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Chief Lee calls Yeo-jin’s time of death in the O.R. while outside President Go is shocked to discover there’s a dummy on the stretcher instead of Yeo-jin. Undeterred, President Go claps his hands in congratulations to Do-joon.  It’s time to start the real negotiations now, he says as he chuckles to himself.

Tae-hyun, who seemed to have forgotten his gunshot wound, finally collapses from the blood loss and pain. He manages to get up and make it inside the hospital, but instead of getting treated, he quickly patches himself up and heads to the O.R. to save Yeo-jin.

In the ICU, the Hanshin Electric employee who tried to commit suicide goes into cardiac arrest. When Chief Shin refuses to intervene because the patient is not strong enough to make it through surgery, Nurse Soo decides to call Tae-hyun and take the patient for an “x-ray” in the O.R. (Is she going to call Tae-hyun every time she disagrees with the doctors now?)

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Tae-hyun works tirelessly to save Yeo-jin even though he’s obviously in a lot of pain. His face is beaded with sweat and his wound starts bleeding through his scrubs, which catches the attention of Head Nurse and the other staff. He tells them to focus on Yeo-jin, but it’s not looking good for her. Despite his valiant efforts, her heart hasn’t started beating yet.

When Nurse Soo makes it to the O.R., Tae-hyun agrees to help her as soon as he’s done with Yeo-jin. However, it’s not long before he passes out—he’s completely spent from trying to manually perform CPR on Yeo-jin after his other efforts failed.

Suddenly Yeo-jin’s heart starts beating again (as if it was possible she wasn’t going to pull through) while the ICU patient, Kim Young-mi, goes into cardiac arrest in the next room and dies. Head Nurse looks over at the patient and gets an idea.


Do-joon and President Go go to Yeo-jin’s room on the VIP floor to talk while Chief Shin arrives in the O.R. to operate on Tae-hyun.

Do-joon opines that there’s nothing left to discuss between them now that Yeo-jin is dead, but President Go assures him that he’s mistaken. They’ve both worked hard to ruin the company. Do-joon’s goal was to reduce his inheritance tax liability, but President Go’s goal was to discredit Do-joon.

He threatens to reveal Hanshin Group’s real financial state if Yeo-jin’s death goes public, which would destroy the stock prices. Instead, he wants to pretend that Yeo-jin is still alive and share her stock, he says.

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Back in the ICU, we learn Head Nurse’s idea was to have Yeo-jin assume to identity of the comatose Hanshin Electric employee Young-mi. Nurse Soo explains the ruse when Yeo-jin wakes up and starts to panic to find her head wrapped in bandages.

Upstairs, Chief Lee returns to the VIP ward with the decoy dummy on the stretcher. He makes his way to Yeo-jin’s room so that the staff thinks he’s saved her once again. He’s surprised to find President Go with Do-joon, and Do-joon fills him in on his decision to align with President Go for the time being.

Downstairs, the head of security takes Head Nurse to the morgue to identify Yeo-jin’s body. I have no idea why a hospital employee who’s only seen her once would be identifying the body instead of a family member. And it’s even weirder that the guy doesn’t even bother to look at the body himself, but either way Head Nurse confirms that it’s Yeo-jin (even though it’s really the ICU patient Young-mi). She’s to ensure news of Yeo-jin’s death doesn’t leave the room, or else, the security guard tells her.

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The next morning, we get a glimpse at Mob Boss Doo-chul and his right hand man.  They’ve taken quite a beating for Tae-hyun and are now at the mercy of the inexperienced young nurse who arrives to give them their morning shots.  

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Down on the sixth floor, Chief Shin and the other residents are also making their morning rounds. They stop by to check on Tae-hyun, who still hasn’t woken up yet, as well “Young-mi.”  Nurse Soo stops them before they can uncover Yeo-jin’s face and discover their ruse. She lies and says the Director transferred Young-mi’s care to the VIP ward. Luckily, Chief Shin doesn’t press the issue so moments later when Chief Lee and Do-joon arrive to check on Tae-hyun, their visit passes by without incident.

