It’s quiet the morning after Lee Yung-jae declares he has to go back to Kang Hye-won. While Han Ji-eun sits at the desk recalling the things Yung-jae said to her the night before, we see Hye-won at her shop.

image image

Hye-won is pensive too. Yung-jae shows up and watches her from afar for a moment. He deliberately puts a smile on his face before he approaches. He takes her out to eat and encourages her to try the food so she won’t get sick again. She glares at him instead of eating, and he tells her he’s moving out of Full House.

This news does the trick. She perks up enough to tell him the president of his agency warned her not to see him again until his divorce is finalized. She says if she didn’t have him by her side though, she wouldn’t be able to go on. She visibly brightens as she declares she’ll forgive him because she knows how much she hurt him before. (O.M.G. I just want to slap her right now. UGH.) She tells him to make sure she doesn’t get hurt anymore though.

image image

Ji-eun is still at the desk that evening when Yung-jae comes home.  He tells her he’ll be moving out next week, and they both spend the night sadly brooding—Yung-jae in his room and Ji-eun at her usual spot at the desk.

image image

Ji-eun goes to see Min-hyuk the next morning with the latest revision of her movie script. He asks if there’s anything wrong because she looks tired. He offers to buy her something delicious because it’s the only thing he can do for her. She asks for a drink instead, and they go to a bar.

Over drinks, she tells him that Yung-jae said he’s moving out soon and is going to be with Hye-won. She has tears in her eyes as she recounts Yung-jae buying her flowers and promising to treat her to fancy meals and take her anywhere she wants to go. The tears well up even more as she says she thought Yung-jae liked her a little too. She thinks Yung-Jae is foolish for going to Hye-won when another scandal could permanently ruin his career. She wonders why he can’t just dump Hye-won, and Min-Hyuk says Yung-jae can’t hurt Hye-won. Min-hyuk thinks it’s a good thing Yung-Jae let her go because news of their marriage will break soon. Yung-jae will be hit hard, but she should be okay, he thinks.

Yung-jae sits at Full House waiting for Ji-eun to come home. When she finally gets there, she’s totally drunk. She slurs her way through a goodbye with Min-hyuk, then she stumbles into the house and demands that Yung-jae make her some honey water. She’s half asleep by the time he brings it to her, and she tells him he can’t go to Hye-won. She says she’s not letting him go and is going to protect him, then she falls asleep.

He carries her to bed and watches her sleep for a while. He goes to stroke her face but stops his hand midway and forces himself to pull it away. He tells her not to let him hurt her or make her sick. He says he can’t protect her and tears start to fall from his eyes.

image image

Ji-eun wakes up late the next day with a hangover. Yung-jae wants her to go back to their honeymoon destination to lay low when the articles about their marriage start to appear. She refuses, saying he’ll be having a hard time too. He yells at her though and asks who is she to stay by his side. He says he’s a foul-tempered selfish jerk (and she’s all, oh! so you do know you’re horrid, lol), and he vows to make her leave him.

He puts his plan to drive her away into immediate action. When she’s at the computer (daydreaming that she’s a drill sergeant forcing him to do drills in the mud), he comes over to yell about the chores he assigned that she’s failed to do. He turns off “his” computer and tells her to clean the bathroom. He doesn’t stop there though. He follows her to the bathroom to tell her to be sure to clean every inch. If she doesn’t like it, she can leave, he says. She thinks leaving is pointless because he’ll just come after her. But he assures her he won’t stop her anymore and tells her to run away from him now.

At lunch, he uses the soup as an excuse to yell and act out. He demands that she cook it again, but she doesn’t move from the table. She asks what happened and why he’s angry. He insists he’s just naturally ill tempered, but she’s not fooled. She says she doesn’t know what’s wrong, but she wants him to cheer up. She cheers him on with her favorite Fighting! chant, and he loses the will to force her away (for now).


He goes to the backyard to brood, and she follows him out there. She wants to know what’s wrong so she can take care of it for him. He says she’s the problem. He can’t figure out why she’s trying to stay by his side, and he tells her not to talk to him anymore.

Back inside, she’s washing dishes when he comes downstairs and leaves without saying goodbye. He goes to the agency where the president tries to talk him out of moving out of Full House. He ignores her advice and tells her to stick to work related things for now, then he leaves.


He visits Hye-won, who has cooked dinner for him, and she tells him she’ll make lots of good food for him from now on. She asks if he wants her to make his favorite jellyfish dish next time, but he tells her he doesn’t eat it anymore. Hye-won wants to know why, but he doesn’t really answer her.  He just says it brings back bad memories and leaves it at that.

