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After Han Ji-eun confesses that she likes him, Lee Yung-jae calls her a fool and says they can’t stay together anymore. That night, Ji-eun tosses and turns in bed while Yung-jae doesn’t even try to sleep. He sits beside his bed with Ji-eun’s wedding ring in his hand lost in thought.

It looks like Yoo Min-hyuk can’t sleep either. He paces in his apartment late into the night thinking about what to do. He finally picks up his phone and calls the reporter who contacted him about publishing a story on Yung-jae’s marriage. He asks the reporter to hold the article as long as possible.

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The next morning, Yung-jae sees a note on the refrigerator from Ji-eun saying she’ll be home later. She’s at Min-hyuk’s office and invites him out for breakfast. He asks about D-day, and she tells him she dropped a bomb on Yung-jae by asking for a divorce yesterday. Min-hyuk is surprised to learn Yung-jae agreed to the divorce, but he doesn’t press Ji-eun for details as she keeps talking as if things are fine.

Yung-jae eats alone at Full House then sits in his room holding Ji-eun’s wedding ring again. He calls Mr. Choi and asks him to find him another place to live as soon as possible. When Ji-eun gets home, she tries to sneak inside undetected, but she runs into Yung-jae in the hallway upstairs.

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They have lunch, and he tells her Mr. Choi is looking for a place for him and he’ll be moving out soon. He says she can keep all the furnishing he has in Full House or throw it out if she doesn’t want it. She asks what he’ll tell his family, but he doesn’t answer her.

Speaking of his family, over at Ilsan, Yung-jae’s Grandmother is reading the paper and sees a blind item about an actor leaving his fiancée to marry another woman. Even though they have no idea it’s about Yung-jae and Ji-eun, Mother tells her not to show Father because his relationship with Yung-jae has improved since the wedding and she doesn’t want the article to cause them to argue.


However, the agency president isn’t fooled. She knows the article is about Yung-jae, and when Mr. Choi tells her that Yung-jae asked him to find a new place for him to live, she gets suspicious. They call Shin Dong-wook into the office to question him (uh-oh), and he confirms that Yung-jae is still seeing Kang Hye-won. Then, just as suspected, Dong-wook spills the beans and tells them that Yung-jae and Ji-eun have a contract marriage.

The agency president calls Ji-eun and asks to meet. She asks Ji-eun to keep her contractual relationship with Yung-jae secret and to stay with him to prevent another scandal that would ruin his already-troubled career. She says she’s asking Ji-eun instead of Yung-jae because he has a temper and all of her attempts to get through to him thus far have failed.

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The president then goes to see Hye-won and tells her she can stop working with Yung-jae now. She says he’s going through a rough time and can’t afford another scandal. Hye-won doesn’t want to give him up, but the president tells her to see him after he’s divorced because in the eyes of the public he’s a married man. She doesn’t beat around the bush either. She flat out demands that Hye-won not see him anymore.

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Ji-eun returns home and thinks over the president’s words. She approaches Yung-jae in the backyard and pretends that her confession the night before was merely a joke to get back at him. She says she’ll take back what she said if he apologizes for how he treated her in the past. He’s pissed and yells at her that he apologized already. He admits he thought they were really breaking up and storms off to pout. She tries to cheer him up, but nothing works. Eventually she tells him to hit her so he can feel better. He refuses and, when she tries to make him punch her, she ends up making him punch himself. In the face. Hard. She tries to sympathize but can only manage to laugh at him. HeHe!

They sit at the table to talk. Yung-jae asks if he tormented her so much that she wanted to run away? (Yes, you did actually.) He says he didn’t realize it was so hard for her. He admits he expected to be relieved when she left, but the thought of her leaving him made him feel weird. He wants them to divorce when he’s ready. Ji-eun says they need to always be ready since their relationship will end one day. He’s surprised to find that she’s always ready for the end, and she responds by saying he now knows how scary she can be so he should be careful from here on out. She asks if he understands and he says no, so she calls him the chicken this time and tells him he’s dead if he messes with her again.