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Do-joon heads upstairs to see Chae-young, and now I’m totally confused by their relationship. I’d assumed they had an arranged, loveless marriage, but it seems Do-joon may harbor real (though clearly sick and twisted) feelings for her. He tells her he loves her and when she tells him she loves him too, he disagrees. They both know she doesn’t love him, he says, but he wonders if that will change now that he’s the real owner of Hanshin Group. Either way, he assures her that she won’t ever be able to leave him.

He stands up and walks away, and before he’s even out of the room, Chae-young drops the airhead act to glare after him. “I pity you,” she says to his retreating back. “I wonder what it’s like to love someone who has never loved you back.”

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It looks like Detective Lee is as determined as ever to learn Yong-pal’s true identity. Man-shik gets arrested and ends up in the only police station in Seoul (i.e. Det. Lee’s precinct). Det. Lee conveniently overhears a mobster complaining to Man-shik about Yong-pal’s work and that leads to the detective hauling Man-shik into a private room for an interrogation. Man-shik recalls Mob Boss Doo-chul’s threat not to disclose Yong-pal’s identity to anyone and refuses to talk. However, Detective Kim arrives with his phone records, and they get a lead: Hanshin Hospital.

Over at the hospital, Chae-young chats with a nurse about the previous night’s chaotic battle over Yeo-jin. Chae-young learns that President Go sent an assassin to her room during the melee, and the nurse tells her that even though Tae-hyun got critically injured, he was worried about her the most. Realizing that Tae-hyun saved her life, she hurries to the ICU to see him. And to relieve her anxiety, she insists that all of the specialists in the hospital examine him and meet to discuss the best way to treat him.

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Even with the best care in the world though, days pass before Tae-hyun finally wakes up. When he does, he makes a beeline to visit Yeo-jin who is relieved to hear his voice and know that he’s alive. Tae-hyun whisks her away to the roof of the hospital, and even though just a few episodes ago she could barely lift her foot, she manages to stand up on her own and make her way to the railing to look at the Seoul skyline. It’s her first time outside in three years, and Yeo-jin is teary-eyed as she thanks Tae-hyun for helping her.

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Their tête-à-tête is interrupted when Cynthia arrives. Having received her reward for helping President Go, she stopped by the hospital to get her things before she heads to the States and wants to bid Tae-hyun goodbye. (How she knew that she’d find him on the roof is beyond me though.) She spots Yeo-jin sitting nearby and asks Tae-hyun if she’s his girlfriend. Tae-hyun tells her Yeo-jin is just a patient at the hospital, but Cynthia isn’t fooled.

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She asks Tae-hyun to get her some coffee, which gets her some alone time with Yeo-jin. She sits down next to Yeo-jin and tells her to grab ahold of Tae-hyun while she can. He gave up quite a bit of money for a woman, she adds, even though that money could have saved his little sister. Cynthia calls Yeo-jin by name. (She knows it’s her!) “If you’re going to live the rest of your life hiding, he will be the best man for you,” she says, and then she stands up and walks away.

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By the time Tae-hyun returns, Cynthia is long gone and Yeo-jin sits deep in thought. Tae-hyun sees that something is wrong and asks what’s the matter.

Still stunned, all Yeo-jin can mutter is: “What did I do?”


Uh-oh. It looks like this is where things start to slow down. I can’t say I’m surprised. The show set a pretty frenetic pace for the first six episodes. Although as a viewer it was quite an enjoyable ride, it was only a matter of time before it burned itself out. As a result, we got a whole lot of flashbacks and meandering shots of our OTP walking around in la-la land during this episode just to pass time. Was it as fun? No. But did I mind? That’d be a no too. At least not yet. I think we could all use a bit of a break to process what has happened so far instead of having to gear up for more.

As far as this episode goes, Chae-young and Do-joon’s storyline intrigued me the most. I can’t help but wish instead of wasting our time with MV-style filler scenes and flashbacks, the show had delved into their relationship a little more. Finding out that Do-joon has a one-sided love for his wife was completely unexpected. Now I’m full of questions. It seems as if he has a deep sense of inferiority and his feelings for Chae-young are in part based on his feeling that she’s too good for him. But why does she loathe him so much?

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