Ji-eun greets him when he returns to Full House that night, but he ignores her again. She asks if he ate dinner already, and he makes a big deal of having had a home-cooked meal with Hye-won. He lies and says Hye-won made the jellyfish dish he likes. Ji-eun reminds him of their promise to tell each other where they are and when they’ll be late, but he declares he won’t be telling her anymore. He says the promises he made to her mean nothing to him, and she shouldn’t wait for him anymore.

He goes to his room to sit in the dark and brood (again). Ji-eun is downstairs sitting in the dark brooding too, and he eventually goes in the hallway to stare down at her as she stares off into space.

image image

The next morning Ji-eun gets up early to exercise with him. He’s surprised to see her, but he gets over his shock and runs fast during their run to ensure she can’t keep up with him. When he gets back to Full House, she’s mad, but she still tries to get him to reconsider moving out. She doesn’t want him to damage his career, but he just tells her to stop concerning herself with his business.

Having finally had enough of his attitude, she tells him to stop being so prickly while she’s still being nice. Her warning falls on deaf ears though. He says he’s going to tell her again because his message obviously didn’t get through the first time: she annoys him; the promises he made were merely empty words and empty promises; and the promises he made to her mean nothing to him just as she means nothing to him.

image image

In spite of those harsh words, they have breakfast together (because Ji-eun really is that thick-skinned, and he still has to eat). Ji-eun asks if she doesn’t have to keep the promises she made either, and he agrees that she doesn’t. She declares she won’t run with him anymore or cook or clean. Hoping to get a rise out of him, she also says she’ll be home late every night without calling. He doesn’t take the bait though and tells her to do whatever she wants.

After breakfast, she sits at the desk trying to work while he goes to the backyard to brood (AGAIN!). He stares at the water, and Ji-eun decides to call Min-hyuk. We don’t hear what she wants, but he smiles brightly and perks up when he hears what she says.

image image

When Yung-Jae comes back inside, she’s not at the desk. He looks around until he sees her coming down the stairs. He asks if she’s going somewhere. She says she is but refuses to tell him where. She says she may be home late or she may not come home at all. He’s clearly discomfited but his phone rings before he can respond. Ji-eun’s exultation is short-lived because it’s Hye-won on the phone. Yung-jae raises his voice (as if Ji-eun isn’t standing right beside him) and makes plans to meet Hye-won later. Ji-eun is still standing there when he hangs up, and he meanly tells her she can go on her way now.

image image

She meets Min-hyuk at a café. She agrees to pay (because they’re at a cheap place, lol) and Min-hyuk good-naturedly says he’ll pay for dinner later. That night who should walk into the restaurant they’ve chosen for dinner? Yung-jae and Hye-won, of course.


The four of them have an awkward meal together. It’s mostly silent until Hye-won wants to know more about the movie Ji-eun’s writing. Yung-jae declares he’s not interested in it though, especially since a bird is writing it. This starts the two on a round of bickering and complaints about each other until the unfortunate evening finally comes to an end. Outside the restaurant, Yung-jae looks pained to see Ji-eun leave with Min-hyuk. Hye-won looks at him pining after Ji-eun and gets totally pissed, but Yung-jae doesn’t even notice.

During the drive home, Min-hyuk invites Ji-eun to a film festival in Venice. He thinks it will be good to experience in case her film gets selected in the future.

In Yung-jae’s car, Hye-won has to call his name several times before he realizes she’s talking to him. By the time she gets his attention though, she just says never mind. He drops her off, and she stands outside her house long after he pulls off staring after him.

image image

The next morning, Yung-jae is back to brooding in the backyard. Ji-eun goes outside with him and tells him she’s going to the Venice Film Festival with Min-hyuk. She asks if he cares, and he says he doesn’t. She laments that his film didn’t get chosen for the festival because then they could have gone together. He asks when she’s leaving. She tells him she’s leaving the next day and to cook for himself while she’s gone. He says he won’t be there when she gets back. He’ll have moved out by the time she returns, he tells her, and she goes to her room to brood over this latest piece of news.

image image

On the day of the trip, Ji-eun comes downstairs preparing to leave. Yung-jae is lounging on the couch and plays it cool when she tells him goodbye, nonchalantly telling her to enjoy herself on her trip. She says she’ll call when she gets back, but he tells her not to bother. She leaves only to come right back inside to ask for a ride to the airport. Yung-jae refuses, but when she’s finally gone he goes outside to look down the street after her. Back in the house, he goes to the desk and sits in the chair she’s usually in and fingers the keyboard.