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In the morning, Ji-eun gapes to see that Yung-jae is already awake and cleaning the house. He makes her breakfast and sits next to her at the table to make sure she eats. He even brings her orange juice while she works and cheers her on. Ji-eun eyes him and the juice suspiciously. He’s been abnormally nice and it’s making her nervous. She wonders if he spiked the juice. He gets mad that she’s so suspicious and drinks the juice himself, vowing never to be nice to her again. He says he was trying to make up for how he treated her before, but she tells him not to bother because it makes her anxious.

Later, when she’s on her way out, Yung-jae tells her to come home early. She says she will if he cleans the house. His first impulse is to refuse, but he decides not to take any chances and hurries after her to let her know he’ll clean while she’s gone. He goes to her room and sits at her vanity. He has her wedding ring, which he puts in the top drawer and slowly slides it closed. Then he works hard thoroughly cleaning the house.

Ji-eun goes to see Min-hyuk. They’re having dessert and Ji-eun is quiet so Min-hyuk decides to tell her some of the jokes she usually tells him. She finally realizes how lame the jokes are and decides she should really stop telling them now. Then she brings up her plans to divorce Yung-jae. She says she can’t go through with the divorce because things aren’t going well for him. Min-hyuk looks alarmed, but as usual he stays silent.

At Full House, Dong-wook stops by to bring Yung-jae some things from the agency. Yung-jae is still wearing the apron he donned to clean the house, but when he sees Dong-wook’s mouth agape at the sight of him in an apron, he rips it off. Dong-wook ends up wearing the apron as he washes dishes, complaining that Ji-eun would make an actor do chores. He breaks the news that Yung-jae has lost his latest movie role and won’t be filming as planned the following week.

When Dong-wook leaves, he sits brooding on the sofa thinking about his career and Ji-eun until he gets a phone call from Min-hyuk. They meet at a bar, and over drinks, Yung-jae asks about Min-hyuk’s progress in taking Ji-eun away from him. Min-hyuk remains as cool and collected as ever. He admits he underestimated his opponent and things aren’t going so well. But he hasn’t given up and is thinking of new ways to win because he hates to lose.

He tells Yung-jae he should be scared because he’s going to shake up his world. Yung-jae is not intimated until Min-hyuk tells him there will be articles published about his marriage soon. Min-hyuk wants him to let go of Ji-eun before she gets hurt. Yung-jae insists he can protect Ji-eun, but Min-hyuk disagrees. He says Ji-eun is the one protecting Yung-jae, and he thinks Yung-jae’s hands are already full trying to protect Hye-won. Yung-jae thanks him for the unsolicited advice but insists he’ll protect Ji-eun, and then he gets up and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ji-eun is home and goes to her room. She finds the wedding ring in her vanity drawer and slides the ring onto her finger. Then she just sits there staring at it for a long time.

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By the time Yung-jae gets home, she’s back at work on the computer—ring in place. She makes him dinner and sits with him at the table as he eats. He’s in a glum mood, and she offers to tell him one of her “funny stories.” He says her stories will upset him even more so she gets up to leave, but he stops her. He wants her to sit with him because he wants company, although he’s too emotionally stunted to just say so.

He hesitantly asks if by any chance he’s hurting her. He heard it from her and other people—that he’s hurting her. She asks him who told him that he was hurting her, but he doesn’t answer. He just says he told those people he’d make sure she doesn’t get hurt. After all, he wants to protect his rice cooker. Ji-eun yells that she’s sick of him calling her a rice cooker and her feistiness puts the smile back on Yung-jae’s face. She tells him to stop laughing, but that only makes him grin even more.


He’s back to being glum that night though. He sits on the side of his bed and wonders what to do. The next morning he’s up early for his daily jog. This time, however, he gets the bright idea to make Ji-eun come along too—for her health. She complains the whole time and he insists that she exercise with him everyday from now on. It’s the carrot and stick though, because he says they can go places she wants to go and do things she wants to do too. All she has to do is tell him and they’ll do the things she wants to do together.

He then warns her about the upcoming stories about their marriage. He tries to make light of the situation and tells her not to worry about anything because he’ll take care of it. He says it’s hard having people who don’t know you gossip about you, but Ji-eun is more worried about him than herself. Afterwards, she sits at the desk unable to focus on work because she’s wondering how the articles will affect Yung-jae.

