can date Min-hyuk. He has tears in his eyes as he yells that she can see Min-hyuk if she wants, but he’s not going to agree to a divorce.

He starts to storm off, but Ji-eun gets teary-eyed too. She tells him it’s not about Min-hyuk, it’s about her feelings for him. She tells him she really likes him and pleads for him to see how hurt she is. Yung-jae says, “You fool, you shouldn’t have told me that. If you say that, then we really can’t be together.” Ji-eun says she knows and tells him to go to Hye-won. Yung-jae responds, “I’m sorry, Ji-eun. From now on, I can’t be with you anymore.”

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So much angst in this episode, particularly from the perennially clueless man-child known as Yung-jae. I find it ironic that he finally got what he wanted (Hye-won’s love) and he’s still unhappy. And yet again, he’s completely unable to understand why. At least his cluelessness was a little more fun in this episode. I found it adorable how happy he was when he (erroneously) thought Ji-eun was acting strange because she’d lost her wedding ring.  I think it was this episode that I finally started to come around to Team Yung-jae—not because I thought he was the best one for Ji-eun, but because I was starting to see something in him beside his constant yelling and mistreatment of Ji-eun. 

His adorable smile doesn’t hurt either.  I had to laugh out loud when he sat on the sofa with that goofy (signature Rain) grin and told her she could sing the Three Bears now because he no longer had a care in the world. If only he could stop and really process his emotions at that time. Why would being assured that things were fine between the two of them give him so much relief? Because you like her, nimrod. And that simple fact would have also alleviated Ji-eun’s hang-ups and in turn made him happier.

Ji-eun is equally clueless. Yes, she is able to admit that she likes Yung-jae—to herself—and she even worked up enough courage to say it to his face. But the passive-aggressive antics throughout the episode were not cool. I wanted to slap her and say, “Use your words.” Granted, Yung-jae deserved to get as good as he gave so I couldn’t necessarily fault her for making him suffer a little. But at some point, someone has to be the adult and put it out there for the greater good of our OTP.

Min-hyuk sort of fills that role. He’s always been more honest with how he feels. And again, I respect his honesty. In dramaland, there is so much hiding of feelings, that it’s nice to have at least one person who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I cheered when he admitted he doesn’t like how it feels to have the roles reversed now that he likes someone who likes someone else. But still, he’s supposed to be the savvy businessman and lady-killer. Shouldn’t he know it’s a hopeless cause for him? Everytime Ji-eun goes on and on about Yung-jae, he just sits and stares at her. And I cry a bit for him (and entertain secret hopes of finding a Min-hyuk of my own).  

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