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Lee Yung-jae arrives at Full House and is dismayed to see Yoo Min-hyuk on the back deck with Han Ji-eun with his arm draped around her shoulder. Ji-eun pulls away from his embrace, telling him she’s fine now and he can go. Yung-jae is outside and watches Min-hyuk drive away.

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That night, Ji-eun goes to Yung-jae’s room to check to see if he’s come home. He’s still not there, and she returns to her room disappointed. The next morning, she checks the room again and does a double take when she sees a figure lying in the bed. It’s Yung-jae!

She runs to his bed and jumps on it, grabbing his face and calling his name to wake him up. She wants to know when he came back and whether he moved out yesterday. He yells for her to just go make him some breakfast, and she’s so happy to see him that she complies (smh).

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At the table, he becomes defensive when she asks about him moving out. He wants to know why she’s asking so many questions and tells her it’s annoying him. Suddenly, he’s the one asking too many questions and is annoying her when he wants to know why she didn’t go to Venice. They both keep quiet after that.

Later on though, she decides they need to talk. Initially, he ignores her, but eventually he starts his usual teasing, calling her poultry and exclaiming because he’s amazed that a bird can think. She ignores his comments and admits it didn’t feel good to leave things that way when she left for the airport. She earnestly asks that they talk things out and presses him to tell her what’s wrong. Yung-jae continues with his usual passive-aggressive digs though. Instead of telling her he saw her and Min-hyuk together and didn’t like it, he accuses her of being flaky. They go back and forth, and he berates her for bringing a man home within a day of him leaving. He says he didn’t know she was “that kind of woman.”

Ji-eun is surprised he knows that Min-hyuk was there, but she tells him Min-hyuk just gave her a ride home. She says if he’s that upset, he can just bring Kang Hye-won over too. She even reminds him that he’s a man and he goes to Hye-won’s house. He thinks it’s different for him to go to Hye-won’s house because they’ve known each other for fifteen years, and he calls Ji-eun loose. She’s finally had enough of his insults and storms off just as the doorbell starts to ring.

Yung-jae yells for Ji-eun to answer the door, but she’s long gone. He goes to the door and it’s Min-hyuk . . . with flowers! Yung-jae lies and says Ji-eun isn’t home, but he grabs the flowers from Min-hyuk anyway. Then he tries to close the door, but Ji-eun’s voice rings out asking who’s at the door and he’s forced to let Min-hyuk in. He’s so petty, lol.

While Ji-eun is preparing drinks, Yung-jae goes over to their wedding picture and makes a big deal out of straightening it and dusting it off.   He asks Min-hyuuk why he came over, and Min-hyuk says he was wondering how Ji-eun was doing alone. Min-hyuk wants to know why Yung-jae is at Full House when he was supposed to move out. Yung-jae says it’s his house and he can come and go as he pleases, but Min-hyuk corrects him.

He tells Yung-jae not to kid himself because the house belongs to Ji-eun and Yung-jae was supposed to be going to Hye-won. He asks Yung-jae why he’s away from Hye-won?

Yung-jae doesn’t have anything to say in response so after a pause he just mumbles that it’s not Min-hyuk’s business. Min-hyuk continues being as direct as ever. He flat out tells Yung-Jae that he’s being ridiculous.


Ji-eun returns to the living room with drinks and thanks Min-hyuk for the flowers again. Min-hyuk turns to Yung-jae and reminds him that he had plans and said he had to leave. Yung-jae goes to his closet to change—only to realize it’s empty. Shin Dong-wook already moved his clothes to his new place. He returns downstairs and spies on Ji-eun and Min-hyuk in the backyard.

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Ji-eun tells Min-hyuk that Yung-jae said he would be moving out soon. Apparently something happened to delay his move-in date at his new place, but she’s glad she’ll be home when he finally leaves. Min-hyuk says he’s not glad at all. In fact, he’s upset because his plan to visit her everyday once Yung-jae left is ruined. She smiles and tells him to visit anyway. Min-hyuk spots Yung-jae checking them out from the kitchen and asks Ji-eun if she’d like to go for a drive and grab a bite to eat.

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When they go inside, Yung-jae pretends his work plans were cancelled. Ji-eun tells him she and Min-hyuk are going out, and Yung-jae tries to prevent her from leaving by claiming she has cleaning to do. She says she’ll clean later and he shouts, “Don’t go. If you leave now . . . how am I going to eat?” Ji-eun looks at him, then she looks at Min-hyuk. She sees Yung-jae’s sad expression and apologizes to Min-hyuk but says she can’t go.

