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With Gong-chan standing behind her, Yoo-rin decides to make a run for it.  She manages to pull ahead as he gives chase, but she hurts her ankle jumping over a wall, which gives Gong-chan just enough time to catch up to her.

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Unable to run, she quickly ditches her scarf and jacket and pretends she just happened to be jogging past the orchard when Gong-chan spotted her.  He’s not fooled though.  She has a leaf stuck in her hair, which he pulls out and shows her.

image image

He takes her back to the mansion and demands an explanation.  She gives her best pitiful face as she tells him her dad is being chased by loan sharks and the mansion was the only place she could think of to hide.  She sold the tangerines in order to buy a plane ticket because she didn’t want the gangsters to catch her, she says.  Gong-chan picks up the phone to call the police and tells her she’ll be safe from the gangsters if she’s in jail.

She gives him the money she made selling the tangerines, and she returns the compensation he paid when he thought he’d ruined her fruit stand.  She asks him not to call the police since she has returned all the money.  He takes the money and then sees the jars of jam on the table.  She admits she sold jam too.  The money she made from the jam is in her shoe, lol.  She pulls the money out and gives it to him as well and insists that’s all the money she has.  Because she hurt her ankle and has nowhere to go, she asks if she could possibly stay a few more days.  He’s unsympathetic though and kicks her out.

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After she leaves, he sees her notebook on the coffee table.  In it, she had calculated how much she earned towards purchasing a plane ticket.  He also finds jam in the refrigerator with a note from Yoo-rin apologizing for trespassing and asking for forgiveness after he enjoys the jam.  He realizes she was telling the truth so he picks her up as he’s leaving.  He claims he just wants to get her as far away from the mansion as possible, but he drops her off at a clinic to get her injured ankle treated.

On his way back to work, the hotel manager calls and tells him the Chinese businessmen want to go to some of the places on the island Yoo-rin mentioned during dinner.  Gong-chan finds her sitting at a convenience store about to eat a cup of ramen.  He takes her to a restaurant for lunch and asks her to take the businessmen on the special tour she told them about.  She immediately goes on the defensive, thinking he wants her to work for free because he caught her stealing from his orchard.  He interrupts her rant and says he’ll pay for her services, and she immediately stops whining and starts thanking him.

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As he’s heading back to the hotel, Jung-woo’s mom calls.  She asks if he’s seen Jung-woo, who apparently returned to Korea but has not contacted anyone.  She wants Gong-chan to call if he hears from Jung-woo.  They hang up and we see Gong-chan’s aunt with her, and aunt sarcastically comments on how different the boys are even though they grew up together.

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Jung-woo is in fact in Jeju.  We see him driving down the highway in a convertible.  He heads to a popular tourist destination where he bumps into Yoo-rin as she tries to hide from the loan sharks among a group of Japanese tourists.  She drops her scarf, and he follows her and returns it.

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Just then, the gangsters surround her and try to drag her away.  Jung-woo steps in and defends her.  He makes short work of the loan sharks with his fighting skills as Yoo-rin looks on.  Then he grabs her hand and runs to his car. There’s a high speed chase, but Jung-woo manages to pull away, and the newfound friends end up at a beach.

Jung-woo is excited from all the action, but Yoo-rin is freaked out from the erratic driving he did to escape. He goes to get her a warm drink to calm down, and she walks toward the water and sees that it’s the same beach she visited with her father.  She stares at the rocks they used to mark where she planned to build the house she promised him.  She starts to cry and picks the rocks up and angrily tosses them aside.  She has a change of heart though and puts them back in place.  Then she starts yelling to herself to cheer up.

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Jung-woo has watched her from the top of the beach the whole time and finds her antics amusing.  When she seems calm, he takes her the drink, and she notices that he hurt his hand.  She puts a medicated patch on for him and catches a glimpse of his watch and realizes she’s late for her tour with the Chinese businessmen. Jung-woo wants to talk some more, but she hurries away to meet the men at Gong-chan’s hotel.

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The tour goes well and, afterwards, she escorts the group back to the hotel.  With nowhere to go, she ends up falling asleep in the lobby.  A phone call from Ahn Jin-gyu wakes her up, but her battery dies before she can finish the conversation so she goes to Gong-chan’s room and asks if she can charge her phone.

Gong-chan saw her sleeping in the lobby and remarks that she seems able to adapt to any situation quite well.  She tells him she was trained as a child because she moved around a lot and couldn’t complain about the food or accommodations.  Gong-chan asks if they just wandered from here to there, but she clarifies that her dad’s job required them to travel overseas.  She tells him that even though he’s a gambler and is on the run from loan sharks, she doesn’t regret her upbringing.  Her father raised her alone and she got to study in Hong Kong, China and Japan.  She tells him he can get back to work and she’ll leave when her phone is done charging.

