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Unbeknownest to Tae-hyun, Yeo-jin is awake and can hear the conversation he’s having with Man-shik. After he hangs up, he’s stunned to hear her voice behind him: “That money . . . should I give it to you?”

The next morning, President Go meets with the shareholders. He’s decided they need to file for a court order lifting the visitation restrictions in place to see Yeo-jin.


Meanwhile, Chief Lee and Tae-hyun arrive in Yeo-jin’s room for their morning rounds. As Tae-hyun examines Yeo-jin, he thinks back to their conversation from the night before, and we learn that Yeo-jin offered to pay for his sister’s medical expenses in exchange for him helping her escape. She’d told him to think it over carefully and wake her up once he’s decided. Back in the present, he shakes his head, telling himself it’s too dangerous to seriously consider her offer.

Mob Boss Doo-chul is his next patient of the morning. Doo-chul has good news. Hallyhu star Cha Se-hoon (the jerk who assaulted his girlfriend) is embroiled in a front-page news gambling scandal. It looks like Doo-chul set him up, but before Tae-hyun can get any more information from Doo-chul about it, he gets a phone call that sends him running out of the room.

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It’s his sister So-hyun. Dad had to rush her to the hospital because of near-fatal kidney failure. Her condition is terminal now. She only has one to two months left to live, but all she can think about is Tae-hyun’s strained relationship with their father. It’s her dying wish that the two reconcile, she says, and Tae-hyun turns his head away so she won’t see him cry.

Luckily, there’s some good news. There’s a procedure that can save her and a liver donor as well. Cynthia delivers the news, and Tae-hyun is so relieved that he grabs her into a hug—completely catching her off guard. Unfortunately, there’s bad news too though. It’ll cost about $2 million dollars.

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Over at the Hanshin Group mansion, Chae-young stumbles into the dining room while Do-joon is eating breakfast. She’s hung over (or still drunk) and collapses at the table. It’s all an act though, and her performance means she’s there when Do-joon’s secretary arrives with news of the shareholders’ petition to visit Yeo-jin.

Do-joon goes to his office to talk privately with his secretary. He decides that their only option is to kill Yeo-jin, but when Secretary doesn’t immediately fall in line with his plan, he violently throws his water glass at him. The glass hits the Secretary right in his temple and shatters, leaving the Secretary with a bleeding head wound. Completely unconcerned that he just injured the poor guy, Do-joon gives him 48 hours to settle the matter or Yeo-jin dies.

The housekeeper, who we now know Chae-young pays to eavesdrop on Do-joon, reports this latest development to Chae-young.  

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With his sister’s situation dire and no way to pay for her treatment, Tae-hyun decides to help Yeo-jin. He goes to her room and turns off the IV drip that is keeping her comatose. But before she wakes up, she starts to have a seizure, which triggers Nurse Hwang’s cell phone alarm. Knowing that Nurse Hwang will arrive any minute, Tae-hyun grabs Yeo-jin by the shoulders and yells for her to open her eyes. She finally does, thus stopping the seizure.

By the time Nurse Hwang arrives, the room is silent and Tae-hyun is feigning sleep on one of the couches in the sitting area. Nurse Hwang rushes over to Tae-hyun and demands that he leave. He plays it cool though, and he manages to get her to leave by letting on that he knows they’re forcibly keeping Yeo-jin comatose.

When she’s gone, Tae-hyun returns to Yeo-jin. He asks what she wants from him, but she turns the question back on him. It’s been a week since she made her offer. If he’s waking her up, it means he wants something from her. She’s right, so he names his price—his sister’s medical costs, and Yeo-jin immediately agrees to pay them. She tells Tae-hyun to give her his phone, and when he tries to hand it to her, we see how weak she’s become after three years of inactivity. She can’t lift her arm to take the phone from him, and with the technological advances, she doesn’t know how to make a phone call on it either.

With Tae-hyun’s help, she calls her bank and orders a certificate of deposit with an email confirmation sent to his phone. She tells him she won’t give him the password to access the money until after he helps her escape though.  

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Meanwhile, Nurse Hwang goes to Chief Lee to report her run-in with Tae-hyun. Chief Lee meets with Tae-hyun and learns that Tae-hyun has known all along that Yeo-jin is in an artificial coma because he saw them in the O.R. after her suicide attempt. Chief Lee isn’t angry by the news. In fact, he praises Tae-hyun for putting Nurse Hwang in her place, but he warns him to be careful of her. She’s a dangerous woman, he says.

He’s absolutely right too, because the next thing we know, Nurse Hwang goes into Yeo-jin’s room and takes her anger at Tae-hyun out on Yeo-jin. She slaps Yeo-jin, then immediately acts repentant, promising to make Yeo-jin pretty. We get another rendition of her brushing Yeo-jin’s hair and doing Yeo-jin’s make up while humming to herself. It’s as creepy as it was the first time we saw it, and I hope she doesn’t do that every time she abuses Yeo-jin.

