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Tae-hyun makes his return to Hanshin Hospital with mother and baby in tow. After getting them settled, he learns the shocking news that Nurse Hwang and Director Byung are dead, and Chief Lee is missing. He then stops by to see Mob Boss Doo-chul and his right-hand man. They’re much better now so Tae-hyun tells them to get discharged from the hospital.

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As he leaves Doo-chul’s room he sees his father in the hallway and gets another shock: the hospital has admitted his sister So-hyun to the VIP ward. She’s basically being held hostage under the guise that she’s received funding from the hospital’s welfare foundation for her treatment. Tae-hyun talks to the new chief of the VIP ward, Lee Seung-hoon (Chief Lee II, lol) and learns her trip to the U.S. is a no-go too. He claims the foundation doesn’t have the money to cover So-hyun’s medical expenses in the States so she has to stay put.

Meanwhile, the original Chief Lee is still in hiding. We spot him buying a fake passport from a shady guy in the middle of the night.

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Back at Hanshin Hospital, Tae-hyun decides to take his sister and try to make a run for it. Unfortunately, every exit is guarded and Do-joon’s secretary sends him a text threatening his little sister if he insists on running away. This makes him stop in his tracks and he gives up his escape attempt . . . for now at least.

The next morning, Tae-hyun has a chat with the Head Nurse, who wonders why he voluntarily returned to the hospital knowing how dangerous it is for him. He tells her he had to come back anyway because they’re holding his sister. With Nurse Hwang and Director Byung dead and Chief Lee gone, he knows he’s next.


However, Chae-young arrives on the VIP ward to check in for her usual treatments. She stops by his office and assures him that as long as she’s around him, he’ll be safe. Staying next to her is his safest place, she says. However, Tae-hyun thinks his relationship with her gives Do-joon even more reason to want him dead so when she leaves, he puts in a call asking to meet with Do-joon.

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The meeting doesn’t go well though. When Tae-hyun begs Do-joon to spare his sister and promises to kill himself as long as his sister survives, Do-joon matter-of-factly tells him not to worry. He’ll take care of that for him.   Then when Tae-hyun brings up Chae-hyun, assuring Do-joon that they don’t have “that” kind of relatonship, Do-joon loses his cool. He claims he’s not interested in what happened between Tae-hyun and Chae-young. Now that Yeo-jin is dead, “you’re just being discarded because you’re no longer useful,” he tells him and kicks him out.

Do-joon’s secretary helps Tae-hyun up and walks him out. At the door, the secretary tells him to send his sister to the U.S. and go into hiding. He’ll have to keep his promise and make Chae-young believe he ran away though. Tae-hyun agrees, but he leaves the secretary with a parting warning: “I hope you have a long time before your expiration date.” That’s the date he too outlives his usefulness to Do-joon, he says.

Tae-hyun returns to the hospital and sits down to write Yeo-jin a letter letting her know that the mother and baby are fine. As for him, he admits he’s unsure if he’ll be able to return to her.

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Out in the hallway, he runs into Chief Shin and the other surgical residents. Chief Shin claims he’s fine with not getting chosen to fill the vacancy as Chief of the VIP ward due to Chief Lee’s departure. However, alone with Tae-hyun, he presses for Tae-hyun to put in a good word for him. He uses the surgical fellowship as bait, implying that he’ll give Tae-hyun the sole surgical fellowship available at the hospital if he helps him out.

Poor Tae-hyun can’t catch a break though. Tae-yong has been eavesdropping the whole time and is clearly livid that Chief Shin is not loyal to him. He ends up brooding alone and then pulls out Detective Lee’s business card and his cell phone. Is he going to rat on our boy!?

Tae-hyun heads to the hospital chapel to give the priest the letter he wrote to Yeo-jin and tell him back to return to the church without him. He sends him off promising to visit Yeo-jin later. There’s someone eavesdropping on their conversation too: Head Nurse.

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With the priest gone, Tae-hyun escorts his sister to the airport. Unbeknownst to Tae-hyun, Chief Lee arrives right before their car pulls up. Tae-hyun walks So-hyun inside and they share a teary-eyed parting before we see that Detective Lee has arrived too. That damn Tae-yong must have called him.

On the other side of the airport, Chief Lee tries to make his way to his departure gate. He realizes it won’t be so easy though. President Go’s Scarfaced Gangster is there with the guy who sold him the fake passport, and they spot him right away and give chase.

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Tae-hyun follows them, but he’s too late to help. By the time he gets to Chief Lee, Scarface has already stabbed him. All he can do is try to stop the bleeding, which he manages to do so that EMTs can transport him to a hospital. Chief Lee begs Tae-hyun not to send him to Hanshin, but Detective Lee prevents Tae-hyun from joining him in the ambulance. And with Tae-hyun out of the way, it looks like Hanshin Hospital is exactly where Chief Lee is headed.

With Yong-pal in their grasp, Detectives Lee and Kim take Tae-hyun back to the station. This news reaches Do-joon, and he berates his secretary as President Go sits across from them smirking.

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Having learned where Yeo-jin is hiding, Head Nurse pays her a visit soon after she reads the letter from Tae-hyun. We finally learn Head Nurse’s name! It’s Kang Soo-min. It only took ten whole episodes, but who’s counting?

Head Nurse Kang tells Yeo-jin she was there when her father died. She was the only one Do-joon allowed around him in his final days and heard him utter his last words. He’d hallucinated that she was Yeo-jin and embraced her right before he died. He apologized to her and told her he loved her, then he told her to keep this to herself . . . only we don’t get to hear the secret he told her not to tell anyone else.

Head Nurse Kang hugs Yeo-jin and conveys her father’s last words. Then she tells her the secret, which we still don’t get to hear. The curiosity is killing me now, lol.

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At the police station, Detective Lee sits down with Tae-hyun, but he refuses to confess. Tae-hyun points out that he’s a doctor and it’s not illegal to treat patients—even if he treats them outside of a hospital. He also can’t reveal who he’s treated because that’s protected information under the doctor-patient privilege.

Detective Lee tries to use his ace, a.k.a., his prior conversation with Man-shik to convince Tae-hyun to talk, but the Police Chief sends an officer in to interrupt them. It seems the Police Chief would like a word with Tae-hyun before he leaves the station. Tae-hyun tells the officer to tell the Chief that they should meet for tea when he visits his wife at the hospital later. Then he turns to Detective Lee and acts as though he mistakenly disclosed one of his patient’s identities.


Detective Lee must have gotten the message, because the next thing we know Tae-hyun is back at the hospital. Nurse Soo calls him to the ICU, and when he arrives, she points him to a new patient. It’s Chief Lee. Tae-hyun rushes over to examine him and sees that the staff has done nothing to treat his wound even though he should have had surgery right away. “This is worthy of an emergency X-ray, right?” Nurse Soo asks.

Before he can respond, and because the show has to make the moment just a tad bit more dramatic, the comatose Hanshin Electric employee “Kim Young-mi” suddenly awakens from her coma and walks out of her room. Everyone looks up at her in shock as she turns around to reveal her face. It’s Yeo-jin!

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Another great cliffhanger. The writers and PDnims sure know how to keep our mouths watering for the next week’s episodes. I feel a little manipulated though. Yes, it was a much more entertaining episode than the previous three episodes, but it still can’t compete with the energy peppered throughout the early episodes. I think that will change though. We’re getting a little closer to Yeo-jin’s showdown with Do-joon, and I am looking forward to seeing what machinations are in store from these self-professed crocodiles before the big blow up.

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