Back inside, Yung-jae sits pretending to read a book. He’s really sneaking peeks at Ji-eun though. He asks why she stayed, and she says she thought about how she felt that day at his movie premiere when he left with Hye-won after she asked him to stay. He remembers that day too and says he’ll never do that to her again.

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When she’s cleaning the windows, he comes over to help, but every time she turns her head, he slacks off and stares at her. He claims she has something on her eyelash and tells her to close her eyes. It’s just an excuse to kiss her though, but his plan is foiled when the doorbell rings before he gathers up the nerve to kiss her. It’s Dong-wook and Yang Hee-jin. They’re there to move his things back in.

Upstairs, Dong-wook warns Yung-jae not to come to the office because rumors about his marriage have hit the news and he needs to avoid the reporters. Yung-jae tells Dong-wook to ensure Ji-eun doesn’t find out, but he’s too late. Hee-jin is downstairs telling Ji-eun that the rumors are mostly about her. The reports claim she’s a gold digger who married Yung-jae for money and point out that he paid off her debts after the marriage.

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Unfortunately, the news reaches Yung-jae’s father, and he heads straight to Full House to confront the pair. His visit interrupts Yung-jae’s second attempt to kiss Ji-eun, but they have bigger fish to fry because Father is furious. He gets even angrier as Ji-eun apologizes over and over while Yung-jae won’t even defend himself.

Yung-jae finally tells his father not to meddle in his life and dad totally loses it. He starts hitting Yung-jae, and Ji-eun puts herself between Father’s flying fists and Yung-jae (who’s just sitting there stoically taking the beating). Ji-eun begs Father to stop, and they go to a café to talk by themselves. He tells her she may have had reasons for doing what she did, but there are things people shouldn’t do for money. Deceiving family is one of them so he wants Ji-eun to break up with Yung-jae and admits he hopes to never see her again.

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When Ji-eun returns to Full House Yung-jae is in bed. She tells him he should have apologized to his father, then she asks him to come downstairs to eat lunch. He refuses until she says she won’t eat either. They end up at the table where Ji-eun wants to tell another of her “funny” jokes. (I thought she’d agreed never to bust those suckers out again, but oh well.) This time she’s actually funny. Her joke is still lame but her faux-laugh is so forced that it’s hilarious, as well as a bit sad.

Yung-jae asks if she’s okay and reminds her of all the roses he bought her to think about when times get tough. She smiles, then she says she’s sorry. She says she’ll go to Ilsan to talk to his family. He doesn’t want her to go though, saying she’ll only get hurt if she does.

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She doesn’t listen, of course, and goes to Ilsan early the next morning. She stands outside Grandmother’s door crying as she begs Grandmother to forgive her. Grandmother refuses to let her in and Yung-jae’s mother finally tells her she should leave for now. She goes to a park and sits on a bench to cry some more.

At Ilsan, Yung-jae’s mother tells his father Ji-eun tried to visit Grandmother today and cried when Grandmother refused to see her. She says she feels sorry for Ji-eun and that Ji-eun doesn’t seem like a bad person.

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Min-hyuk is in his apartment working that night. He gets a call from Ji-eun and goes to the park, where she’s still sitting on the same bench from earlier that morning. He sits with her and she tells him she didn’t realize how bad her actions were. Now that things have ended up like this, she realizes she was wrong. She recalls how good the family treated her and feels bad for hurting them. She says she’s upset too. She really liked them too. Min-hyuk tells her they’re just in shock now and will understand more as time passes. She asks whether she should make things right since she was wrong from the beginning?

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Meanwhile, Yung-jae sits at Full House worrying about Ji-eun. When Ji-eun arrives, Yung-jae learns that she was out with Min-hyuk and wants to know what they did together. She says they just talked. He says she could have talked to him and wants to know what they talked about. He asks if Min-hyuk wanted to go on another trip or asked to kiss her again. Then he mockingly says he’s sorry he won’t give her a divorce when she and Min-hyuk are so in love with each other.

She loses her patience with him and finally tells him she talked to Min-hyuk because she’s having a hard time. He scoffs and wants to know why she’s having such a difficult time. She responds that she’s having a hard time because of him. She says he always hurts her and makes her suffer. “Do you know how much I’ve cried since I met you?” she asks. Then she scoffs that he’d dare to ask her why she’s having such a hard time.