She has no intention of leaving though.  She pretends to fall asleep on the sofa so she can spend the night and refuses to budge despite Gong-chan repeatedly shaking her to wake her up.  Gong-chan finally recognizes her as the girl who held onto his seat on the airplane that day. He also realizes she’s not budging and gives up trying to wake her up. He notes it’s better for her to sleep in the room than the lobby, but he tells her she needs to be gone by the time he returns in the morning.  He leaves and sweetly turns up the thermostat so she won’t be cold.

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Jung-woo’s mom calls him later that night.  She knows Jung-woo is in Jeju and asks Gong-chan to find him for her.  He goes back to Yoo-rin and asks her to help him with something urgent that just came up.  She pretends to be asleep until he says he’ll pay her well.  Then suddenly she wakes up and asks him to repeat what he just said.  Ha!

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Yoo-rin takes him to the clubs popular with foreigners on the island.  He finds Jung-woo in the last club, but Yoo-rin gets a call from her dad and rushes off to meet him before she can see Jung-woo.  Gong-chan has Jung-woo call his mom and tells Jung-woo he’s promised to send him back to Seoul. Jung-woo agrees to go willingly as long as they can spend the night at the mansion instead of the hotel. He’s sick of hotels, he says.

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Yoo Rin meets her dad at the local ship dock.  She’s shocked when she learns he owes the loan sharks 20 million won.  She says she’ll figure out a way to handle things and gives him money to buy a plane ticket to leave Jeju.  The island is too small for him not to be caught eventually so she wants him to go to China or Japan.

Meanwhile, Gong-chan takes Jung-woo to the mansion.  After a shower, Jung-woo goes to the refrigerator to find a snack and sees the jam with Yoo-rin’s note on it.  He asks if the note is from a girl and wonders if Kim Se-hyun has been there.  Gong-Chan reminds him that Se-hyun is out of the country for a tennis match and leaves the room to pour a drink.  Jung-woo muses that he’s still uncomfortable talking about Se-hyun.

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In Moscow, Se-hyun sits fingering the necklace around her neck as she watches the coverage of her latest match on the Russian sports station.  Her manager comes in and sees her holding the necklace.  She’s always wondered about it and asks Se-hyun if it’s from her boyfriend. Se-hyun flashes back to when Gong-chan gave it to her.  He had the key-shaped pendant custom-made for her.  She calls it the key to his heart.

The next day, Secretary Yoon tells Gong-chan that she’s found one of his aunt’s former neighbors.  He rushes off to the airport to fly to Osaka to meet the neighbor right before Yoo-rin comes to the hotel to pick up her payment for helping him look for Jung-woo.  The receptionist tells her he left for Japan, and she follows him to the airport demanding that he pay her immediately.

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He tries to put her off until he returns to Jeju the next day, but she refuses to listen so he quickly shoves some money in her hand.  He then turns to walk away.  Yoo-rin gets mad when the money falls to the floor and warns him that he’s going to regret treating her this way.  He tells her to stop annoying him and keeps walking so Yoo-rin causes a scene.  She yells for him not to leave her and pretends as if she’s devastated that he’s leaving her and their unborn child.  Gong-chan finds her antics funny until he sees the disapproving stares from the other travelers. Lol!

In Japan, Gong-chan and Secretary Yoon meet with his aunt’s former neighbor.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any information that can help him find his cousin.  She tells him that half the village died when the earthquake hit and there are many people whose bodies were never found.  She tells him there were other Koreans living in the village too.  She shows him a Korean man in the picture and tells him the man worked at the local store.

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And things just got a whole lot interesting!  The man in the picture is Yoo-rin’s father, who we see is currently at the airport in Jeju. He calls Yoo-rin to let her know he’s about to board the plane and will be in Japan for at least three months.  He wants her to leave Jeju too.  She agrees, and tells him she’s going to Seoul and will stay with Jin-gyu’s sister.  She doesn’t get far though.  When she hangs up the phone, the loan sharks are there.  They grab her and drag her away, causing her to drop her hat and cell phone.

Back in Japan, Gong-chan and Secretary Yoon share a meal before heading back to Jeju.  He thinks his cousin is in Japan if she’s still alive.  Secretary Yoon wonders if he should give up his search, but Gong-chan refuses. Giving up on finding his cousin means giving up on Grandfather as well.  He’d rather take a fake cousin to his Grandfather than give up, he says.