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Yang Hee-jin shows up and interrupts her reverie. She insists she’s not there because she caused trouble, but she only has bad news to convey. She was supposed to repay Ji-eun but says she can’t because she and Dong-wook are still broke. She also tells Ji-eun that the president made Hye-won leave Yung-jae alone, and Yung-jae’s career is in trouble. He doesn’t have any work and another scandal could ruin him completely.

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This news troubles Ji-eun even more. However, a flower delivery arrives to cheer her up. It’s followed by another delivery. And another. And another. Until she’s surrounded by dozens of bouquets of flowers. Yung-jae arrives home and pretends he didn’t send them, then he says the florist must have made a mistake.

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Hye-won pulls up to the house as they both sit amongst the bouquets. Yung-jae tells Ji-eun the flowers are to prepare her for their upcoming troubles. The flowers are anesthetic and when times get tough, he wants her to remember the flowers so it won’t hurt so much. They decide they’ll go back to MagicLand and their honeymoon destination. Ji-eun wants him to buy her an expensive meal, and he agrees, saying he’ll feed her until she’s stuffed. Yung-jae seals the deal with Ji-eun’s favorite chant: Aza Aza Fighting!

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Ji-eun is touched and happy. She steals a few looks at Yung-jae when his head is turned, then musters up the nerve to kiss him on the cheek. Yung-jae goes wide-eyed and looks at her. She looks at him and a smile begins to appear on his face until he turns to see Hye-won standing in the doorway. She’s let herself in and is looking at the two of them with a mixture of hurt and anger as she stands there glaring from the entryway.

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When Hye-won realizes they’ve both seen her, she apologizes and turns to leave. Yung-jae runs after her, trampling the flowers in his path as he goes. He grabs Hye-won’s arm before she can get in her car, but she pulls away with tears in her eyes and drives off before Yung-jae can see her cry.

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That night, Ji-eun apologizes, but Yung-jae says it’s not her fault. He tells Ji-eun he met Hye-won right after his little sister died. He hated his father and planned to run away, but he couldn’t. Although he’d saved his allowance, he ended up spending all of his money buying Hye-won ice cream to stop her from crying. He decided he couldn’t run away when she needed him so much, and he promised to protect Hye-won for the rest of her life. But Ji-eun keeps making him forget that promise, he says.

He tells Ji-eun he teased her because it was fun to see her get mad, but she actually makes him feel really good when he’s with her. He even talks more when he’s with her.

He says, “When I’m with you, I feel like I become a different person. I even forget Hye-won. Ji-eun, the truth is, I really wanted you. I wanted to protect you so you wouldn’t get hurt. But I think I have to go back to Hye-won now.”



So perhaps Yung-Jae did know how he felt all this time somewhere inside the recesses of his heart and mind. He totally had me fooled though. I prefer to believe the truth slowly dawned on him—starting when he stormed into Min-hyuk’s apartment and dragged Ji-eun out of there. Hye-won’s declaration that she was ready to be by his side opened his eyes a little more to his real feelings. It was at that moment he got the thing he’d always thought he wanted, and the euphoria he thought he’d feel didn’t happen because he realized he didn’t actually want it anymore. Now that Hye-won’s feelings are hurt, he knows that he can’t pretend he doesn’t care about Ji-eun anymore.

So where does that leave us? With our old friend noble idiocy, of course. Because now that he’s with the one he thought he loved, he can’t be with the one he actually loves. In the end we all know who will end up getting their feelings hurt though. Usually, I’d feel kind of bad for that person, but Hye-won is written as such a smug, self-centered, mean-spirited princess that I can’t muster up the will to feel bad for her. In fact, I think she deserves to get at least a tiny portion of what she’s dealt out back. Not because I want her to gratuitously suffer, but because I think it’d make her a better person (as much as a fictional character who will cease to exist after the drama airs can expect to become a better person).

With the last two episodes, I found myself slowly starting to like Yung-jae more and more.   That has a lot to do with him not tormenting Ji-eun anymore and him showing that underneath that crabby exterior is a pretty kind-hearted guy. But he’s still as clueless as ever though, and he still can’t quite figure out how to simply be kind to anyone except Hye-won yet. There is hope for him though, and at least that’s something to look forward to.

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