The doorbell rings as he’s sitting there. He smiles brightly and hurries to the door. His smile gets brighter as the door opens, but it fades when he sees that it’s only Shin Dong-wook and Yang Hee-jin. They’re there to pack his things.

image image

Yung-jae goes and picks up Hye-won while Dong-wook and Hee-jin are busy at Full House. They’re riding down the street in his car, and he calls her Ji-eun and asks if she ate. When she points out he called her Ji-eun, he sheepishly apologizes. He tells her that Ji-eun went on a trip and then he starts talking, and talking, and talking about how worried he is. Hye-won interrupts him and tells him if he’s that worried about Ji-eun, he should go after her and tell her to stay. He slams on the brakes and stares at her, then the next thing we know he’s running through the airport calling Ji-eun’s name. (Another standard drama trope under our belt!)

image image

He doesn’t find her, and they end up at a bar. All he can do is talk about Ji-eun as Hye-won sits next to him silently hurting. He tells Hye-won he really liked Ji-eun but all he did was hurt her and make her suffer. Hye-won tells him he can protect Ji-eun from now on. She admits that she knew he liked Ji-eun, but she held onto him because she was in so much pain. She says she ignored his pain, even though she knew it was wrong, because she thought it was too unfair and harsh for her to be dumped twice in a row. She says she’s sorry she let him, her best friend, suffer. She tells Yung-jae to go now because she’s letting go of his hand. She insists she’ll be fine and forces herself to smile as she says, “Me? Don’t worry about me. I’m Kang Hye-won. You don’t know? The strong Kang Hye-won.”

Yung-jae reverts to his nine-year-old self and asks if she wants ice cream. She scoffs and says she’s grown now. She doesn’t eat ice cream when she’s upset. She drinks alcohol. She also cries it out—as evidenced by her leaving Yung-jae at the bar and locking herself in a bathroom stall to sob. It’s painful to hear how heartbroken she is. (I know I said I wouldn’t feel sorry for her, but awwwww.)

image image

Later that night, we see that Ji-eun hasn’t gone to Venice after all. Min-hyuk brings her back to Full House, and she hurries inside. She goes through the house looking for Yung-jae. Min-hyuk has her bag and brings it inside as she stands in Yung-jae’s room hoping he’s there.


They end up sitting on the back deck. She laments that Yung-jae left and even told her not to call him when she got back. Min-hyuk offers to beat him up and says he’s a good fighter. Ji-eun gets a bit of her feisty spirit back. She declares she’s a good fighter too, and Yung-jae’s no match for her. Min-hyuk laughs until he sees tears start to fall from her eyes. He wipes her tears and puts his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. And Yung-jae chooses that moment to return to Full House and sees them together in the backyard.

image image


We’re finally at the point in the drama where the OTP gets the chance to be together. However, we’re all too used to the game to think it’s just a simple matter of Yung-jae and Ji-eun meeting face-to-face, confessing their feelings, and living happily ever after. This is dramaland after all, and we’re guaranteed at least two more episodes of angst before our happy ending.

At least we get to see growth from Yung-jae and Hye-won. Hye-won’s selfishness bothered me more than Yung-jae’s did. Perhaps that’s the fault of the writers more than anything else. We could all understand, but not necessarily condone, Yung-jae’s behavior because we got to see that many of his issues arose from the family’s tragically losing his sister. We had no similar glimpse into Hye-won’s life or inner demons. In the majority of her scenes, she was being horridly self-entitled or vapidly self-absorbed. I (almost) felt like not bothering to hate her because it was a bit too obvious the writers were merely using her as a plot device and nothing more. So it was nice to see her finally think about someone other than herself. And I like the idea of Hye-won and Yung-jae forming a true friendship after all these years.

On a totally unrelated note, am I the only one who noticed extra people popping up in the background in shots outside and around Full House throughout previous episodes? This episode seemed to have a lot more of that going on. I wonder if there was just not enough time to properly edit with the time constraints that may have arisen toward the end of this drama filming due to the perilous live shooting system.

Some of the people in the background might be considered natural. After all, the house is on oceanfront property and perhaps there are tourists or other neighborhood residents on the beach. However, there was one incident (when Ji-eun was sitting at the desk) where a random guy poked his head into the scene, then immediately moved out of the frame. It was hilarious and so obvious that he was looking inside to see what was going on. He could have been a staff member with an oops moment, but it was pretty funny when I noticed it.

It reminded me of the final episode of Vineyard Man. The live shoot system clearly harmed that drama. At the beginning of the episode, Jang Taek-gi (Oh Man-seok) is running down the platform at a train station trying to get the attention of Lee Ji-hyun (Yoon Eun-hye), and there are a few seconds of a cameraman running right along with him in the shot. See the comparison below:

image image
                      Now you see him.                                                                        Now you don’t!

image image
hy hello Mr. Cameraman.                                                    Please stick around for a while. 

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