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Chae-young and her father meet with President Go and the other shareholders to tell them to cancel the petition they’ve filed to gain visitation rights to Yeo-jin. She tells them Do-joon will kill Yeo-jin if they don’t withdraw it, but President Go laughs at her concern. She meets with President Go alone to try to convince him, but he still doesn’t listen. It looks like they’re not such a harmonious group after all.

When she leaves, she tells her father they’ll have to make the first move seeing as how President Go is going to proceed with the petition. On the other hand, President Go meets with a shady looking guy dressed in a dark suit. The guy has a distinctive scar on his face and is holding a picture of Chae-young. President Go tells the guy to remember her face—she will be their first target, he says.

Back at the hospital, Tae-hyun has diluted Yeo-jin’s medication so that she won’t be fully unconscious anymore. With her newfound lucidity, Yeo-jin starts deliberately setting off the motion sensors on the side of her bed. Every time Nurse Hwang gets a notification on her cell phone, she goes in to check on Yeo-jin but doesn’t find anything amiss.

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After umpteen false alarms, Nurse Hwang loses her temper and flies into a rage just as Chief Lee and Tae-hyun arrive to check on Yeo-jin. Tae-hyun grabs Nurse Hwang to restrain her, and when she calms down, Chief Lee gives her night shift duties to Tae-hyun, telling her to go home and get some rest.

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With Nurse Hwang out of the way, Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin have time to themselves to discuss their plans. Tae-hyun tells her about Chae-young approaching him to see her as well as the group of shareholders he saw trying to visit her. Yeo-jin realizes Chae-young must not be on Do-joon’s side if she’s trying to see her. She explains that Chae-young’s father was her father’s right-hand man. But he’s weak and can’t oppose Do-joon alone. President Go is strong though, and she pulls up President Go’s picture and confirms that he was among the shareholders who tried to visit her. She tells Tae-hyun to see President Go first.

Tae-hyun asks if she has any friends or wants to see anyone else aside from President Go. She doesn’t though. Everyone she’s loved has died because they loved her, she says. Now all she wants to do is destroy Hanshin Hospital along with all the people who locked her inside it.

Tae-hyun nods in understanding, and they bond over the fact that they’re both friendless and motherless. Tae-hyun decides that he wants three wishes for helping her instead of the one wish she already agreed to grant. His second wish is for them to be friends, he says.

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Before we can hear his third wish, we see that Nurse Hwang has made it back inside Yeo-jin’s room. She couldn’t bring herself to leave and had been sitting outside all that time. She’s shocked to see Yeo-jin awake talking to Tae-hyun.

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Completely unaware that Nurse Hwang is watching them, Tae-hyun tells Yeo-jin that they’ll start rehabilitative training the next day. Yeo-jin refuses, saying she’ll do it when she gets her position back. Tae-hyun disagrees though. “If you can’t walk up to the throne, then you can’t sit down on it either,” he says. “Today, I found a reason to return you back to your throne,” he adds, and the episode ends.



So I was wrong. It’s not Tae-hyun’s “innate humanity” that eventually drives him to help Yeo-jin. It’s his love for his sister and his desperate desire to save her life that has ultimately gotten him onboard Team Yeo-jin. At least his motive for taking on something so dangerous makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to save their little sister’s life if they could? And it’s so wrong of Do-joon and his minions to keep Yeo-jin comatose all in the name of maintaining control of Hanshin Group, that the possibility of his being able to take Do-joon down along the way is a bonus.

As far as the storyline goes, we’re seeing plots upon plots now. The biggest plot, of course, is Do-joon’s drug induced imprisonment of Yeo-jin. When you really stop and think about that, it’s really REALLY sick and twisted. I know people do some crazy things for money, but this has to be one of the most bizarre and evil things I’ve ever seen. The fact that he’s corralled accomplices to help him with his scheme just takes it to a whole other level of bananas. Which is why it should come as no surprise that one of his primary accomplices, Nurse Hwang, is completely psycho. I’d read comments here and there around the web with people speculating that she was cray-cray, and I can admit that there were definitely signs to corroborate those suspicions. But perhaps because there was so much else going on, I didn’t read too much into those signs. But now seeing how unstable she is, I’m genuinely afraid of what’s going to happen to our pair now. Will they be thwarted before they can even begin?

And what the heck is up with President Go? I kind of liked the fact that we had different factions and knew what to expect from them. But now that President Go may not really be aligned with Chae-young and her father, I don’t know what to think. I have no time to sit and try to figure it out either though. Episode 6 awaits.

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