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The loan sharks drag Yoo-rin to their boss.  They search her purse and find Gong-chan’s business card.  Yoo-rin convinces the boss that Gong-chan is her boyfriend and will repay the debt when he returns from his business trip so they take her to the airport to meet him the next day.

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When she sees Gong-chan exiting the arrival gate, she approaches him and apologizes for the scene she made and for mentioning the baby.  He accepts her apology but says he wants nothing to do with her going forward, and he walks away.  The gangsters think she’s pregnant and are sympathetic toward her because she may have just gotten dumped too.  She tells them this is just a temporary bump in their relationship and runs after Gong-chan to put on another act for the gangsters.  She falls to the ground when he leaves but tells the gangsters he’ll pay the money to get rid of her.  She tells them she’ll bring them the money when she gets it, and they agree to wait.

At the hotel, Secretary Yoon tells Gong-chan she thinks Yoo-rin resembles his aunt.  He’s offended she would compare someone like Yoo-rin to his aunt, so she apologizes.  She tells him she was just thinking of him possibly taking a fake cousin to his grandfather, but it would probably be impossible to lie to Grandfather anyway.  Gong-chan has lunch with Jung-woo, who is thinking along the same lines as Secretary Yoon.  He thinks if Gong-chan went all the way to Japan, he should have at least come back with a fake cousin instead of coming back empty-handed.

After lunch, Jung-woo goes to the airport to return to Seoul.  Yoo-rin is in the airport too.  Jin-gyu is there to see her off and asks how she got rid of the loan sharks.  She doesn’t tell him, but aloud she apologizes to Gong-chan, and we learn she sent the gangsters to see him at the hotel.

Gong-chan wastes no time letting the gangsters know that Yoo-rin tricked them. He threatens to call the police if they don’t leave immediately.  Then he thinks back to when Yoo-rin apologized to him at the airport, and he smiles to himself as he realizes she was putting on a show for the loan sharks.  He says she’s a natural swindler and the thought gives him an idea.  He may be able to use her as his fake cousin!  He tries calling her cell phone, but it goes straight to voicemail.  He calls the manager and orders him to find Yoo-rin as soon as possible.

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Yoo-rin has made it to Seoul by now.  She walks through the airport and sees Jung-woo behind her.  He’s wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, and she thinks he’s following her.  She tries to run but crashes into someone else’s luggage and falls to the floor.  Jung-woo helps her up, and she calms down when she recognizes him.

He’s happy to see her, but they have to hide because his mother has sent her men to the airport to get him.  She asks why he’s being chased.  She thinks it’s either women or money, and he says they’re both part of the reason.  She tells him she’ll help him escape and goes up to his mom’s employee and makes a scene accusing him of groping her when she bumped into him.  When Jung-woo leaves, she heads out to catch a bus into the city.  Jung-woo goes up to her window and uses the medicated pad she put on his hand the day before to give her his number.  He tells her to call him later and waves as the bus rolls away.

Back home, Jung-woo’s mom, whom he calls Madame Jang, confiscates his passport.  He laughs at her naiveté and muses that it’s not like he can’t report it lost or stolen and get a replacement.

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Yoo-rin meets Jin-gyu’s sister, Ahn Jin-shim (Hwang Bo-ra), at the salon where she works.  Jin-shim takes Yoo-rin back to her studio. While Yoo-rin gorges on ramen and tries to decide what to do with herself, Jin-shim sees the medicated patch with Jung-woo’s number on it. Thinking it’s trash and unbeknownst to Yoo-rin, she throws it away.


At Gong-chan’s house, his grandfather has taken a turn for the worse and is rushed to the hospital.  Gong-chan runs to the hospital when he hears the news.  His grandfather tells him he doesn’t think he’ll be able to see his granddaughter before he dies, thus he won’t be able to go in peace.  Gong-chan asks him to wait just a little longer, and he tracks Yoo-rin down at the Seoul restaurant where she is working.

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He takes her to a nearby park and asks her if he can see her with her hair down. He pulls off her hair band and walks around her looking at her features.  He admits she really does look like his aunt and asks her if she will help him with an urgent matter.  She asks what he needs her to do, and he tells her he needs her to lie.  She thinks he’s joking and starts to walk away, but he grabs her arm and asks if she’ll please be his little cousin.

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This episode was more set up and backstory than moving forward on the actual plot of the drama, but it gave us a nice extended peek at both leads before we delve into the fun (and requisite angst) that ensues when these two start to play fake cousins.     

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