Yeah, so the last two weeks didn’t go well. Although I did watch Episode 8, I never did manage to eek out enough time in between RL demands to write a weecap for it. This week will be slightly more open, but I will have to work very hard to fit in the two recaps for Episodes 9 & 10 before the next episodes start to air. The good news is, with the time constraints I’m under, I may just manage to write a true weecap. Up until now, despite my best attempts to be concise, these weecaps have looked an awful lot like full recaps and have taken me just as long to write. We’ll see how I do . . .


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It’s the morning after Cynthia’s departure and Chae-young pays a visit to Tae-hyun to see him now that he’s regained consciousness. She teasingly thanks him for saving her life even though he had to betray her to do it. They’re almost even now, she says, because she saved his life too. However, his medical care doesn’t come cheap, she points out, so he promises to pay her back.

From her room, Yeo-jin’s sees their easy banter and, even though her face is completely covered in bandages, she’s clearly not pleased that they get along so well. When Nurse Soo comes in to check on her, she’s surly and refuses the rice water the nurse encourages her to drink so she can start to regain her strength. Nurse Soo doesn’t push her, but she reports her depressed mental state to Tae-hyun.

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Now that Tae-hyun is awake and can move around, he goes to VIP ward to check on Mob Boss Doo-chul and his right-hand-man. He gets a shock to see the extent of their injuries. They’re happy to see him though. At least until the hapless nurse arrives to care for them again, lol.

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When he heads back downstairs to return to his room, he sees that Detectives Lee and Kim have arrived. He stays out of sight as Detective Lee shows Doo-chul’s picture to Head Nurse, asking whether Doo-chul is a patient there. He also asks whether any of their doctors make house calls. Head Nurse tells him Doo-chul isn’t a patient at their hospital and disclaims against the idea that a doctor on staff would make house calls.

However, Tae-yong arrives and interrupts them. Having overheard their questions, he doesn’t think it’s unheard of for a doctor to make secret house calls. Detective Lee asks to speak with Tae-yong in private, and Tae-hyun follows the trio downstairs so he can eavesdrop on their conversation.

Detective Lee explains that it can be very lucrative to treat criminal patients outside of the hospital, which immediately makes Tae-yong suspect Tae-hyun. Luckily, he doesn’t disclose his suspicions to Detective Lee, and the head of security arrives with several guards in tow to stop the interview.

With his hands tied, Detectives Lee and Kim leave, and Tae-hyun follows them out and watches as they drive away. When he turns around, the head of security is behind him. He tells Tae-hyun that Do-joon has issued a mandatory invitation to Chief Lee and him to have dinner at his house that night.

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Tae-hyun heads back inside and goes to see Yeo-jin. He heard from Nurse Soo that she’s refused to eat or drink so he tries to encourage her to at least take a sip of the rice water. When she turns her head away without saying a word, Tae-hyun thinks she’s mad because he couldn’t follow through with their plan of faking her death in the O.R. He apologizes for not being there, telling her he had no way of knowing that Chief Lee would preempt him.

However, she’s not mad about that. She’s mad because she missed her chance to align with President Go. This anger against Tae-hyun seems entirely misplaced considering that Tae-hyun had no way of predicting what ultimately happened, but Yeo-jin doesn’t seem to care. She hates him, she says, even though she knows she’s only alive because of him. The problem is now that she’s “dead,” she can’t go back to her old life because she’d be powerless against Do-joon and President Go.

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That night, Tae-hyun and Chief Lee arrive at the Han Group mansion for their dinner date with Do-joon. Chae-yong meets them at the door, and she shares a golf cart with Tae-hyun as they head over the extensive grounds of the estate to make it to the outdoor eating area where Do-joon is waiting.

Chae-young warns him that Do-joon has called them there to either bribe them or threaten them, but good old Do-joon actually manages to do both. The bribes come first. For Tae-hyun, it’s paying for his sister to be treated in the U.S. For Chief Lee, it’s offering him the hospital director position he knows he’s coveted all along.

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The threats come later when he recalls meeting Chae-young while he was in New York to watch over Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin was there studying abroad, and perhaps because of his low status as her half-brother, Chae-young ignored him. Yeo-jin is dead now, he muses, and since they’re all accomplices to her murder, he’ll kill them if they step out of line. He immediately laughs off the threat, acting as if it’s just a joke, but Chief Lee seems spooked by his words. He’s thinking back to Yeo-jin telling him that Do-joon will kill him too one day.

Do-joon’s secretary finally drags Do-joon away when he hints that he had something to do with Yeo-jin’s fiancée’s death too. Chief Lee leaves after he does, and Tae-hyun and Chae-young are left alone to chat. Chae-young tells Tae-hyun the full story behind Yeo-jin’s suicide attempt and her resultant coma.

