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It’s the morning after their first kiss, and Yeo-jin sits outside enjoying her newfound freedom while Tae-hyun brings her breakfast. Breakfast time doubles as rehabilitation time too as Tae-hyun makes sure she uses the opportunity to work on her hand and arm strength.

After breakfast, he makes her practice walking, which luckily doubles as skinship time too. He’s there to catch her when she stumbles and holds her in his arms a little too long. This earns them a reprimand from a passing priest, lol!

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The priest reminds Yeo-jin that she hasn’t been to confession in quite some time, and he insists that she follow him to rectify the lapse. Once inside the confessional, she confesses to harboring ill will towards her enemies. She has prayed and continues to pray that she’s able to kill the people who have harmed her. God hasn’t answered her prayers though, and the priest explains that God works in mysterious ways. She’s found someone she loves, he points out.

God answered her hatred with love, he says, and he tells her to love her enemies. She struggles to take in this piece of advice, but ultimately (accompanied by a totally overdramatic musical score) she says she will. What is it with this drama and the overkill on the background music!?

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Over at the hospital, there’s a close call as Chief Lee visits the ICU to check on the Hanshin Electric employee whose successful suicide they’ve been covering up so that Yeo-jin has a place to hide. Luckily he doesn’t physically examine the patient before he leaves. Nurse Soo breathes a sigh of relief then wakes up the “patient,” who turns out to be one of the nurses enjoying a nap. HaHa!

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News of Nurse Hwang’s death has reached the 12th floor by now. Chief Lee goes to see Director Byung with his suspicion that Do-joon is responsible for her demise. He worries that Do-joon will be targeting everyone who took care of Yeo-jin, but Director Byung disagrees.  He assures him they’re too important to the hospital and the VIP ward for Do-joon to get rid of them. (I’m not sure why he believes this now that Yeo-jin is (supposed to be) dead, but he seems confidant and Chief Lee doesn’t press the point.)


While Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin are at the church deciding where to go (seeing as how they can’t stay there indefinitely), we see Do-joon and President Go deciding how the company will move forward now that they’re going to be in control. Do-joon agrees with President Go to sell Hanshin Electric even though his Secretary objects. The Secretary points out that Hanshin Electric is their biggest money maker, but President Go reasons there’s no use in keeping it when Do-joon can’t own it and selling it will raise Do-joon’s stake in the company’s holdings.

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Chae-young interrupts their meeting to have a private talk with Do-joon. She’s heard of Nurse Hwang’s death and asks who he plans to kill next. Do-joon asks if she’s worried about Tae-hyun and she says she is. “Until I get tired of him, no one can touch him,” she declares.

When she tells Do-joon she’s worried about him too, he scoffs. But Chae-young is serious. “I can smell blood on you now,” she says. He warns her that she could share Yeo-jin’s fate if she keeps it up, but it’s her turn to scoff now. “If you had that kind of courage, perhaps I could have loved you,” she says. Ouch!

She stands up to go but leaves him with a final warning. He can kill anyone he likes, but if anything happens to Tae-hyun, he will need to kill her next. And if he kills her, then she’ll ensure Dae-jung Group finds out he intentionally murdered their heir.

We then get a little more backstory on how Do-joon became so cold-hearted. After a game of dodgeball with a group of children at the church, Yeo-jin admits it’s her first time playing a game like that. To prevent her from getting hurt, she wasn’t allowed to play very much. Once she got hurt during a tennis game with Do-joon, but he got scolded so harshly for it that she gave up the game.   Yeo-jin sighs thinking about that time—when she and Do-joon were close.

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The priest and a nun arrive to take the kids on an outing to a stream. Yeo-jin, who never went to a stream either, agrees to join the group. She has fun as the children splash and play in the water, then Tae-hyun helps her walk a little on her own.

Eventually, Tae-hyun takes her on a walk in the woods surrounding the stream. Yeo-jin uses their time alone to ask about his sister’s illness, and we find out that Tae-hyun mistakenly gave his sister his father’s medicine thinking it would help with her fever when he was taking care of her alone one night. The medicine causes liver damage in children, and the family was too poor to pay for the proper treatment to cure her after the medicine damaged her liver. He became a doctor not just to treat his sister, but to overcome poverty. He wanted the status being a doctor would bring.

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By this time, the pair has made it to the top of a steep hill to enjoy the view below. Tae-hyun stands behind Yeo-jin and pulls her into an embrace as he tells her the place is called the Hill of Wind. He starts to tell a story, “If lovers kiss here . . .” But before he can go on, Yeo-jin turns around, wraps her arms around his shoulders, and pulls him in for a kiss.

When they finally come up for air, Tae-hyun finishes his story. If lovers kiss on the hill and come back and kiss again, then they’ll be together forever. Yeo-jin’s response: they’ll have to come back tomorrow.

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Back at the hospital, Chief Lee has gotten to the point where all he can think about is Yeo-jin’s warning that Do-joon will kill him too. He paces in his office with worry, but leaving the office isn’t any better because his first stop is Director Byung’s room—where he finds Director Byung dead. He starts yelling for the nurse, but then he stops himself and decides to make a run for it. He stops by his office to grab his passport, then he’s outta there. Can’t say I blame him.

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That night at the church, Tae-hyun gets a frantic visit from one of the kids with whom he played earlier in the day. The kid’s mother is in labor, and they can’t take her to the hospital because she’s an illegal immigrant and would likely be deported. Tae-hyun diagnoses her with preeclampsia and, with no other choice, he sets up a make-shift O.R. in her bedroom to do an emergency C-section. The C-section goes well, but the baby is premature and needs an incubator.

Tae-hyun then discovers that the mother has an embolism that will require hospitalization. The priest protests that they can’t go to a hospital, but Tae-hyun declares there is at least one hospital they can go to.

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They load the mother into Tae-hyun’s car, and he tells Yeo-jin she’ll have to stay behind because he’s returning to Hanshin Hospital. She thinks he’s crazy and tells him not to go, but he insists they have no other choice. If he doesn’t take them there, mother and baby will die. Yeo-jin makes him promise to hurry back, and he assures her he’ll return as soon as he sees his sister safely headed to the U.S. With little else to do, she sends him off with a hug and watches as he drives away.

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I guess they had to come up with a way to send Tae-hyun back into Hanshin Hospital and the emergency delivery was as good of a way to get him there as any, but otherwise I was enjoying the lack of blood and gore in this episode. I always have to watch Tae-hyun’s rogue surgery scenes through splayed fingers, but I inevitably take a peek at the wrong moment and see something I wish I could unsee. That happened a few times during the C-section scene and freaked me out as usual. Let’s just hope I don’t have any weird dreams tonight.

On a happier note, I am glad we finally got to see what I’d consider a legitimate courtship between Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin. I’d have preferred to see some of these small moments prior to being hit over the head with their ardent love, but I’ll take what I can get. And I definitely found their antics cute and endearing. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance and I have to enjoy the sweet moments while I can. There’s a whole lot of drama left—what with this just being almost half way through its run—so I know we can expect a lot of angst and pain to come before a happy(?) ending.

With the number of characters dying or leaving (Cynthia left, we’ve confirmed that Nurse Hwang is dead, Director Byung joined her, and now Chief Lee is on the lam) I’m not sure what to expect.

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