Yung-jae declares he won’t hurt her anymore. He says he’ll protect her, but she doesn’t believe him. She asks how will he protect her and lets him know buying ice cream when she cries isn’t going to cut it. She tells him he’s clueless. He has no idea how to love someone or express love, and he certainly can’t protect anyone when he doesn’t even know when he hurts people.   Ji-eun says she doesn’t want to be hurt anymore and tells him they should just end the marriage now. She tells him to go to Hye-won.

Tears threaten to fall from Yung-jae’s eyes. He takes a deep breath, then he says he just wants to ask her one thing. He asks if Min-hyuk doesn’t hurt her and whether Min-hyuk can protect her.

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We don’t hear her response. Instead, we see them in their respective rooms brooding again. The next morning, Yung-jae’s gone. Ji-eun finds a note on the refridgerator thanking her for cooking for him all this time and saying goodbye. She stands there staring at the note as her eyes well up with tears.

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The next thing we know, Yung-jae’s outside a meeting room waiting to go to a press conference. He opens and closes his cell phone as he contemplates making a call while Ji-eun sits at Full House sad and listless. The doorbell rings, and when Ji-eun opens the door, it’s Hye-won. Ji-eun lets her in and gives her the ring Yung-jae bought to propose to her all those months ago. Ji-eun tells Hye-won that Yung-jae really loves her and asks her to make Yung-jae happy. Hye-won says she can’t do that.

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Hye-won says she came to see Ji-eun because she heard she and Yung-jae were breaking up. She says that Yung-jae isn’t good at expressing himself so she thought she’d do it for him. She explains that Yung-jae is fragile and can’t even express his feelings. Ji-eun interrupts and says she knows. Hye-won says if she knows, how come she doesn’t seem to know that Yung-jae likes her. Hye-won asks Ji-eun to give Yung-jae another chance. Ji-eun is stunned, but she says it won’t work. She cries as she says she hurt Yung-jae and his family, and she’s hurting too. She wants to make things right by ending things now.

At the hotel, Mr. Choi wants the agency to spin Yung-jae as a victim of Ji-eun’s gold digging. Dong-wook protests against maligning Ji-eun’s name, but Mr. Choi thinks people will forget Ji-eun sooner than they forget about Yung-jae. The president decides Yung-jae will have to make the decision on his own and suffer the consequences. Yung-jae tells her he’s ready, and he enters the press conference where the reporters are waiting.


He begins his statement by thanking them for coming and says he’s there to talk about the woman he loves. He describes her as someone who can find happiness and hope in the little things. He says she’s a person who brings him joy, then he says because he loves her so much and wants to protect her, he’s decided to get a divorce. He refuses to reveal the identity of the woman he loves, but says she’s the most important person in the world to him. He tells them he has nothing more to say, then he leaves.

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He goes to his hotel room and thinks back to when he met Ji-eun. He reminisces about their time together and starts to cry. Ji-eun is at Full House reliving their memories too. She starts to cry as well.

Later that night, Dong-wook goes to the hotel room looking for Yung-jae, but he’s not there. We see him drive away in his car.


When we see Full House again, it’s back to being a pigsty. The doorbell rings and a straight-haired Ji-eun runs downstairs to see who’s there. It’s Min-hyuk . . . and he’s brought flowers!

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I’ll be brief. It’s late, and I’m sleepy so I’ll make three quick points and be out.

The first is to say o.m.g.—the feels in this epiosde. When I first watched it, I cried buckets of tears, especially for Ji-eun, and watchng it again after all these years it still made me a bit misty-eyed at times. It didn’t seem like what Ji-eun did was all that wrong at the time, but in hindsight I could definitely understand why Yung-jae’s family’s immediate response was to cut her off. It was just too bad that someone who hadn’t had a family for so long got so attached to them. I ended up feeling much more for her than I did for them.

Point two: Hooray for Yung-jae! This guy finally got to say the things he should have said half a dozen episodes ago—that he loves Ji-eun. But in line with the sentiments in my first point, it’s just too bad he admitted it only to announce that their relationship was over. Still, Rain did a good job in that scene. I certainly felt his pain.

And finally, how great were our second leads! Min-hyuk was his usual awesome self pulling no punches to set Yung-jae straight, but we got a treat as Hye-won stepped up to surprise us too. She actually went out of her way to help Yung-jae and tried to do something kind for Ji-eun. Perhaps there’s hope for her after all!

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