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He learns that Yeo-jin awoke after getting into the car accident that killed her fiancée to find her father by her side. When she heard her fiancée didn’t make it, she tried to kill herself, jumping out of the window from the high-rise hospital room to take away the person her father loves just as he took away the person she loved.


Director Byung and Chief Lee opined that she’d recover, but her father, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, instructed them not to wake her up until he passed away. He wanted to live his last days with his daughter in peace so he built the high tech wing in the Hanshin hospital to house Yeo-jin. Six months later, he died, but Yeo-jin never woke up because Do-joon intervened to keep her comatose so he could take over Hanshin Group.


That night, we see someone injecting something into Yeo-jin’s IV. The next morning, she awakes in the passenger seat of Tae-hyun’s car. He’s driving down the same street where she and her fiancée got into that fateful car accident three years ago. It triggers her memories of that night, and she finally starts to grieve.

Tae-hyun pulls over and gets out of the car to let her cry in peace. When she’s calm, he takes her to the church where she planned to get married. He tells her to stay there to regain her strength so she can return to her world.

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He gives her a cell phone and tells her she can make one phone call. She can call President Go or she can call her bank in Switzerland, but whatever she decides, she needs to choose carefully because the moment she calls someone, they will start to track her location.

He finally leaves, but before he steps out the door, he says, “You live in a different world. I forgot about that for a while. And I don’t want to be jealous of someone who is already dead.”

Yeo-jin makes her way outside and just sit there lost in thought. Tae-hyun is not far away though. It seems he only made it as far as his car, which Yeo-jin realizes when she hears a priest commenting on the vehicle that has been sitting in front of the church for quite some time. Yeo-jin immediately calls Tae-hyun, and he goes running back inside the church to find her. She’s not there, so he runs around the grounds calling her name until he finally spots her.

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Reconciled, they settle into rooms to spend the night at the church while somewhere across town we see Nurse Hwang at a pay phone making her umpteenth call to Do-joon’s secretary. She’s clearly gone off her rails having been away from Yeo-jin for two days now, and she demands to be returned to Yeo-jin’s side. But before she can properly threaten Do-joon, a big commercial truck comes out of nowhere and plows her down while she’s still in the phone booth. She looks seriously injured, possibly even dead, but I’m not 100% sure.

President Go walks by as Do-joon’s secretary is still trying to figure out what just happened, and it’s clear that he and Do-joon decided it was easier to get rid of Nurse Hwang instead of trying to diplomatically deal with her like the secretary was trying to do.

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Back at the church, Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin just can’t take being separated. Instead of turning in for the night, they end up sitting together in the church’s sanctuary and having quite the romantic chat. Yeo-jin tells Tae-hyun not to be jealous of her dead fiancée, who died because of her, and she asks Tae-hyun to give her time.

Tae-hyun shares that he’s in a bind because the police suspect he’s the Yong-pal they’ve been trying to locate for a while now. Yeo-jin wonders what he would have done if she hadn’t called him, and he turns the question back on her: why did she call him? Yeo-jin reminds him that he told her she could only make one call. If she only had one phone call, it’d be to him, she says.

Touched, Tae-hyun takes her hand, then he leans in and kisses her.

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Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin’s romantic relationship felt like it came out of nowhere for me. Up until this episode, although they were clearly developing a rapport with each other, their interactions felt purely platonic. So Tae-hyun’s confession that he was jealous of Yeo-jin’s dead fiancée caught me off guard, and that kiss at the end left me reeling a bit. I don’t mind them falling in love, but I’d like to have seen it happen instead of blinking, and BAM! They’re in love. I feel cheated. I’ve been faithfully watching and waiting for their love to develop, and apparently that part is already over before it even began.

Unfortunately, I’m just not buying it. I think a more rational approach (based purely on what we’ve seen so far) would have been for Tae-hyun to help Yeo-jin for strictly financial motives and grow to love her over time (and vice-versa for Yeo-jin). Instead, we got about three conversations between the pair and Tae-hyun’s hand accidentally touching Yeo-jin’s hand one time when he was showing her how to use his cell phone, and now they like each other. If that’s all it takes to fall in love, then I’ll be on the next flight to South Korea. Does anyone know where Rain lives!? Kim Tae-hee is knee-deep in the live-shooting system right now so it may be a good time for me to make my move.

On another note, I’m a bit concerned about where the drama will go from here. With Cynthia gone and now Nurse Hwang dead(?), this is starting to feel like a whole new show. If it means Chae-young will get more screen time, I’m all for it. Because I like her as an actress and I like her character too. She intrigues me, and I’m hoping it turns out that she has all the power and moxy she seems to have purposely hidden all along. I’ve been lamenting the fact that she’s been underutilized up until now, which is what happens to every second lead in practically every drama ever these days. But still, if Nurse Hwang is dead and Cynthia is gone (or doesn’t return), I’m going to miss them.

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